iWalk Cornwall user feedback

The following are from app reviews, facebook messages/comments, twitter and emails:

Fabulous app for getting off the beaten track and exploring parts of Cornwall you wouldn't ordinarily see. Just love the info provided at waypoints giving background, history and nature facts. Take a power pack to back up your phone and you're sorted. Considering the functionality of the app the small fee charged for each walk is good value. I have used other walking apps and none of them are a patch on this one.
Brilliant app! Each point renews to the next one, so you know where you are and having the arrow on the map, shows if you are going wrong. Well worth the money for each map!
Great app, really intuitive to use and direction updates make it easy to navigate. Lots of walks available all accurately described before you purchase, so you know what you are getting into. If you live in or are visiting Cornwall and have any interest in hiking I can't recommend this app highly enough.
Brilliant App, great walks, love the interesting facts
This walk was amazing, the bluebells in Constantine woods definitely worth a visit. Thank you iwalk for very clear instructions. Definitely recommend
We left Cornwall more than 20 years ago due to work. We go back a few times a year and like to enjoy at least one good walk whilst we're there. I'm pretty good at planning walks myself, but the ones we have done from this app are gems that I would never find. All the time that we grew up and lived there, we never knew some of these places existed. Looking forward to trying many more.
Brilliant app for walks in Cornwall. Full of interesting information and great at letting us know when we've strayed from the route. Thank you for creating such a useful app.
Brilliant app, and creators are happy to help and very knowledgeable! Use it every time we are in cornwall! 💙
I have rated this app before and it is excellent. Today we did New mills to Tregadillet but parked at the pub and commenced the walk at direction 14 , the fact that the app picked us up straight away and continued to direct us all the way round and back to the pub is to my mind worth commending. So many people nowadays take something like this for granted but there are several of us who were ' trained ' to read maps for various reasons , so this clever app never ceases to amaze me. Excellent !
Been using the app for several years now, a great resource for walking in Cornwall. Thoroughly recommend it.
Brilliant! Easy to follow, extra details and info is handy and interesting
Awesome app, cannot fault it and it's really inspiring me to walk in new places 🙂
Fantastic walks well documented
Just a brilliant app for walking in Cornwall. Reliable & accurate - it even alerts you if you are going off route. The menu makes it easy to choose a suitable walk in advance. All for the price of a coffee..
This app is magical and truly brings Cornwall alive. Well worth it. 7 walks done so far. Every instruction has been flawless so far. We are big fans.
Beautiful walk from Penrose to Loe Bar. The route was perfect and instructions accurate.
Worked perfectly! A straightforward walk. Mostly good paths / lanes.
Great walks, easy clear instructions. About 10 walks in now and have seen parts of Cornwall without this app would have never otherwise seen.
Great walk from Gunnislake to Chilsworthy, lots of mining history and love the information pointing out the interesting things to look out for on the walk.
Excelent walks with really great directions. You are notified if there are any issues since you last followed the walk
Brilliant. You can't go wrong with this app and the walks. They're worth every penny. The detail in them is exceptional, we always feel really confident when we use it.
This really is a great app for exploring cornwall
Did exactly what it said on the tin. Very informative. Great value.
A fantastic little App. It's enabled us to see parts of Cornwall that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. The walks are informative with local hustory etc.. Easy to follow with step by step directions. Would certainly recommend downloading if you have a trip to Cornwall planned.
Terrific, even in the rain because of partial shelter.
This App is truly great. The best walking App I have used as it tracks your progress and the written directions at every waymarked point arrive on screen exactly when you need them. The descriptions are very accurate. Great for those who are not great at reading a paper or in screen map.
Done one walk so far as a family. Really enjoyed it, all points of interest were great. Love how you can follow map integrated with directions. Description of walk was accurate. GPS arrow on map is really helpful. App was heavy on battery use. The location on my phone was turned on but the gps arrow wouldnt appear on map initially - It kept saying location not turned on. I restarted phone to no avail, then opened Google Maps which seemed to kickstart the gps on iwalk.
I've done 3 walks in the Wadebridge area using the app and I am very pleased with it. The instructions are precise and accurate and you can double check on the map to confirm where you've got to. Lots of interesting information about things to be seen on each walk too. I thoroughly recommend this app.
Brilliant app. Does exactly what you need it to do..plus lots of background info. Hard to get lost following this. Would highly recommend it.
We've used this app walking in several locations in Cornwall and the directions are clear, easy to follow and the points of interest are useful to entertain the family with another 'fact from mum!' I only wish there were apps like this for all parts of the country!
Great beginning. Makes finding a good walk easy. Some estimates of distances are underestimated and there are errors in the sometimes unhelpful directions but the whole thing just needs to be error checked and corrected to be brilliantly useful.
Really detailed, super clear directions for incredibly interesting and well planned walks
Fantastic, easy to use app with a wealth of information about your surroundings.
Very accurate map with marker showing current position. Amazing amount of information regarding points of interest along your route. Easy to follow and navigate. Very well researched routes. Will definitely be purchasing more walks in the future.
Brilliant walks with excellent commentary about locality. Learn something new every time while following clearly guided walks in beautiful places. We have done over 10 walks now and look forward to many more. Love it!
Very good app. We enjoyed traveling with you. We had an amazing time in Cornwell thank to your routes.
This is a great app. Simple, informative and perfect walk companion.
Best walking app ever created! Really wish there was one for each county not only Cornwall.
I found using this app really useful. The alerts at different points with directions were very clear and having the additional Map was an added benefit. I did go wrong at one point (the app alerted me) but knew I would get back on track. I rejoined the walk but missed a point. The app alerted me of this. It knew I had missed a point and asked if I would like to rejoin the walk at this new point. Well worth app to use on a walk.
Huge range of walks right across Cornwall. Detailed and very easy to follow. Gives you a great summary of each wall and a rough map of the walk before you decide to purchase. Rates from easy to challenging, suggests footwear and if the walk goes through high stiles, farmland or muddy areas. Lots of detail and added historical info along the walk as well as wildlife and plant life. I love it! Discovered so much, right on my doorstep!
Brilliant app. Worth every penny of the maps you download. Seen so much that we would have otherwise missed. And never get lost either
Brilliant App wouldn't be able to go on any of these walks without it as I wouldn't be able to find my way the App tells you when you come to the next stage so you cannot get lost and if you do stray off the path it soon lets you know.
Brilliant app
Awesome app...very clear instructions and it's impossible to go wrong as it tells you instantly!
Loved the walk eady to follow with the map and GPS
What a wonderful app this is. We only used it for one walk, but the route description was accurate, and given the live location on the route map, it was difficult to go wrong (we even got an "off route" warning when we took a necessary, short diversion). Having quickly established trust in the route guide, we were able to fully enjoy the historical and other interesting facts that popped up on the app at each waymarker. There's so much to admire that I was more than happy to pay for the walk .
Brilliant app. Easy to use highly recommended
Been using the app for a couple years now and it's always been really nice. Works perfect, the walks are excellent and the information given with it is fun to read whilst you take walking breaks!
Great walls that take you places you would otherwise not go. Facts and directions are great!
A fantastic app, amazing walks!
Very informative and easy to follow ( as we always find) 👏 thank you
Great app, excellent walks which are well described, kept up to date and easy to follow. We use it nearly every week!
Love this app. So easy to follow. Information for every step. Taking us to many parts of Cornwall
Great app. I live in Cornwall and have been to places I never knew existed 10/10
Fab first time using today and worked flawlessly
Amazing circular walks, need walking boots as some parts are very muddy. Beautiful scenery right on your doorstep
Really easy to use and love the added information and history about the walks.
This app enables you to get into the nooks and crannies of Cornwall and get to places that, even as a local you'd struggle to find. The walks are all colour coded for difficulty and distance, so it's really easy to find a suitable walk in your area. I recommend this app to anyone.
Absolutely love this app!! It has really made me appreciate where i live and takes me to such beautiful places ❤ I recommend this app to everyone!
Very useful app with excellent GPS and very interesting comments. Moving between the map and the instructions is easy. A few minor quibbles: 1) The link to navigation apps (for driving directions to the start of the walk) is not perfect. 2) a link to OS app would be helpful 3) There is sometimes too much information to read in the time between instructions.
Brilliant app that really unlocks Cornwalls wonders.
Fantastic walks! I love the choice of walks and can choose an easy or harder walk depending on what I want. The routes are updated frequently reporting any issues and work arounds. I really enjoy the history info as you make your way around the walk as it really brings the place to life.
Brilliant tool to get you out and about
Fabulous app - step by step clear directions!
Great walks with interesting detail.
Best walking app I've used. V. accurate so felt safe, lots of useful features. Made walking new walks so relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommend
This is an excellent app. Have used it many times to explore Cornwall. Love the way it gives local information as you walk. You'll never get lost while using this app.
This is a great app. So easy to use and makes every walk really interesting with the 'look out for .....' information. Walks are very easy to follow and very reassuring when you are on unknown territory. Updates are regular for all the routes you have purchased. I thoroughly recommended it.
The best walking app out there. Just wish it did more of the UK. But always use it when in Cornwall. Brilliant.
Great app, used it for quite a few walks now! Would love if there was a reward section for downloading x amounts of maps or something similar
Particularly appreciated the Luxulyan valley walk, but have used and enjoyed several others. Fantastic value for money
Excellent app. Gives very clear directions and useful, interesting information at key points. We'll worth the money.
Three brilliant walks. Excellent directions. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends
After some initial familiarisation the app was very simple to use. Very clear directions throughout and interesting information along the route. Highly recommended.
Amazing app!
Great app, helps you to find circular walks that you'd never have found without it, unless you spent a long time studying an OS map! Have done around 5 of the walks so far, all are very varied and take you past interesting landmarks.
Quite honestly the best walking app out there. Everything you could possibly need for a good walk. Completed half dozen of them now. Looking to a few more whilst on holiday.
Excellent guide on the app and navigation accurate
This app is like having a tour guide in your pocket. Keeps track of your movement , alerts you if you go wrong, points out areas of interest and steers you back on the right path should you go wrong! There are so many walks to choose from it’s amazing! Additional information such as tide times, gradients, parking direction are useful too.
We use the app 3 times a year when we come to Cornwall - never let's us down and always a new walk to try out 👍
Unlike so many apps that promise you helpful advice & guidance for walking, this one really delivers. We came across it by accident while on holiday and have used for two excellent circular walks that we’d never have worked out for ourselves. Love the way it tells you if you go away from the route - very reassuring (even if it’s intentional 😊) Did find it a bit glitchy switching between the written directions and the map which was frustrating. And would be great to have a choice of pricing models - £2.99 for a single walk is really good value but over a week or two weeks’ holiday would add up very quickly, so having the option of a weekly or monthly subscription would be fabulous. And would love to have a version for our home county of Derbyshire - SO many people would get such value from it in the glorious Peak District.
Such a brilliant app. The walks are really interesting especially with the commentary. Wish other counties had them.
Really useful app to guide you through lots of beautiful walks around Cornwall Works well off GPS which is handy given mobile signal is often poor with all the hills and valleys
Bloody love this App! Well done a lone female feeling totally safe in its hands!… dont do cows tho so needed to divert on occasion.
Great walk worked well put phone app. Took 3 hours. Valerie
What an amazing app, has given me the confidence to walk in areas unfamiliar to me secure in the knowledge I won’t get lost. Or if I do stray off track, it quickly corrects me. Wish there was one for Devon too.
This is a brilliant app. I didn’t see a soul the whole way round the beautiful Luxylan valley but had complete confidence in the route I was being taken on - lots of detail to make sure I was on the right path and interesting facts about points of interest I passed. I love the fact you can search for a walk under different criteria including dog friendly, without styles or livestock. Also great is the link to Google maps to direct you to drive to the start of the walk from wherever you are. I’m looking forward to trying a lot more of the walks.
We enjoyed our two paid for walks and our free walk was great too.
This is my go to app whenever I want to go on a walk in Cornwall. I am amazed by its accuracy and the advice at the beginning is always spot-on. It adds so much value to my walks and I absolutely wouldn’t be without it.
Loved my first full use of this app, using a paid for download map (only £2 or so and so much better than just trying to follow without ) it connected perfectly regardless of signal, with regular beeps to get my attention at junctions or stiles. Very detailed guidance with visual clues makes it so easy to follow the paths. Lots of background info as you walk, interesting stories and history, flora and fauna and butterflies and birds- we ignored some of it to focus on our surroundings and keep the walk flowing, but all good. We discovered a very cheap coastal carpark and wonderful cafe too. A great way to discover new walks tailored to your needs
Fantastic walk, one of our favourites, not for the faint hearted though, is strenuous in areas, but with wonderful scenery and the lovely sculpture park on route. Fabulous
Allows me to discover areas of Cornwall I would never other wise feel confident to explore! Great directions and info
I’m a born and bred Cornishman and this app has taken me to loads of places I’d never been before. The instructions are clear and the other info is really interesting. Eventually I’ll complete them all!
Just back home soaking wet as the forecast was wrong, but the walk was easy to follow and the directions were spot on. We love this app & use whenever we go walking in Cornwall which is at least twice a month in winter & more in summer
Great accurate walks every time! A fantastic way to discover new parts of Cornwall you’d never find. Can’t recommend enough!
This app is brilliant. As a tourist it really helps, not only with directions but also things to look out for along the way and local history. I wish other counties had similar.
Love this ap, it’s given me the confidence to explore new places and find different route by myself. Easy to use and navigate. You pay for the walks but they are yours for ever and any updates happen to those you have. Lots of facts and history.
A delightful walk! Chose a great day to do it but it was so quiet with great views
This is by far the best app for walks in Cornwall - easy to use, tells you when your off route and keeps up to date with issues on the route. Would LOVE one for Devon too!
Thank you Linda and hubby for plotting these walks so well. As a walker on my own I feel really safe and guided 👣
Bought 3 walks and they were fantastic
Both myself and my brother are Autistic and have no sense of direction. We have previously tried the "classic walks: cornwall" book and I struggled greatly being able to interpret some of the directions. Since the app has GPS, it worked even when there was no signal, and I could switch between written directions (with added additional interesting information about the environment etc), which would automatically update as I reached certain points, and a map with a moving arrow that helped me reorientate myself if necessary. Went round Golitha Falls, and Siblyback lake, which is an area that we're not familiar with, and found it very easy to enjoy the scenery as the app did all the heavy lifting. You can also turn your phone off on the wall as it'll beep to alert you if you've gone off track, or reached another way mark. Thoroughly recommend.
Great app, great detail. Can’t knock the effort put in… the only reason why I’ve not given a 5 start review is because I feel there should be a monthly subscription offer.
This app is is great. Wish it was all over the Uk
Enjoyed using this app recently, the instructions were really clear and the prompts were perfectly timed as well. I didn’t have any issues using it, and was encouraged by how accurate the directions were. Would definitely use again.
This app is brilliant… so easy to use Leads you to the correct path/route and if by some small chance you take a wrong turning it lets you know…
This app allows you to find and enjoy good walks without the bother of maps. It gives interesting facts along the way, or you can leave your phone in your pocket and it’ll bleep when you need to take a turning- excellent!
We have used this app for years and it helped us to complete the whole of the Cornish coast path over a few years using some of the lovely circular walks.
Excellent walk of coast & country. Very clear directions 😍
This is a great app - easy to use, informative and clear. It’s given us access to places we would never normally have explored whilst on holiday, by feeding us ideas and giving the confidence to follow routes. Highly recommended and great value in use.
Been coming to Cornwall for over 20 years now. Me and my wife have walked lots of the SW coast path. We used this app for the first time to see if we could walk somewhere different. It was fantastic. So easy to use, full of useful information. Its like having a local guide! The walks cost £2.99 and are worth every penny. Highly recommend.
We have done so many brilliant walks using this app. It has guided us on routes we haven’t known were there! I wish it was country wide as it would have been so helpful when visiting other counties.
Excellent app great for IT of walks Detailed instructions as to where to go so that you won’t possibly get lost Detail on how much further in distance and time even a check on your phones battery to make sure it will last the course highly enjoyable And highly recommended
Just completed another iWalk trail, made easy and carefree by accurate directions and prompts. The snippets on history and nature are a real bonus. Three hours of fresh air, exercise and education for less than the price of a cup of coffee - fabulous value.
Used it two years running whilst on holiday in this beautiful area. Very clear directions, love the fact you can see where you are on the map. Lots of additional information regarding tides, walking with your dog, pubs, where to park etc. Cannot recommend it enough.
Finding walks I never knew existed using the excellent app. So good how it alerts you at every next check point so you don’t wonder off in wrong direction. Love it. Provided a cheap day out. Would like to be able to review each walk completed, that’s my only very small criticism, but still 5 out of 5!
This app has made our Cornwall holiday. We have a puppy and have been able to taylor our walks for both the kids and the puppy. We have been on some amazing walks that we would not have known about without this app. I love the fact there is a “beep” when you hit the next instruction ! Awesome. I have recommended to everyone. L Illingworth
Pin point accuracy with excellent directions. Thoroughly recommend.
Perfect and very easy to follow directions
Absolutely great walk. Loved seeing the Sand Martins nesting in cliff near Daymer.
Very much enjoyed the walk. Straightforward and relatively easy apart from some step steps and slope coming into Carbis bay. Good coastal views with the option of taking a break on the beautiful beaches around Carbis bay. Information supplied was informative and added to our enjoyment of the walk.
This app is just brilliant - after many failed walks getting lost before we were relieved to have this recommended to us! The routes are brilliant - we were sceptical at first about the price but the walks are so well documented, with great instructions and we loved the notifications at the different way points and the clarity of GPS on the map. Can’t recommend highly enough!
We absolutely love iWalk Cornwall! It’s been a fantastic way to explore parts of Cornwall we didn’t know existed! Thoroughly recommended
Easy to use, clear instructions, lots of interesting information along the walk. Even one of the locals I showed it to was impressed! Worth every penny!
Very clear concise instructions which are kept well up to date. Even let’s you know if you go wrong!
Just used the app, brought the helland bridge to st Mablyn walk. Throughly enjoyed the walk and found the app itself to be fantastic. Spot on directions, and interesting facts along the way. Will be buying more walks in the futures.
Brilliant ap. excellent and easy to use
Absolutely brilliant app. Transformative. There's no way I would have taken some of the routes as directed by the app. It's enhanced my enjoyment of this beautiful county. Fully recommended.
This app had literally been a lifesaver to me during coronavirus lockdowns ... by providing walks in my area that I have the confidence to do safely on my own because I know exactly where I am, thanks to the immense detail in the directions and maps provided. I recommend the app the all walkers I encounter on my “goodly stanks” out using the app. Thank you so much - you’ll never know what this app has meant to me. 💖
Just used for the first time on a circular walk from Zennor. Really impressed with how accurate and clear the instructions were. The app quickly recognised that we were going off track at one point. The information n each section of the walk was really interesting too,
Tried our first walk this morning - weather has improved recently. Stumbled across the app a couple of days ago and wish I had found it earlier.
There are so many things to love about this app. So much thought and attention has gone into it. I used it recently on a family walk over Bodmin Moor. The app is free, and the directions with GPS are bought individually, are an excellent price and worth every penny. It’s very easy to switch between written directions and map view which tracks your exact location along the route. The instruction are clear and easy to understand. To save battery I could check the next step, then leave the phone in my pocket knowing it would ping me if I detoured too much or hit the next check point. Our whole walking group looked forward to the next ping because of how interesting the information would be about where we were and what we were looking at. There is so much information! It’s literally like having a real-time tour guide in your pocket. We would have missed so many points of interest had it not been for this app. It was also vastly reassuring to know we couldn’t get lost in this new and unfamiliar area. We only did one walk via the app, but we found it be accurately graded in terms of difficulty which is vital when planning walks. There will always be a certain charm to walking with a proper paper map, and map reading is an important skill of course. That said, it was nice not to be wrestling with an unwieldy map on top of a moor in the wind and rain for a change. Highly recommend it, and hope one day there will be sister apps for other counties.
It’s particularly satisfying to find iWalk often uses bits of walks we know well but has extra bits added to make them more interesting. Also of course exploring new places
This gives you everything but the kitchen sink! All the information for the walks, even links to three map systems to get you there.
We used this app to find a nice circular walk near where we were staying and it didn’t disappoint. We found a great 10k route, off the beaten track, that would never have found otherwise. We chose ‘easy’ and selected the Dunmere to Grogley Halt walk. We found it to be a little challenging with a six year old in tow, but luckily there was a rest stop at just the right time for a much needed snack and drink. A wonderful three hours spent.
Only used a few times. Recommend to me. Each walk has been on point at every way point. Beautiful walks. Can’t wait to do more.
Easy to follow directions, even lets you know if you have strayed from the route. Highly recommended
Without this app; we wouldn’t have done some of the hikes we did and we enjoyed each of those very much. Detailed instructions and a moving arrow made walks easier. In further updates, a warning could be set when a hiker goes off designed path. Recommended app despite cost of each walk being £2.49.
This app guides you along some wonderful trails in Cornwall. It’s the best thing available from Apple.
Stunning view with perfect instructions Will be buying more walks
I’ve been coming to Cornwall for 20 yrs and thought I’d seen most of it until I got this App,there’s some absolutel gems on this App and for £2.99 a walk to download it’s well worth it and it’s easy to follow love it
I discovered the iWalk Cornwall app on an internet search for circular walks. The two walks I used helped me to feel safe and confident, particularly as a solo female walker. I paid £2.99 for each walk (July 2021) and it was totally worth it. I loved the map tracking feature - a yellow arrow that locates you and points your way, so if you’re off course you can see what direction to head in (I’ve no idea how this works off line but all I can say is it’s magic). I also love that the nature information changes depending on the year - so clever! This app enhanced my enjoyment of exploring Bodmin Moor - it confirmed that I was indeed meant to scramble carefully over that loose granite wall and continue on down that way. I’d never have known otherwise! Many thanks to the app developers.
Amazing walk with superb guidance from this app.
During lockdown my friend and I were desperate to get out on a weekend but couldn’t go more than five miles from home. This app saved our sanity! By choosing the ‘walks near me’ section we were able to do walks of a moderate length every weekend. One of the best things is that you don’t need a phone signal (which often drops in Cornwall) there are so many great things about this app that I don’t have space to write it all down but if you’re hesitating - don’t, you won’t regret it!
Walks are superb. The walk directions are spot on, very clear and accurate. The GPS tracking is a great idea and works so well. Love the summary page during the walk and then at the end. Please develop an “iWalk Devon” app, that would be amazing.
Lovely walk lots to see. I would say some parts are steep and up hill.
One of the best apps I have. No more carrying books around, and directions always up to date. Loads of additional useful info and I have not got lost once. Would recommend to anyone
Fantastic app step by step guide can’t go wrong.. Recommended for any walkers.
Excellent app, very well planned and executed. Clear instructions every step of the way and a fantastic selection of walks. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Really enjoying app and walks. Battery on iPhone is only issue
We have been using this app for the last two years on our visits to Cornwall and it makes walking the routes very easy with accurate descriptions and alerts if you stray off the path l would highly recommend this app if you go to Cornwall for a walking holiday
Great walk and app really easy to use. This was our first walk but will not be our last. Looking forward already for next walk using this app. Really like that you can search by type of walk as well as local area. We enjoy the circular walks so we don’t have to worry about getting back to car and there are loads of them.
I love this app you can choose so many different walks all over Cornwall.… coastal or inland - different lengths and different grades. Something for every occasion…and they are all accompanied by interesting snippets of information. It’s impossible to get lost as you follow the tracking as you walk. My aim is to try and walk all the walks in the app 🤞!
Brilliant walk not done this one before what a gorgeous place Perranuthnoe is stunning views of The mount
I absolutely love this app. I’ve lived in Cornwall most of my life but have found amazing new places using iWalk. It’s great value for money, simple to use and full of interesting information. 100% recommend it.
Absolutely love this app. The instructions are so precise and easy to follow. Kids love it as it feels like we are on a treasure hunt. Each walk is very well described and so accurate thank you 😊
Another week in Cornwall using the iWalk Cornwall app. We just love it! We’ve discovered fabulous new routes and learned so much along the way thanks to the route notes. We are regular walkers and this app is genuinely second to none (in our opinion).
I am notoriously bad with directions and have been put off walking in certain areas because of this, especially since I tend to walk alone! This app has been a revelation and has enabled me to get out and enjoy this beautiful county without fear of ending up lost 😂 Huge variety of different walks depending on what you’re in the mood for. Honestly can’t fault it 😁
Lived in Cornwall most of my life! Thought I knew most places around but have discovered so many hidden treasures, Newlyn east lappa valley with the rope swing one of our favourites. Easy instructions to follow well organised app
Using this app has led to some amazing walks, even if we thought we knew the area. I love the snippets of info / history as well as the clear directions. I am not a confident map reader but using the app I am more than happy to venture out on my own, with just the dog for company. The way you can filter walks is really useful too - and cleverly done to keep quieter walks quiet. At £2.99 per walk it’s a bargain
We love the app! I’ve lived in Cornwall for 25 years and I’m discovering places I’ve never been to before. Easy to use, great facts about each walk and love that you can search by area, difficulty, quieter walks etc, there are so many to choose from. Definitely an app to recommend. Thank you iWalk Cornwall.
Iwalkcornwall is SO good. Lovely walks, really easy to use, gps so you really can’t possibly get lost and great history and nature titbits along the way. Can’t praise enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Brilliant app that is easy to use and really well put together. I have done a number of the walks all in areas I thought I knew well but the walks have always introduced new places. Just wish there was something similar for all areas of the UK.
If you like walking in Cornwall including places that are so out of the way you’d never find them otherwise, look no further. This is a superb app. I’ve been using it for more than three years and completed nearly 120 walks without ever having a problem with the app. When you consider how much work goes into each walk , for around the price of a cup of coffee, I consider it very good value. The walks are continuously updated and any queries are quickly responded to by the developers. The walks cover the whole of Cornwall, and can be searched for using a huge variety of parameters. In my opinion, the best thing to do is download the app for free, have a good read of the instructions and then do the free sample walk at Lostwithiel to see how good it is. You can choose easy walks, strenuous ones, long ones, short ones, ones with pubs, ones where you are unlikely to encounter cattle, ones with few styles to climb over and a whole host of other things. There are also links for the nearest vets, tide times, places where you can park for free, webCams, every walk has a link to driving directions for either Google or Apple maps to display on your satnav. You can start the walk from any point you like, it doesn’t have to be the official start point whatever is most convenient. You can join one or more walks together to make a longer walks.No need to just take my word for it, there is a Facebook group with loads of glowing testimonials. Just to say that I’ve been using this app for four years now, and the above still applies. Minor tweaks and improvements are added all the time, together with updates of existing walks and new walks added all obviously thoroughly researched. I can strongly recommend this app.
Used this app on three holidays now and it is fab. Easy to follow and full of interesting facts. It has given us so much confidence to discover areas of Cornwall that we would never have found without the app.
Fabulous walking app - easy to use, super clear & informative - a great aid to walking that has completely opened up new walking routes for us.
I love walking and discovering new areas but I have absolutely no sense of direction and often take wrong turnings. Thank you iWalk Cornwall for solving that problem for me. This app is amazing, it has let me discover parts or Cornwall which I never knew existed and it is so simple to use. I can not recommend it highly enough.
This app is fantastic. The choice of walks, the up to date information is incredible. Excellent all round.
For people like me that find the level of detail on a map too little this app is wonderful not only does it give step by step instructions it also adds other useful information
This app is great. You can look at the walks and it give you details of the length and the level of difficulty. Once you have chosen and paid for your walk, it then downloads to your phone giving you a map and very detailed directions.
Always excellent. We have enjoyed several walks using this app. The details have ensured we never get lost and the extra information is an interesting added bonus.
A brilliant app. Very clear directions plus interesting information along the way. The team responded quickly when we reported a tree had fallen and blocked the path, informing the land owners. Highly recommended.
Fab app. Great walks with detailed route info. Easy to use. Great to have the map route as well as the detailed instructions and the history/fact info along the routes is great also
A great addition to our Cornish holiday. Lovely, well researched, detailed info and directions. Would recommend!
Great series of walks expertly put together. Highly recommended.
Just used your app for the first time today. I never write reviews but felt I had too for this gem of an app. It's so easy to use and the navigation is really accurate. Lots of historical information about the surrounding area which we loved. Please can you create one for Devon. Will definitely recommend this to a friend
This is an amazing app. I have a poor sense of direction and I never get lost. All the background information is great too
Enjoyed 5+ walks in cornwall this week, great app, keeps you on correct pathways and we have seen sights we would not have without these guided walks. Great - well worth it!
We've done a number of iWalk Cornwall walks now, and they are always excellent. The instructions are clear and the walks varied and interesting.
Probably the best walking app I have ever used, well happy, you won't be disappointed,
Brilliant app, easy to use. Discovered more of Cornwall than I knew existed!!
Brilliant app you can't get lost as it warns you when you deviat, info at every marker point whats not to like
Brilliant walks awaiting discovery. Have downloaded about 15 walks so far, every one of them accurate and up to date. GPS, maps, photos and detailed and informative directions make these walks an absolute joy. The search features and interactive shop map help hugely when choosing your next walk. Cannot wait to explore more walks on a regular basis.
So easy and efficient, great accurate directions, not only where to drive to and park, but also the guidance while walking. I also love the information and history about the area you are walking through which adds more interest to the walk.
Just completed the Kit Hill to Kelly Bray walk. Perfect countryside walk with outstanding views. The app instructions were so easy to use and the information about the area and history made for an enjoyable afternoon.
This is a fabulous app! Decide where you want to go, look to see what walks are nearby, purchase, and then gps guides you around with bits of interesting info...
As a family we walk loads and we always love getting recommended walks from friends. This app is like that only you have loads more recommendations! The instructions are easy to follow with loads and loads of info and history about the local wildlife and area en route, which we absolutely love!!! You can search by area, difficulty level, likelihood of encountering livestock etc. and it is updated regularly to advise of local issues such as flooding etc. Highly recommend this app, it's awesome!
This app is fantastic. I have used it for lots of walks and never got lost. The information on the app is second to none and I cannot recommend it highly enough for walking in Cornwall.
I use this app to help me discover new parts of Cornwall that I don't know. It is good to know I can trust the app to guide me on my walks. Brilliant features that allow me to find walks that suit people visiting with me. I'd recommend it. Looking forward to more walks.
A great app with a great choice of walks, five stars from me 👌
This app is fantastic. As someone who loves walking and facts, but doesn't have a great sense of direction, this app feels like it was designed for me! Directions are so clear and detailed. Very impressed. Keep up the good work!
Perfect app Done several walks and they are absolutely spot on. Se easy to use. Tells you when you going off track, love it.
Love this app - able to go to different places and not get lost! Lets you know if you're going off track. Have seen lots of places in Cornwall that i didn't know were there and I have lived in Cornwall for over 50 years.
Brilliant app. Fantastic routes with a GPS that alerts you if you go off route. Full of fascinating facts about the area, like having a tour guide in your pocket. Genuinely love this app and would highly recommend it, just make sure you take a phone battery pack!
A brilliant app. A must have for anyone that wants to discover new places in Cornwall whether you are a local or a holiday maker. Unlike Google Maps or OS maps, this app gives you a choice of circular walk with detailed directions. But more than that, it gives you things to note on the way that are unique to that walk. It might be the history of the tin mine you are passing, or telling you to stop and listen out for a particular bird call, or something unique about a flower you see. Each walk is different and each will teach you something you didn't know. We have discovered so many new places that we wouldn't have otherwise discovered thanks to this brilliant app.
Brilliant App. Thanks. Easy to use, fab list of options. My dad liked the map and I used the directions. Good looking app, easy to find options. Great little find. Thanks 👍
Very easy to follow route. Sometimes the opportunity to extend viewing time for local information at a waymark would be great. The ability to simply start the circular route part way round is much appreciated.
Please can anybody tell me if there are any cows on the Polkeris walk?
I am generally distrustful of downloading things, and not an experienced walker, but this is fantastic - clear instructions, so easy to use, lots of information, I felt in completely safe hands at all times - and so cheap!
Excellent walks with clear instructions
Amazing walks you would never find without this fantastic app, well worth a download
Excellent navigation tool. Kept me on track. Unobtrusive and helpful notifications when you need them .
Excellent guide, love the extra bits of information They add to the enjoyment of the walk, whether industrial heritage or notes on the habits of moles!
I've recommended this app to everyone I know who is likely to visit Cornwall. Happy to pay for the walk to be downloaded as even in the most remote of areas, the walk directions are amazing. Highly recommended and can't wait to use it again!
Completely fabulous... we love this app!
Love this app. Foolproof walking from someone who could get lost in their own street!
We recommend this to everyone. We live here & have been all round Cornwall with the app. Fascinating info about local history & nature on every walk & we never get lost any more. It's like having a very discreet expert guide with you! The cost is excellent value for money given the research that goes into each walk - & compared with the expense of other days out in Cornwall. A top day out in the most beautiful places for under a tenner with car parking + a packed lunch can't be beaten 😃
This is a wonderful app especially for those who are a little scared of getting lost, with this app you cannot get lost as it tells you if you venture off the path, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into the writing and regular checking and updating of each and every one of these 250+ walks. (More being added regularly). Once a walk is purchased you have it forever and if anything changes you get an update. The people who do the hard work in finding and testing these walks do this for a living! It is their paid job! £2.99 is good value for money for a glorious walk with all the local history thrown in. Thank you for a wonderful app.
Such a great way to explore. I've discovered beautiful and interesting things right on my doorstep - didn't know they were there! I wouldn't have felt confident enough to venture off road without the app.
Amazing!! First walk done today, just brilliant!
First time using this app, on holiday in Cornwall. Downloaded easily. Easy to use, instructions clear and concise.
Brilliant. Virtually idiot proof. Great notifications when you reach points of interest, junctions and directional changes. Terrific details and information. Shame the walks aren't cheaper to purchase but it's so convenient
Found the sweet spot of demand. Congrats iWalk team. On point both in terms of route tracking, functionality and information. Good job.
This is a brilliant app, very intuitive and so easy to use
It's an amazing app, and the GPS and mapping is awesome. Well worth paying for the map's.
For someone who'd get lost on a route they've done a thousand times (*cough* me *cough*), this app is amazing. No chance of getting lost with poor navigational skills. Lots of history included and beautiful pictures to give you a flavour of where you're going. Helpful information so you can find the perfect route (e.g. circular vs. not; Stiles/field accessibility with dogs (or if you're afraid of cows); mileage; food/drink on route; etc). £2 per walk is very reasonable for a day out!
We brought a couple of maps on here and was so worth the £2.99. Alerts along the way stopped us missing markers and the history information was brilliant and added another dimension to our walk.
Fantastic app. We use it every time we visit Cornwall, and end up around places we would need normally have visited. There's so much more to Cornwall than you might think. 😊 Thanks.
Great app. lots of detail but still easy to use. thank you.
Fantastic app with clear directions! Love the additional knowledge details at each section.
Very straightforward to use. From driving to walk instructions.
IwalkCornwall is, to date, the best walking app I've found in England. I'm wanting to export the developers to the Midlands to export their knowledge and professionalism and create something similar in our region! Walks are current, recently checked, easy to follow and full of useful information to add depth to the walking experience
Excellent app! Highly recommend. I have lived in Cornwall for nigh on 40 years & thanks to iWalk Cornwall I have been to places I never knew existed. My love of walking has grown since I started doing the walks listed. Every detail you could want is within the walks & they are fantastic value.. ▒2.99 for a day out to remember.
I was a little hesitant due to having to pay for the walks but actually I'm useless with maps and navigating, having got lost more than once I really appreciate the step by step updating automatically. It was a drain on my phone battery though so will definitely be investing in an extra battery pack.
Great app. Highly recommend
An excellent app. Very clear directions with interesting historical information en route. We've done some excellent walls in our local area we'd never have found without this app. Worth the cost for the walks. Highly recommended.
I love this app and the walks are brilliant!! The directions are very easy to follow (I usually walk alone and feel confident doing so with this app). The extra details about the area you're walking through is a really lovely feature and I like the option to flick between written directions and the GPS tracket map, really useful. The new(ish) feature which allows you to start the walk from any point is excellent, I tried it the other day and it worked perfectly!! Excellent app!!
Love this App. I walk with my dog alone and love that I know exactly where I am and where I need to go. You are also notified if you take the wrong direction.
I used this app for the first time on Sunday it was amazing so easy to follow and great info too
I have used this app many times now and I'm in awe of the detail contained in each walk. Lots of historical facts and info on flora and fauna, wildlife etc. Walks always being checked and updated. Links to other useful sites. Miles and difficulty recorded. Professional photographs. Very precise navigation instructions and a sound alert if I should err off the route. Messages are responded to very quickly. A very good price considering and a sandwich costs more! Thank you so very much.
Have used 4 times this week, making the best of the spring sunshine. Very easy to use, well researched with clear directions and lots of additional information. A pleasure to visit so many new places despite living in Cornwall my whole life. Great work 👏
Perfect app! You can tell a lot of time and effort have been put into this app, the walk directions are accurate and easy to follow, its easy to find a walk in the desired area, the walks are well graded and summary information is great. The walks are checked regularly, there are well researched facts about points along the route. I highly recommend to anyone I wouldn't be without it now!
Great App... Discover Cornwall on your own two feet! This app has helped me find lots of interesting places to walk, with excellent directions, useful additional info and maps that even I can follow. For less than £3 a walk (which, once bought you can use time and time again!) it's amazingly good value. Explore away!
Really easy to follow directions, and so responsive when you report issues.
Really like this app but when finished our walk it shows only 1.7 miles when we must have walked at least 5. The mileage on the app says nearly 5 but im sure it was nearer to 6. Can you please amend the total mileage we walked please. The date and time is fine. Thank you
Excellent app. Done several walks using it. Easy to use and never let me down. Really like the info on points of interest while on the walks. Download it and treat yourself to some breathtaking scenery in my home county.
Fantastic and interesting walks
Great directions and reading the points of interest are so informative.
Such a great app, we've now done quite a few walks and this helps us explore new areas. We can highly recommend
The information during the walk was very informative and the directions during the walk were very accurate making it impossible to go wrong.
This app has been fantastic for introducing us to new walks close to our home. Highly recommend it.
My eleven year old son used this excellent user-friendly app with me on a walk and he loved being in control. We particularly liked the wildlife and industrial heritage information so it's obvious time and effort involved here. We encountered a family who got lost and their phone died so my son gladly helped them out! A really great app that children can use to learn about the great outdoors.
I love this app, so far I have bought 3 walks. I find the directions really clear and the app tells me if I have gone too far and missed my turning. There are side notes giving history or location information which makes the walk more interesting. Cheaper than buying a lot of different large scale maps, especially as I am only in the area for a couple of months.
A fantastic tool for discovering beautiful Cornwall 😍
We discovered some beautiful and stunning scenery which we would never have found without this app. Navigating with the map and detailed written directions is easy.
Really useful, easy to use app for walking in Cornwall. Completed a few walks now and find the app very reliable, calling out when we have strayed off of the route.
Brilliant walking tool
Turn by turn directions excellent
Great app for navigating walks on holiday.
Does what it says on the tin .done 2 walks so far no probs as yet .
Wonderful walk, great weather helped, on the spot directions & interesting snippets about the places we walked through - thank you 🙂
Lovely walk in October sunshine. Well researched route and easy to use app.
Really love the way the walks are marked. App is super convenient to use with the directions automatically popping up for the next point on the way. The best part was the information provided along the route. Would highly recommend the app.
Even I couldn’t get lost with this app and I can’t navigate my way out of the proverbial paper bag 😂
Love this app, so easy to use. The notifications of our next steps were accurate and delivered just as we needed them.
I walk Cornwall is a great app - plenty walks and choices. One detail that would be a great addition is the proportion of the walk on the road
Excellent app can't recommend it enough. Easy instructions lots of info along way and added help of map guidance.
A great app! Discovered areas we would not have otherwise found. Directions were excellent. Well worth the paying for the routes - really enjoyed the walks and the history /commentary.
We love walking in Cornwall and this app gives us a whole range of new options. Easy to use and great value. I also like the interactive feedback option where the author will change the description if you make observations after the walk.
Just completed the third walk of our holiday using the iWalk Cornwall app. Each walk was excellent. Each had clear instructions and additional information about the area. Visited some lovely places including Portreath and the Bedruthan steps. Will let all my friends and family know of this app when they visit Cornwall.
Super accurate with both the walks descriptions, difficulty and most importantly directions!! The automated alerts as you approach the next marker takes any worry away from diverting off path accidentally!! Won’t be without this for any future walks!! Priceless!
Excellent value for money. The ease of use in this well thought out App helped make our holiday fun. Thank you :0)
Really like. Easy to use. Avoids walking books which are always out of date. Interesting snippets as you go. Warns you if you have gone off track. VG.
Not only the best walking app, but one of the best apps of any type. If only there were walks in other parts of the country... Given there are many free apps, I was initially reluctant to pay for a walk, but after using it, and reading all the interesting information included, I have to say it is an absolute bargain.
Spot on. Best app I have ever used. Battery drain a little high - take back up next time! Many thanks
Could not rave about this app enough if I tried! Absolutely faultless - thank you!
Brilliant app, absolutely spot on with directions, packed with local information and adds to the day.
This is such a good app. Clear instructions, works well with the Apple Watch. Instructions are clear and always up to date. Having time this year to get out and explore parts of Cornwall I’ve always wanted to, this app has been brilliant! Thanks guys!
So informative and it’s very reassuring that you are always on the right path. Will definitely be purchasing more Cornwall walks.
Really useful app for walk ideas and directions whilst on the walk. Grading is accurate and directions are spot on and very detailed to help you find your way! Only thing I wished it would do is connect to my Fitbit via Bluetooth so I could read the directions without getting my mobile out.
This app is great ! The run down of time left and battery life left etc are life savers and the app didn’t drain my battery nearly as much as I thought it would. Cannot wait to try more walks! Thanks so much for creating this!
A delightful walk! Need to return in the spring.
We have used this for 5 walks and everyone has been excellent. Extremely easy to use, very accurate especially for someone like me who can’t think far enough in advance to buy a map let alone read one. Absolutely love the additional information given whether it’s about ship wrecks, mushrooms or birds. Gives the impression to my friends that I am very well read!
I live in Wales but use this app when I go to Cornwall to visit family. This app gives me the confidence to go for walk on my own without getting lost. If I go a bit off track, it gently reminds me, which is a great help. I've done some lovely coastal walks using the app and I think the cost per walk is well worth it for the amount of help and information you get. It would be fantastic if you could produce an iWalk Wales app. I've used several other walking apps for walks in Wales but iWalk Cornwall is a far superior app. If it was available for walks in Wales it would definitely be my first choice.
Used for the first time today and was brilliant to help navigate a new area and learn a bit about the walk as well. It tracks where you all giving you easy to understand instructions that notify you when you get to a new one, meaning you don’t need to be glued to a map. The only downside is there is a cost per walk, and the app does use a bit of battery given the use of the gps so make sure you are fully charged up before you set off!
This is perfect for walks in Cornwall. Super accurate. Lots of useful information. Works well when your phone doesn’t have a signal.
Used with Apple Watch and it was great running and getting the notifications on my watch to keep me on route. It stopped me having to check the map all the time (I still like an OS map!). Really clear directions and explanations of the way points. Only used once but hope they expand to iwalk UK!
Absolutely love this app, easy to follow walks and lots of information about the walks, ie dog friendly. Works faultlessly 👍🏻
It’s just brilliant to explore our beautiful county. Each time the directions are spot on and to know how long/far each walk will take is really helpful. There’s always a walk to suit our availability and we’ve discovered so many hidden gems.
We used the app for the first time over the weekend and will definitely be using it again. We would never have unearthed the footpaths without the aid of the app rolling the directions at every junction. It was clear, precise and easy to use. 5* excellent!!!
The best way of exploring Cornwall on foot. Great directions and information along the way. Beeps if you go off track and either words or map directions. Can not recommend it too highly.
The best app for circular walks in Cornwall
On a short break so only time to sample one walk, but we were very impressed, the app picked up all of the relevant direction points with unerring precision and the GPS combined to give us complete confidence that we were on the correct route. Look forward to trying other walks.
This is an excellent app with easy to follow directions, information points and also tracks your location and loads the next step automatically.
Great app, love the walking routes and so easy to follow.
This app is brilliant. We have done quite a few walks from it now. They have all been fabulous walks. The directions are spot on, with notes where things might be temporarily rerouted. It is great having the map to keep an eye and it has always been really accurate. Also useful to know how far left and an estimate of how long. Good overview of what to expect difficulty wise as well.
I love this app. I've been coming to Cornwall regularly for the past 7 years and this app has enriched my visits immensely. This is a well thought out, easy to use and informative walking companion..well done.
Great app. Saves all those maps in the rain and wind. Very accurate.
Great App, lots of extra info about areas and items along the route, and detailed up to date warnings of any closures or diversions planned for existing routes. It also has a large selection of preferred routes to select from, dog friendly, easy hard walking etc etc. Great App.
This app is amazing. The directions lead me confidently along routes I'd never have found on my own. The GPS is the lookout to let me know if I'm heading the wrong way. I love all the information about things along the way and the links to more if I'm interested. I like that the app enables me to start from any point as I don't have a car and it's often easier to start from another place. It's regularly updated with local in information too, like temporary diversions etc.
Really very good. All the waypoints helped to keep us on route and the information included in them was very interesting. Enjoyed the walk too! Good app, well done!
Used app several times now. Directions are very clear. Offers many interesting facts along the way. We've discovered some fabulous places. Highly recommended 👌
If I could give 10 stars I would. Its transformed my days off, instead of aimlessly wondering where to go for a walk, I just pick from the list and off me and the dog go!
Excellent App. Never used one before but this has persuaded me that maybe a role for walking App.
We've just done the Tintagel to Rocky Valley Circular Walk. It was brilliant. The directions were very clearly laid out. Each step was filled with so much information. Many thanks. Jo
Clear instructions, good GPS tracking on the map and notification when off track!
Works really well. Map and directions are clear; extra information adds to the scenery; GPS position is precise, and no need for 4G reception in the wilds of Cornwall. Battery life no problem. Easy to use.
This app is fantastic for people with absolutely no sense of direction like myself! It's given me the confidence to visit places I never knew existed and the detailed directions and map ensure I don't get lost. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Excellent clear and detailed directions. Super historic details that give insightful context for the walk.
Absolutely foolproof! Full of ideas and options that really enhance the app. Best walking app we've used. Even integrates with Waze to get you to the start of the walk. Totally love it and never let us down...
First time user, easy and simple to use. Directions are clear and easy to understand. Will use again for tomorrow's walk!
Tried for the first time today...fantastic
Brilliant app. So easy to use and navigate even where the route becomes obscure. Great walks with really interesting information about the places en route. Well worth the nominal fee.
What an excellent find. Discovered great new walks with lots of interesting info along the way. Also good to be able to choose( or not!) the difficulty ie; steepness, styles, dogs etc.
Extremely useful, foolproof and reliable app. Keeps active even when there’s no network signal. Tells you if you’re veering off course although practically impossible to do so as the instructions and directions are so clear. So glad we got this.
Absolutely brilliant app with all the details you need - just used this app for the first time and has a brilliant walk. Faultless really and can’t wait to start on more walks down here
Ive used this app a few times and it’s been thorough and informative along the way. From the load of the start point in to apple or google maps to the full and comprehensive information for the entire route. Highly recommended.
Used in a foggy day. Great and easy to use.
This is an excellent app for experienced and new walkers alike, offering insights into Cornwall that you don’t get from simply using a map. The information on dog friendly beaches and other features are thoughtful and useful additions. Alerts at turning points mean that you don’t head off in the wrong direction. It’s heavy on phone battery so take a portable charger with you - and taking a map is always a wise precaution, just in case....
Great app, gives detailed information of each walk before you decide... when on the walk is very accurate with directions and the info along the route really gives insight into the area and history you are in. 10/10 would recommend!
I cannot recommend this app highly enough. There are walks of varying distances and grades all round the Cornish coast and inland, each one is accompanied by an excellent description of the history , geography and nature. There is GPS guided mapping and alerts if you go wrong so no excuse to get lost. Particularly useful walking over Bodmin Moor in the mist! It is quite heavy on the phone battery so start off well charged! Alternatively track yourself on the OS map. If you live in Cornwall or are on holiday and enjoy walking, it’s for you.
The many and varied walks take you to areas of Cornwall that most people are unaware of. Following the gps directions is a wonderful way to explore without the fear of getting lost. Add in the fascinating bits of local information and history and you can have a great day out in the fresh air. If you enjoy walking, Give it a try and you will quickly be hooked
What a fab find iwalkCornwall. Download and I promise you will have fantastic walks, information all the way on what’s around you and more. A pleasure to walk and walk!
When I first used this app 2 years ago I thought it was very good, first time back in Cornwall for two years I tried this app again. Absolutely brilliant ! I thought the price per walk was excellent value and I love how the app notifies you if you have strayed off the walk and whenever you get to one of the waypoints. The app has been developed extensively since I last used it. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who loves walking
This app is great - after a few walks I realised it had even more features It’s like a mini sat nav - even sending alarms when you go off the path The ones around Padstow - simply breath taking !
Really good app - impossible to get lost and points out interesting features along the way. Wish there was a similar one for other places such as N Yorks etc. Uses a lot of battery so make sure phone fully charged.
We really enjoyed using this app. Clear instructions with interactive map. Well worth the money. Would definitely recommend.
I’ve really found this app so helpful and the walks it suggests are great.
Love this app, recently moved to Cornwall, & this app has been great in getting me up & out.
Packed full of local walks to chose from. Very accurate with timely notifications every time you need them. Excellent for cross country walks!
This is the best walking app I have used, at every waypoint in the walk I was alerted by the app with very accurate descriptions of the next direction to take. Excellent 10/10
Easy to use the map to find and review potential walks and then great guidance once on it and recovers well if you chose to stray off the track!
Easy to use and totally accurate, lovely walks
What an excellent find. Discovered great new walks with lots of interesting info along the way. Also good to be able to choose( or not!) the difficulty ie; steepness, styles, dogs etc.
What an amazing app, working our way through the walks. We would have got lost so many times without it. Thank you iWalkCornwall 👍👍👍😁
Excellent app! Worked really well and saw some great places I never would have found without it!
Absolutely brilliant app! The directions for each walk are spot on and the advice regarding different weather conditions, dog requirements and so on is fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough and am looking forward to more walks.
Excellent app. Just did the Blisland walk. Route itinerary is packed with information you would normally just walk past without noticing. Can tell that the app has been designed and built by programmers who have an eye on quality and user-friendliness. And the content has clearly been well researched and tested. The "strayed off track" feature works well and is very reassuring. It alerted when strayed just 100 metres off track. Very deserving of 5 stars.
This app is awesome! Went on three walks during my holiday using it. It's impossible to get lost as it beeps directions at you. I wish there was an app like this for other parts of the UK.
I used this app today and found it easy to follow. I love the little bits of information at each direction and the fact it lets you know if you go off track 👣 would highly recommend 👌
Super walks, excellent desriptions and directions. Straightforward to use. Thank you.
Fantastic. Avoid the this way? that way debate? Love the way that each step is revealed. This app is clear and informative. We live locally and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Absolutely brilliant app, kept us on track "literally".
What an AMAZING app. Fantastic for walks around Cornwall. Descriptions are fantastic, directions are brilliant. It's not often one sees something so faultless, brilliantly designed and presented. Walks are not expensive and worth every penny.
What an amazing app. Used for the first time today - Kilkhampton circular walk. Stops all the squabbles about who is reading the map right. A beep at every new navigation point. We loved it.
Brilliant like an angel on our shoulder. No way to go wrong.
Brilliant walks, clear instructions
This is an absolute star of an app to guide you through your walk. Knows exactly where you are and accurate descriptions.
Absolutely brilliant app, on point GPS tracking. Makes me feel really secure knowing it knows where I am. I love this thanks guys 👍🏻👍🏻
Great app, excellent guide all over Cornwall. Really enjoyed some amazing walks!
Even as a local, always use this app to find a different walk for a day out. Easy to use with GPS tracking so never stray off route, and a mine of useful information along the way 😃
Directions are clear and easy to follow
Great app. Really clear directions, great extra information about the area, and very helpful with the inclusion of the map.
Brilliant App and so easy to use. 10 out of 10
Brilliant app and full of useful and interesting information about points on the walk as you pass them. Love it 😊
Brilliant app to enhance the walking experience in Cornwall. Easy to follow directions and highly responsive reporting system for any feedback
Accurate informative so easy to use
Very easy to follow, clear instructions and the notification on change of direction was extremely helpful by reassuring you that you were still on track
Have used this app several times now. Walks are always well described, GPS way points are accurate and additional information adds to the enjoyment of the walks...
Great App well worth downloading and super accurate!
Amazing app, so easy to use, full of great added information. Works perfectly, it 100% idiot proof, I wished I'd got this before paying for the Ordnance survey app.
Route descriptions and map very clear and the history of the areas is an added interest. Very good 👍
Wow! What an amazing app! Just done our first walk and couldn't have done it without the detailed information. Will definately continue using it! 😊
iWalk Cornwall is one of the best walk apps I’ve ever come across. Excellent mapping, notes of interest and way point directions. Impossible to get lost!
Amazing app with perfect GPS, map and commentary coordination to guide you through public paths which are difficult to recognise. Amazing.
Perfect and very easy to follow directions
Used during a holiday to Cornwall. Easy to use and fantastic, thorough details.
Used the app to take a walk through the beautiful Luxulyan valley. It is excellent; the instructions are as it is when you walk and the helpful alerts enable you to checkpoint your route. We have also used it up on Bodmin moor and the GPS navigation is absolutely brilliant when get caught out by the mist, as we did. Would thoroughly recommend this product!
Brilliant app, lots of good walks Route directions are clear, almost impossible to get lost....if you take a wrong turn the app alerts you within a few yards. The notes about interesting places along the route is a bonus. Well worth the cost.
Makes exploring and discovering new places in Cornwall so easy! Will use again and again.
I downloaded a short walk round st Ives and out to the coast path. The app was great, directions excellent and it’s so much better than struggling with a walk book!
Fantastic app, kept me updated at every stage of the walk. Very pleased indeed.
Used this app on my holiday in Cornwall. So convenient for novice walkers. Also great that you can just buy the walks you need, rather than having to buy a whole book each time you go to a different area of Cornwall.
Interesting and accurate. We had a brilliant time on the walks, guided by the app.
Downloaded and used for the first time today. It worked great along side my Apple Watch giving clear instructions all the way through walk.
My 14 year old son and I set off for our first iWalk three days ago and have been on one every day since! We love how the app gives us little facts about the area and especially love to hear the little bleep so we know we are on the right track. The instructions are really clear and you are informed if you go off track. Can’t recommend this app enough. Only wish we lived in Cornwall as I want to do all the walks now I’ve started!
We love the iWalks app which has helped us to discover so many new walks around North Cornwall where I come from. Very easy to use and I love the carefully curated factoids for each walk (although I usually end up reading most of them at the end as I’m usually too busy enjoying the walk to read them at the time!).
This is an amazing App easy to use works well is accurate and I love the content I can’t stop telling people about it either !!
We love this app ❤️. Directions are easy to follow and the map and tracker are great. Am finding more interesting and beautiful places to walk in my local area.
First time used this app and I rate it highly. Twice I got distracted with the magnificent views of the coast path and took wrong path to be warned Immediately. I am so use to get lost and my walks lasting longer. I am a fan ! Thank you x
Downloaded for weeks holiday and have to say it’s such a great app. Best I have used. Good variety of walks. Strong directions and the map view was excellent. Didn’t get lost once. Also used it with my garmin and instructions on my watch were clear and delivered at exactly the right times.
This app has made our Cornwall holiday. We have a puppy and have been able to taylor our walks for both the kids and the puppy. We have been on some amazing walks that we would not have known about without this app. I love the fact there is a “beep” when you hit the next instruction ! Awesome. I have recommended to everyone.
This app is fabulous. So much work has gone into it. It is so explicit in its information that you cannot go wrong. It keeps you safe, interested and informed. Can’t wait to get out for another walk x Gives you confidence to get out there. It is like having a walk with Steve Backshall and Bear Grylls. It feels like it’s got it all sorted.
This app truly does make it very hard to get lost even if you take a wrong turn it tells you within a very short time. I also use an Apple Watch and it gives useful updates on that as well as you progress the walk. We done Mousehole to Lamorna and the outbound rite on the coast is easy to follow but the return is through countryside and farmyards and without the App would have been hard to do. Very pleased we will purchase more walks to do.
Fantastic app, coming to Cornwall for years but this was a great way to find less obvious coastal walks and having a virtual guide showing us each step! You can not get lost using this! Heron Inn is definitely worth a visit! Lovely walk
The app has plenty of walks which are easy to access and examine before purchasing. It is also possible to explore the map and learn about the route prior to purchase. I have just bought and done the first walk and found the directions full and accurate. An advantage over using a map is that the app informs you if you take the wrong direction. One concern was that the app appeared to be using a great deal of battery life and I will monitor this over subsequent use. Apart from this I am very happy with this app and will definitely continue to make use of it.
Really great App very good directions plus a terrific you’ve gone wrong alert function. Can drain mobile so recommend a battery back up in your rucksack ! Good fun background commentary along the route very informative. Enjoy !
Fantastic ap. Takes you on the most amazing walks with GPS and so much interesting history and info on what’s all around you.
Great app , clear walk directions, lots of interesting facts , and keeps you well informed of everything you might need to know for a safe enjoyable walk.
Brilliant app for finding new, interesting a beautiful walks. Highly recommended.
The walk Cornwall app is one of the best apps I’ve experienced. We wouldn’t have found these walks on our own and the accuracy is amazing.
Just used this app for the first time. Brilliant, so clear and easy to follow. First time we haven’t got lost trying to follow a map! Will definitely use again and will recommend. Thank you
Best walking App by a mile. Best walking app (and I’ve tried many!). Has everything you need - and more. Much thought has gone into search filters, reliability and delivering beautiful walks. Attention to detail and a passion for Cornish natural history has paid off. Brilliant!!!!
Best app I’ve ever bought. This app did everything I wanted, great walks, great directions flexible usage. Brilliant!!!
This app is like having a tour guide in your pocket. Keeps track of your movement , alerts you if you go wrong, points out areas of interest and steers you back on the right path should you go wrong! There are so many walks to choose from it’s amazing! Additional information such as tide times, gradients, parking direction are useful too.
Excellent app and exceptional value for money. I found the whole experience from researching walks to purchasing a map and then using it very straightforward. The walks are packed with useful information and I particularly liked the notifications to let me know I was on track and the points of interest at each stage. Also helpful was the estimated time to finish! I’ve already bought my second map and am looking forward to discovering other nooks and crannies that I didn’t realise were on my doorstep. Thank you! Update on 22-06-20: I did the Holywell to Crantock walk at the weekend and found the app invaluable. The coast in that area is criss-crossed with paths presenting innumerable choices and possibilities for making a wrong turn. The iWalk I did was pinpoint accurate navigating me across the dunes and headlands, which I especially appreciated near the end of the walk with tired legs. iWalk has got me out and about to new places and sent me on beautiful walks that I never would have found without it. I also meant to add a note after a previous walk - or attempted walk from Charlestown. When I got to the start of the walk, the route had been closed (subsidence I seem to remember) - I reported it from inside the app and got a very speedy response. I then sent photos to help the team and then set off in the other direction to Carlyon Bay. By the rime I got home the walk had been taken down and I’d received a nice email to tell me as much. It must be a mammoth task keeping up to date especially at the moment (Covid-19) so I was super impressed. I’m definitely a fan! Thanks again.
It’s a great app, easy to use and loads of information about the walks. Even has a little warning when you go off the track. Each walk is about £2 but it’s well wort it you waist more money than that looking for walks. My wife and I have done 3 walks now all as described in the walk info great app just wish I started using it earlier.
Not one bad walk. Instructions are perfect !
This app and advice given was very good. Spot on information as we progressed along the route. This was the cost time used but will certainly use it a lot more in the future.
First time users.found it very easy to use will be using this app more often on more walks planned.next is bodmin.
1st time used. Absolutely brilliant! It guided me to the start point via waze Then accurately described the walk route as I went along and allowing me to switch between the text commentary and great map. Also alerts you when you go off route
Lived in Cornwall 35 years. This app takes me to new and beautiful places.
Love this app. Using it for a while now and it's great! The developers will have had to have walked each walk themselves I'm sure - what an amazing achievement! Great app - will continue to use for a long time to come.
Good range of walks, clear instructions and good commentary on points of interest
Brilliant app for exploring new walks.
Fabulous app, highly recommend! Easy to use and very informative 😊
Would be lost without this app - literally! It's fantastic and would recommend
Excellent app and exceptional value for money. I found the whole experience from researching walks to purchasing a map and then using it very straightforward. The walks are packed with useful information and I particularly liked the notifications to let me know I was on track and the points of interest at each stage. Also helpful was the estimated time to finish! I’ve already bought my second map and am looking forward to discovering other nooks and crannies that I didn’t realise were on my doorstep. Thank you!
Have used this APP many times. It is my go to walking App, always guaranteed to find a walk of the distance we want and the terrain and vistas we would like to see. Instructions and clear, helpful and precise. Great that is tells you if you are venturing off course! Love it and recommend it to many. Thanks iWalk Cornwall
This App is brilliant. You’ve got to be an idiot if you get lost whilst using it. Step by step instructions and you will receive alerts when reaching each waypoint. Also alerted when straying off the route. Plenty of useful information along the way and photos of various points of interest. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to discover somewhere new.
Fantastic app! Gives you all the information you need to know, so your walk is all planned out for you before you’ve left your house. I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life and still shocked at how beautiful these walks are. Love that you can filter by what type of walk you’d like. Highly recommend. My go-to app every weekend.
Very good instructions for a lovely walk. This is my first walk using this app and can’t wait to try lots more walks now I know I can trust the app for good clear instructions 👍
This is the first time I have used a walking app. Really enjoyed the historical highlights and the advice given all through the walk. Wish I could have got the arrow to point in the direction I was walking. All in all great walk and good value
Tried out this app for the first time in this lovely little walk. Very helpful To be prompted along the way with the route markers and interesting info too. Will definitely use again.
Love the app. So good to search for new walks and have all the information you need before you set off especially when taking your dogs. No surprise cattle or narrow cliff paths or beach’s that don’t allow dogs. Brilliant 😁🐕
The app was spot on with directions and accuracy very informative. Will be using again looking forward to exploring more walks! Thank you
Such a brilliant app. The walks are really interesting especially with the commentary. Wish other counties had them.
Excellent app. Informative and very reliable.
Very easy app to use and informative pointing out things of interest along the way. Highly recommended it.
Very accurate route directions and beautiful walk.
Bought this app and very impressed.Easy to use and intuitive with local info an added bonus. Only comments for improvement are a 'navigate to start of walk' and a display of distance walked.
Brilliant walks and so much easier to navigate than using a map.
Excellent app. Will definitely buy more walks
Very clear guidance and interesting and useful information.
Very precise instructions at the point you need a new one. Enjoyed receiving a new message each time I reached a milestone throughout the walk! Enjoyable and informative. Great app!
Only a short visit but the walk we did was excellent. Clear directions and good relevant information. Great app and good value. Will certainly use it for future visits to Cornwall.
Excellent app Walking routes very well researched. The navigation prompts via GPS are very accurate. Made the walks easy and enjoyable.
Brilliant app helps you all the way through your walk Good local walks
Brilliant app. Always keeps you on track and impossible to get lost. Also has lots of local interesting and historical information throughout the walks. Highly recommend 😁
Information and directions provided en route enhance the interesting walks offered. Audible notification of arrival at a way point (or diversion from) generates anticipation of what might be next, like a treasure hunt!
Brilliant , easy to use and seems very update with walk description !
Brilliant app with clear instructions!
Absolutely brilliant. Great detail and leads you all the way
Love this app, allows you to search for different types of walks in various areas and gives you loads of good detail on each one, eg distance, difficulty etc. Every walk we have done so far provided excellent instructions for getting there and for the walk itself With fantastic detail regarding the various points of the walk be that the nature, the history or something else, this app is extremely informative Easy to use, informative and enjoyable, highly recommended
Love this app, it really makes discovering new walks and places easy. It encourages me to get out & about and get moving :)
Recently moved to Cornwall and this app gets us out and about every week to explore this beautiful region. So many walks to choose from and worth the money to purchase new walks. Very clear instructions, alerts you when you take the wrong turn and you can read about the history along your way. Perfect in every way.
Lots to choose from and easy to select and follow.
Great idea and bought one of the walks and the maps and instructions worked perfectly. Would use again in other areas if I could!
We visit Cornwall a lot and this app has made finding and planning walks so much easier. The instructions are easy to follow and it notifies you of the next instruction when it’s due. Definitely recommended if you’re in Cornwall.
Myself, my daughter and some friends are doing a 100k ultra challenge next year and will be attempting as many of the walks on this app as we can after an amazing walk today ... all waypoints and directions are so precise, it’s always good to know you’re going the correct way when crossing farmland, looking forward to our next hike ... fantastic app, thank you
This is a brilliant app. The directions are clear and precise, and I love that it tells you if you have wandered off track.
Really good resource for anyone wanting to explore Cornwall's landscape and history
My most used and favourite app!! When is the devon version coming out?!! :)
Great App, informative and very helpful. Can't wait until all areas of the country are covered.
I love this app. Worth every penny. It gives detailed historical / background information. I have found local walking routes I did not know about. Fantastic.
Super Wander App. Auch offline gut zu benutzen. Viele Infos zur Strecke. Verlaufen ist praktisch unm▒glich. Man hat jeweils eine Gratis Vorschau und zahlt dann nur f▒r die Wanderungen, die man auch tats▒chlich macht. Super Idee. Was gut ist, darf auch etwas kosten...
A great app with loads of information en route and clear directions making it almost impossible to get lost! A great selection of lovely walks to choose from.
This is a fantastic app. Simple to use and so accurate. It let's you know if you are off course and each way mark has some really nice detail in the facts. The GPS hasn't dropped once and the routes are very well explained before purchasing.
What a great app!! Used the app for a walk on Sunday, Cape Cornwall to Levant. So precise, accurate and user friendly. The information provided along the way at points of interest is just great. I would recommend this app to any walker!!
This app has given me the freedom of walking new paths, knowing that the directions are clearly understandable and correct. Highly recommended
This is a great walk across the fields, sat by a little steam for lunch, just by the tearoom which we would have used if we hadn’t have packed up our own lunch! This is a great app & I look forward to many more new walks being added for the future.
Accurate Informative Reliable
Your App is brilliant. We have only been to Cornwall three times now and purchased iWalk Cornwall on our first visit. I would definitely say this added to our enjoyment of our first visit helped us fall in love with Cornwall. We have been back twice this year and used the App to find new walks each time. The prompts for each direction and the warnings that you are straying from the route give you confidence to explore the beautiful Cornish coastline or the stunning moors. Added to this the extra bits of information gives you an insight into the history or flora and fauna of the area. Thank you for putting this App together and spending the time to keep it up to date. We have purchased other walking Apps thinking they would be upto the same standard but sadly they have just not lived up to your standards. iWalk Cornwall is head and shoulders above others we have purchased. We have enjoyed using it this week and will I’m sure be using it on many occasions in the future.
Very enjoyable 5 stars
Very good app and easy to use
I wanted to say, we used your app today for a walk and although I'm generally a luddite, we thought it was brilliant..... It took all the stress out of the places where we weren't sure which way to go. The unusual and interesting facts along the way kept everyone interested. The notifications when we were going off piste were great. Really good descriptions about which way to go. I will use this app again, even with my dislike of combining nature with technology as it showed us a great walk that we wouldn't otherwise have found.
Great experience. Totally worth every penny.
Ace experience! It ran perfectly and I didn't get lost once, and that's saying something for me.
Great app well worth the additional £2 per walk . Highly recommend 🤟
Iwalk Cornwall. Brilliant! Have walked two of these already , and they are great. Clear directions and interesting info along the way , make this such a wonderful app . So much easier than wrestling with a soggy map ! Thank you .
Fantastic walks, have done 10 or 12 now and not been disappointed once. Really good detail, very easy to follow and well worth the £2 per walk. Great for dogs mostly too.
We downloaded a walk off this app and it was so easy to follow. It even pings when you get to the next instruction.
Bought 3 walks off IWalkCornwall app and found them to be brilliant. Great walks with interesting information given as you go. If you go slightly off track it warns you. Highly recommend this app. Will be buying more walks on my next trip to Cornwall next year, thanks
Great walk, good for dogs as well
I love this walking app and the information it also provides I always tell friends that are visiting Cornwall about it. I have lots of photos and made brilliant memories with my family whilst walking using this app so thank you very much.
I can honestly say this is one of the best apps I have.
Best walking app I have ever used. For one who loves walking but has no sense of direction iWalk Cornwall is a must.
We are soon headed down to Boscastle for our annual month of walking. Looking forward to using the App again. It’s taken us many places over the years we’ve used it.
This app is brilliant. At 86 I have enjoyed the challenges of new walks all my life but never with such confidence and appreciation. Clearly and consistently guided all the way with information of places of interest giving a total experience. And you just can’t get lost!
Great app! We especially enjoyed the little facts that were provided on the surrounding area
Fantastic aid to walking routes. Would have gone wrong on numerous occasions without it.
This app takes the angst out of walking in the countryside! Brilliant!
Really good app. Lots of wonderful walks with very clear directions, tells you when you are off track, and gives lots of interesting facts.
This app is fantastic, well researched- even down to stiles and dog size- and with its GPS ensures you don’t go off track. Plus there’s loads of interesting facts about places on the walks. Great work!
We have used this on a family holiday in Bude. Have purchased 3 walks and all have been very enjoyable and exactly as described. The app is extremely simple to use and accurate with directions there’s no chance of getting lost! Excellent app would highly recommend!
Excellent app. The alerts at each point of the walk were incredibly precise. Much easier than having to get a map out every 5 minutes.
This app is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much. My 12 yr old and I didnt get lost once! Very informative. Simply brilliant!
This is an excellent app we had many printed walks with us but nothing that suited this app saved the day. Easy to use and great information on location
Easy to use, keeps you on the right track every step of the way. If your ever unsure you just look at the map option and it pinpoints your exact location compared to the mapped route. Beautiful walks as well.
I’ve been walking the south west coast path for years but have just discovered this excellent app. Normally I would retrace my steps but this provides circular walks. Very easy to use with GPS tracking so you know where you are at all times. Very accurate directions and interactive map feature. Points of interest along the way with potted histories or facts. Can never be bothered to carry a map and now there’s no need. If you like your walks and you like Cornwall then I can thoroughly recommend this app.
Directions 100% accurate. Even alerted us when we had strayed from the route. Previously we have always got lost but never again with this app. Love all the information points too! Brilliant app!
Absolutely excellent. When can you roll this out for the rest of the country!
This app has been great for exploring areas that I’d never have seen. The integration with Apple Watch is seamless and really useful - avoiding the need to keep checking phone.
Would have been hopelessly lost on return half without this App! Very accurate and easy to follow. Will use again definitely!
Get this. It’s brilliant.
Used this app for a walk today, it was faultless. Once I’d let it use my location, I could put the phone in my pocket, rather than constantly checking which way to go, and seconds before we reached a junction/stile/turning etc, it pinged with the next instruction. I’ve used loads of walking books and apps, and honestly, this is the best thing we’ve used. Could check the map too during the walk, and the little bits of history and info along the way we’re great too. Can’t wait for our next adventure!!!!
Have done nearly 20 walks and they have all been great routes and easy to follow. Plus some interesting local information included in the guides.
This app is great, it knows where you are and clearly gives you instructions where to go next by alerting you every step of the way. We met some walkers half way through who were confused which way to go and we pointed them in the right direct. We felt very smug! They will be downloading the app next time.
Fab walk...we meandered a lot into the coves!
The best walking directions app I’ve found. Interesting routes, reasonably priced with well described directions (written for someone who hasn’t done the walk before, unlike so many walking routes). GOS location means each instruction pops up just at the right moment and warnings that you are leaving the route help make it hard to get lost. Interesting information about the area you are walking and directions to get to the walk and parking make this just about perfect.
I love this app! Loved that it gave me driving directions to the start of the walk. Love how detailed the descriptions of checkpoints and the route are. You can't go wrong! And if you're slightly unsure, there's the map to back you up. Then along the way you have the little bits of tour guide info which is brilliant! Just loved it!
Very good app worked even in woodland and should give anyone confidence to walk in unfamiliar surroundings also lots of information about the atea well done should encourage people to get outside
Thank you for an excellently guided walk via this app. We all enjoyed the informative notes provided at each step of the walk, information we would not have known about if we had done this walk ourselves. The map function was great to ensure we were going in right direction.
Love this app! Done a couple of walks now & its just brilliant 😁
Very practical. Easy to follow instructions. Used it several times during a two week vacation period in cornwall.
Used for the first time today. Really easy to find a suitable walk and download. Children loved keeping an eye on the stats - especially how long we had left to walk 😅
Absolutely fantastic. My partner and I are both keen walker's and this is the best app we have used by far. Finding new walks we never knew about its basically like having your very own tour guide with you. It doesn't matter if your walking every weekend or just getting a bit of fresh air this app will not disappoint.
I have used this app twice now and I love it. The walks are great, and directions easy to follow. Summary shows suitability for dogs, footwear advice, terrain, etc. Directions are clear. With each one is a relevant point of interest, e.g. wildlife, history, architecture, geological features. Maps are great, simple but informative. Excellent and extremely fast support via email. Thank you for a great app.
Fantastic app. Gave us great confidence of where we were and pinged us at every step using GPS.
Brilliant app. We have a bit of a history of getting lost on walks turning 4 miles into 10. The directions were so clear & easy to follow and the facts along the way added interest. it is also nice to know how much time is remaining for pit stops & to appease the little ones!
brilliant! never got lost on the many walks on holiday in Cornwall 👍
amazing app really clear instructions and easy to follow. I love this app
The experience of using this walking app has been excellent. Having tried to follow walks in books for years I can say this is in a different league. The walks are clearly laid out with plenty of detail about the way marks plus useful countryside info and interesting local facts. The map that accompanies the walk is invaluable for times when a detour is required eg when wanting to avoid a huge herd of cattle. I can't praise it enough.
This is the 2nd time of using. Fantastic app! So easy to use. The directions are brilliant and on both walks we found our way easily around the routes. Love it! 😁👍
I was sceptical at first paying for walks but after buying a walk and completing it yesterday we had a great day out in the sun kids loved it very easy to follow routes make it stress free .. recommended
App worked very well, tracked us reliably and supplied an interesting easy to follow walking route.
Purchased an easy walk for the family with young kids and grandma. The app took us on the route perfectly with the phone vibrating each time we reached the next waypoint. the walk itself was stunning and a great day out for all of us
Excellent app, can't fault it
Great app. Today purchased a walk and the app made following the walk really easy. No getting lost. Great value
The app is so intuitive and I love it. Perfect directions on the 3 walks I’ve completed.
Great app. Today purchased a walk and the app made following the walk really easy. No getting lost. Great value
very informative the whole of the way, map easy to read
absolutely brilliant. Prompts you at every turn, and gives you interesting information about the area you are in. can't fault it.
Excellent App for walkers with GPS enabled notifications at every change in direction. Even notifies you if you wander off course and shows both the walk and your current location on the map. Good selection of walks too.
Best walk app I've come across, bar none. Buy it.
top top top Beste App ever
every time I use this app I am so impressed. it's easy to use and you learn lots of interesting facts.
top class walks
Used this app while on holiday,found it really easy to use and instructions were good, fun to use
I have used this app for about ten walks now and really enjoy it! The informative extra guide information brings the walk to life and it is accurate with its headings For the ease of walk.. recommend
So glad this app was developed and we use it every time we visit Cornwall and I recommend it to anyone who says they are visiting. The circular walks, the inland excursion loops and sea view along the coast are magnificent. We love the info, stories and anecdotes. Thank you for all your hard work and walking!!
Just completed quite a tough walk both in terms of complexity and vertical challenge, the app worked perfectly, combining excellent directions with interesting local information. A great download with very reasonable, good value, walks.
Love this app, so many times I would embark on a circular walk only to get lost half way round. This is brilliant and works! I was sceptical that it would work in some of the more far flung corners of Cornwall but so far so good....
Top marks, great app, easy to use, very accurate directions and not too expense to buy walks
I have completed 2 of these walks and I’m impressed by the accuracy. Every time I had finished one part of the directions my Apple Watch and phone buzzed at me and I knew it was time to check the next step.
This app deserves all 5 stars. It is easy to use, very informative when walking as it picks out points of interest along the way. It will even alert you if you wonder off track which was extremely reassuring for two middle aged women who may get lost! It even gave useful information about what to do if you come across a field of cattle. Top marks. We will most certainly use this app again and download some more maps for our next visit.
Just finished our first walk using this app! Fantastic, I got the app as we often go wrong... not now! We got a beep each junction and even an alarm when we started going off .. great! Would highly recommend.
Thank you so much for the latest walk the app set out for us from Carn Brea and the great flat lode! It was awe inspiring, and WHAT a surprise at the end. I couldn’t help whistling “Jerusalem” as I gaped up at these echoing cathedrals of industry. The metal information boards around the site helped to round the whole thing off too. IWalk Cornwall is the hidden gem of walking apps.
I’ve been walking the south west coast path for years but have just discovered this excellent app. Normally I would retrace my steps but this provides circular walks. Very easy to use with GPS tracking so you know where you are at all times. Very accurate directions and interactive map feature. Points of interest along the way with potted histories or facts. Can never be bothered to carry a map and now there’s no need. If you like your walks and you like Cornwall then I can thoroughly recommend this app.
We are fairly newbies to Cornwall and have joined a U3A walking group. The iWalk Cornwall app is brilliant for finding new walks for our group. Such a clever app that doesn’t let you put a foot wrong! We have also enjoyed exploring our new county with our dog, using the app. Well done iWalk Cornwall 👏.
Used this app while on holiday,found it really easy to use and instructions were good, fun to use,
very helpful in guiding our walk and the supply of relevant info.
The best thing you can put on your phone! Very easy to use, very informative and always interesting, the driving information makes it all so easy. Can't recommend highly enough!!
This app is so helpful if you want to find walks to go on in Cornwall. There is plenty of accurate information with online maps, how to get to the start of the walk in the first place, warnings of when you have reached the next stage of the walk and shedloads of other stuff. Truly excellent piece of work. Welldone whoever developed it.
As a technophobe this is- to me - a splendid app with easy to use instruction. By providing the user with a progress map, description and summary of points of interest what more could I wish to take on a walk with confidence!
Best App Ever! All the info, directions and guidance you could possibly want. Walk anywhere in Cornwall with absolute confidence that you wont get lost. The GPS shows your location on the route. Lots of interesting info along the way. Phone buzzes when each waypoint is reached. I am from Cornwall and am discovering loads about my home country* from using this App. (*Yes, Country, not County, Cornwall is part of Britain, but never was and never will be part of England).
On holiday in Cornwall and loving this app. Directions sent automatically to my phone as I reach each waypoint is genius, especially as I can read them in my Apple Watch. The option to update the info based on live conditions is a helpful tool.
I used this app on my recent solo trip to Cornwall. As I was undertaking walks on my own, I was a bit nervous about getting lost, but the instructions on here were absolutely spot on - and 100 % worth the small fee per walk, I felt so safe! It was so useful that every time I needed to turn off, or head in a certain direction, I’d get a little buzz notification on my phone that were incredibly perfectly timed - there were so many little paths I would have definitely missed had I just been following printed instructions!! On the one occasion I managed to veer off the wrong way, I got a little buzz to say so, so I didn’t go off track for more than a minute - again had I been following printed instructions who knows how long I would have been walking the wrong way!! I would say that if you’re walking in Cornwall you’d be absolutely mad not to use this app!
This is an amazingly rich resource, especially if you are new to the area. Spot on satellite navigation will take you straight through the wilderness of unexploited territory and breathtaking scenery. Then bring you straight back to when’re you started! Without it we’d been lost the first 10min of a 3h walk! Amazing app!
Fabulous for navigating new walks around St Ives - highly recommend!
Fantastic app with spot on detailed turn by turn instructions! We have done numerous walks now and loved all of them! Really enjoy the interesting local/historical information included too👍😊 Highly recommend 👍😊
I never review apps but I have been so impressed by this I had to. Brilliant app, easy to use and excellent navigation.
Some lovely walks with can’t-go-wrong instructions. Would highly recommend!
This app is absolutely brilliant. As a single lady, with the app, I can go for lovely walks to places I've never been before, without any worry at all of getting lost. I use it very regularly and it means I've seen places in Cornwall some of my friends have never even heard of. The app has never let me down, it constantly and consistently lets me know when I'm at the next stage of my walk and also tells me how suitable each walk will be for both me and the dog. It has transformed my summers!
I have bought two maps so far and found both of them very helpful, alerting me at every waypoint and providing concise and very clear instructions, even alerting me when I deviated from the route accidentally! The two maps I have bought so far both start and end at the same car park meaning no issues with having no transport available at the end of the walk.
Amazing walk. So easy to follow with this app. The walk was varied and beautiful so would definitely do it again
Lovely walk and coastline so beautiful. Brilliant directions - thank you
Really great app. Gives written and verbal directions, corrects you if you are lost, even points out places of interest. We are local and are using the app to explore areas we’ve not been before. Love it and would certainly recommend it to locals and visitors alike.
Used this app for the 1st time today and I’m so impressed!! Really clear directions, follows your progress on the map & alerts you with route updates when you need it! Will definitely keep using!
We live in Cornwall and do these walks every weekend. A brilliant way to explore our beautiful county when walking the dog
We love this App- it's really clever, tells you when you've strayed off the track and gives you interesting facts along the way. We've discovered parts of Cornwall we never knew existed and have recommended this to our family and friends. Keep up the good work!
Brilliantly thought out, incredibly easy to use, no more arguments over which way to go and some fabulous detailed walks in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. What not to like?
We use this app nearly every week, the walks are always interesting, accurate and the reassurance that we cannot stray from the path adds to our enjoyment. With nearly 250 routes to choose from we’ll be enjoying this clever app for years!
My husband and I have been using this app for several years now. We love it. The fantastic thing about this app is not only can you completely tailor your walk to what ever you fancy be it dog friendly, along a river or to a pub! (You name it it’s there) that it takes you to places you would never have found, you never know what is around each corner and it genuinely feels like a little adventure every time. It even beeps at you if you go off course!
We have used this App for a couple of years now and can’t speak highly enough about it. It’s not just a map. It’s a guided tour. You can’t stray off the path. You can’t get lost. There is frequently detailed information about landmarks, landforms, historical facts and more. You can pick a route that suits your fitness level, interests, how far you want to walk, the area you are interested in, if you are walking with a canine companion or fancy stopping at a pub. £2 is an absolute bargain when you consider how much work goes into each route and how much information is packed into each one. A walk can easily take most of a morning or longer if you tagged a visit to the pub into the end.
Really good app to get out and explore Cornwall
First time using the iWalk Cornwall app- simple to use- very informative and most importantly- very accurate! Took the stress out of map reading- meant we could enjoy the glorious Cornish coastline! Would highly recommend. Even my husband- an avid map reader- has downloaded another walk for tomorrow!
A most enjoyable walk, especially the bit through Metha Woods where the bluebells are currently at their best. Up on the Downs the gorse was spectacular too. The only tricky bit was due to our bad timing - a herd of cows running down the narrow lane towards us when we were heading back towards the village. We crouched in the hedge as they thundered past! The farmer was very nice and helped us to see the funny side. This was our first use of the app and we found it very easy to follow. Well done!
We did the Newquay circular walk via the app - guided us perfectly around the local sights & sounds with stunning scenery!
This is a brilliant app. I didn’t see a soul the whole way round the beautiful Luxylan valley but had complete confidence in the route I was being taken on - lots of detail to make sure I was on the right path and interesting facts about points of interest I passed. I love the fact you can search for a walk under different criteria including dog friendly, without styles or livestock. Also great is the link to Google maps to direct you to drive to the start of the walk from wherever you are. I’m looking forward to trying a lot more of the walks.
An easy to use app with a great range of walks of all lengths, for all abilities. Written directions, gps map and alerts make sure you stay on route.
Brilliant app. I would certainly recommend it.
What a fantastic app! The route description was spot on! Very informative, I loved the fact that when you got to the correct place, it automatically moved you to the next point and when I strayed a little, it told me I was off course! maps were great too. If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would!
Tried our first walk using app today, excellent in every respect. We walked the circlar route from Egloshayle along Allen valley.
Fantastic app with lots of great walks. The step by step instructions with GPS guidance really give you confidence you're not going to get lost. We use this app all the time and have experienced some fantastic walks, with more being added all the time. You do pay for each walk, but the convenience and assurance having the app brings makes it worth every penny!
easy and fun to use, highly recommend this app if you enjoy walking in Cornwall
As someone else has already pointed out, a walk costs less than the price of a coffee (and lasts far longer!). We used it on a recent trip to Cornwall and it certainly did the job, guiding us round a really nice circular walk that took in part of the coast path. The notes are good, giving background information and history. I like the fact that you can buy what you want, when you want, and not have to pay a monthly subscription. When we go back to Cornwall I'd certainly be happy to download more walks from these guys.
So glad I found this app just prior to our recent visit to Cornwall. It proved to be outstanding! As I live 'up country' I've searched for alternative apps since returning home but thus far none have come close to matching this one. The tracking proved very accurate and the notifications that we were straying off course a couple of times were useful. We thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of local/historical information included too. So much work has gone into this! Great value for money! x
Perfect way to explore Cornwall! Having lived in the county for 10 years i am finally able to really explore my beautiful home. I'm rubbish at reading maps so this is a really great way to find some hidden areas. You can see how much work has gone in to it and the GPS is spot on, alerting you when you hit the right area. You can even plan what walk to do based on your requirements ie. dog friendly, steep hills, stiles and pub stops! Would highly recommend.
love this app! it's been a real delight discovering so many new places. as a local you can get stuck with always going on the same walks and to the areas that you know well. this app gave me the confidence to explore! really clear and easy to use. highly recommend!
I love this app - it's so easy to use, the choice of walks is absolutely fantastic & the route instructions are easy to follow (whether you print them out or use the GPS guidance). These walks have made it incredibly easy for myself as a solo walker to get out & explore my beautiful county!!
I have had this app in both Android and iOS versions, what a fabulous gem. Each walk is meticulously detailed, sometimes with facts about the local history and wildlife that might be visible. The details also tell you about how dog friendly the walk is, warning you about stiles that you might need to lift large dogs over. Brilliant value for money a couple of pounds for several hours entertainment, better value than a cinema ticket.
Fantastic App. Would highly recommend it.
Amazing app! We try to pick a new walk every weekend. We have seen some amazing parts of Cornwall that we never knew about even though they are only a few miles from home! Great directions, interesting history and so easy to use. I keep telling everyone to download this app!
amazing app, easy to use with good instructions and very useful information along the walk, pointing out things to see and history about the area. use it a lot and a must if walking in cornwall. we live in Cornwall and have found walks we never knew about so thank you for all your hard work 😊
A great app. Detailed with several points of interest noted in the walks. Also a very useful feature which lets you know when you wander off course. I've bought a number if walks through the app and look forward to doing more walks when I'm back in Cornwall.
Absolutely brilliant app. Very easy to use. Takes away all the stress of getting lost while also adding to the experience of your walk with information about history, local wildlife etc. So glad I found this app - me and my family have enjoyed several of the walks and look forward to many more.
wonderful walk in an area i knew very little about, so much industrial interest, loved it.
Really good guided walks. Particularly like the routes that take you away from the obvious coastal paths and into woodland/moorland you might otherwise miss. Have bought 4 or 5 walks already and will undoubtedly buy more.
Great App, lots of lovely well documented walks, top walk today with lots of history around Blisland and Pendrift.
Worth every penny it was like having a personal guide walking with you. Even warned us when we strayed and got us back on course. The local information and history was brilliant. Highly recommend this app.
Only used this once for a walk on Bodmin Moor but it was great. Loved the notification when you go off route and the map was really helpful too. I also loved all the extra information about the area, very interesting stuff. Don’t live in Cornwall (yet) so won’t get loads of use of this app but will definitely use every time we visit.
A superb app. Individual walks presented in an exceptionally clear way with instructions to follow map and information on key elements of the walk.
Excellent directions. Great walk
Really good app, extremely useful and informative.
The best walking app I have come across. Covers everything you need to know. Highly recommended.
Have done two walks with 7 and 9 year old so far and it’s absolutely brilliant.
Great App - a must for walking in Cornwall. This is a clever app which has loads of interesting walks, with clear directions, maps and info throughout. At under £2 a walk it’s well worth it as you’ll get to see all sorts of hidden places. Once you’ve bought a walk it stays with you(so you can use it again and again) but the most ingenious aspect is that it tells you which direction to go in when you need to know - it buzzes helpful notes so you know you need to go in a particular way. Can’t recommend highly enough!!
What a great app. Well worth the paying for the route. There is so much detail given to you. Step by step instructions, maps and if you also use a smart watch you get you next instruction for the next leg of the trip. Fantastic.
Great app, I'm a Cornwall local and just completed a walk I didn't even know existed. I have no issue paying £2 for a walk, the developers deserve it for a quality product. Less than a coffee and far far better value!!
The app was amazing - loved how it buzzed every time I had to make a decision about which way to go... thank you - I’ll be using it again (lots!!!) x
Beautiful walks, clear instructions with sat nav so no fears of getting lost. Highly recommend!
Cannot rate this highly enough. Simple to use, brilliant directions with information as you go. It even spots when you drift off course! Fabulous range of walks, all grouped by area or type of walk required. We downloaded the app and bought some walks whilst in Cornwall. Gave us the confidence to find routes we would never have found. The app worked great and was spot on with accuracy. What a shame there isn’t an app to cover more areas of UK as good as this. Five stars from me and will be back to Cornwall and download more walks. Don’t let paying put you off when you download the walk...Worth EVERY penny!
Fantastic App, very descriptive, with the added bonus of giving you the history of the local areas on each walk. I regularly walk baby-wearing my twins and a lot of these walks are baby-wearing friendly! Highly recommend!
always fantastic...everything about it is amazing thanks for all the hard work you people have put into it.
Using the iWalk Cornwall app, with the detailed information about the area was the icing on the cake! It was the first time I've used the app and thought it was the best walking app I have ever used!
Perfect Coverack Circular Walk. Great app, prompts you all the way with some interesting snippets of historical information along the way. Easy enough for all levels of experience to use. Would definitely use again & recommend.
Great app, been using for a few years now and the app has got better and better ! Love the points of interest along the routes, great directs and brilliant maps.
Fab app... see parts of Cornwall that you never knew existed. The walks take you along popular routes and then often take you on pathways and bridalways that are right on your doorstep and you never knew were there. Really easy to follow instructions.. even tells you if you wander off the route. Coupled with some history and notes relating to the point in the walk... makes this a fantastic app and helping you to enjoy the beauty of Cornwall even more (if that's even possible?!)
Marvelous! an app that lives up to expectations and makes fill use of a smart phones powerful abilities. I used this app to go walking in Cornwall on a recent long weekend and it was superb. From guiding us on the car to the start point to taking us step by step along the walk it never failed. I don't normally bother reviewing apps but the developers of this one deserve some praise! Thank you.
Easy to follow instructions. A guide tells you if you're wandering off the route and lovely little facts along the way.
Easy to follow instructions. A guide tells you if you're wandering off the route and lovely little facts along the way.
Really good app with clear directions.
I use this app regularly, it full of local history information relating to the walks. It will keep you on track, and will inform you when you need to amend your route.
Amazing app we did not get lost and it was easy to follow ty
We love this app and we use it all the time. We have recommended to so many people.
Really fantastic app - keeps us on track despite us completely lacking in a sense of direction. We have done lots of the East Cornwall walks, they are fantastic. We have had so much enjoyment from them, thank you!
Just been in Cornwall for a short holiday and found the app so useful, easy to use with excellent directions and additional info. Well done, great product.
We used it today, having last used it a couple of years ago. The changes you have made are fantastic and we found it to be an excellent and informative resource and guide. Thank you for creating this app. Its going to help us explore our gorgeous county. 👍
We regularly use your app and love it , thank you for showing us parts of Cornwall we would never have seen
It's a brilliant app. Each week I download a walk and each week I discover something new.
Still my favourite app. I know I will never get lost on your walks, and can find beautiful walks all over the county so am exploring a lot more. My dogs are very happy too 😊 Thank you
It's fab. Just started using it. Love it. And shared with friends and they do too.
The only way to walk in Cornwall, step by step instructions throughout the walk - a map tracking the route too - you can’t go wrong. Excellent app have recommended to my friends.
Really excellent app for walking or running in Cornwall - has never failed to give perfect directions and have never had an issue
The best walking app I have come across. Covers everything you need to know. Highly recommended.
excellent app. easy to use and the walks I have done have been well thought out and enjoyable with interesting information about things along the way.
great walking app. real time instructions are great and very accurate.
Excellent walks and Local Information. We have used the app a few times now. It helps you get out and about by giving you tried and tested walks. They have thought about proper detail to make sure you are following the route and even tells you exactly where you you start and finish. The gps system is precise and takes you to each waymark. If you do wander off the route the app will quickly alert you and you can check your position versus the route on the map. While on route the app is giving you information on the nature, geography, history etc of where you are which helps the walk go much easier. So with this app you can get out into the countryside to interesting places and not get lost.
Brilliant App. Great App, loads of lovely walks, good detail and very informative.
They’ve thought of everything. Excellent app, very well planned and executed. Clear instructions every step of the way and a fantastic selection of walks. Can’t recommend highly enough.
The section that has information relating to stiles/dog access is fantastic. Trying to lift a wet muddy Labrador over a stile is not easy so it is good to know which walks do not present an issue for dogs 🐾😊
Fantastic walk. Couldn’t believe how accurate the app was and so informative of all the sights on the way.
IWalk Cornwall is brilliant! We are fairly newbies to Cornwall and have joined a U3A walking group. The iWalk Cornwall app is brilliant for finding new walks for our group. Such a clever app that doesn’t let you put a foot wrong! We have also enjoyed exploring our new county with our dog, using the app. Well done iWalk Cornwall.
Great App, lots of lovely well documented walks, top walk today with lots of history around Rame Head South Cornwall
We regularly use this ap, it has taken us to some fabulous locations which we would never have discovered ourselves. Great directions, corrects you if you go off track, easy to use and huge selection of varied walks. Would highly recommend!
Worked perfectly. The app worked brilliantly for guiding us around the walk, so we could just concentrate on the scenery confident we were heading the right way etc.
Lovely walks and very clear directions / landmarks to look out for. Also expert local knowledge.
The walks are amazing. We love the tidbits of history and geography that go with the walks.
Amazing app, dont normally like paying for walk info but it was worth every penny. Had a stunning walk from Holywell to Crantock and even got to see some seals!
Outstanding walking app. Tells you with precise details where to go and gives interesting bits of detail along the way. Automatically updated map with alerts on your Apple Watch as you reach each waypoint or go off track.
Great routes with clear directions. GPS means if you stray from the route the app will alert you. Handy to know which walks might be difficult with large dogs.
This app has added an extra dimension to our annual walking holiday in Cornwall. It’s extremely accurate, and is a mine of interesting information, so much so it makes every walk an education. I just wish it was available in other areas. In my humble opinion it is also excellent value for money. Very much looking forward to using it again on our next break.
I absolutely love this app! So easy to use, wonderfully maintained and takes me on guided walks in the beautiful and lesser known parts of Cornwall. The technology of it even impressed my teenage daughter, and we all know how hard they can be to impress at times! This is the one app I recommend to anyone visiting or living in Cornwall it’s an absolute must have.
This app is fantastic, well researched- even down to stiles and dog size- and with its GPS ensures you don’t go off track. Plus there’s loads of interesting facts about places on the walks. Great work!
Can’t fault this ap. if you love walking in Cornwall and are stuck for ideas of where to go. Download the app have a look at the walks and pick one you fancy doing. It’s for all different walking abilities so you can choose what suits your needs. It will also tell you if there is cattle in proximity and whether the styles are dog friendly or not. You won’t be disappointed.
Love this app. Have downloaded nearly all Cornwall walks. Lot of work has gone into this well done
I recommend this app to everyone who wants to get out and about but is a little anxious on the details. Extremely informative, up to date information with regular updates. I’ve been using the app awhile now and it’s been a life changer, enabling me to get out and about without the worry of confusing maps and where to park! So on behalf of my dog and I thank you xx
I absolutely love this app and have recommended it to so many friends - either local or just coming down for a holiday. It’s got me out to see so many different parts of Cornwall on lots of new and gorgeous walks; it shows lots of really interesting things to look out for, and as I have no sense of direction it has meant that I never get lost! It really is my favourite app and has been a long time. Highly (and frequently) recommended!
I’ve used this app quite a few times now. All the walks I’ve done have been well directed and well worth the effort. What I think is great is, if you are going to be in an area, you can look to see what walks are close. With detailed descriptions and images this app is a must if you like exploring this great county.
The App and associated website are great for planning walks. As locals we do lots of walks on the coast path but this app is very good for circular and inland routes which are harder to navigate. Even on familiar routes the extra historical details provided are very interesting and worth the cost of buying the walks.
Loved this app, it has lots of wonderful walks but by far the best is downloading them onto my phone. The GPS works really well - buzzes to inform you of route and let’s you know if you make a wrong turn. Means I can relax and enjoy the walk without worrying about getting lost. One of the best and most used of my apps.
Easy to use, great way to get the kids out. Info regarding historic and interesting facts at every point. I’ve discovered some really beautiful areas since using this app. Highly recommend.
So good was it that owning this app was a contributing factor to my returning to Cornwall [from Australia] for a couple of walks in the Falmouth area this year.
Not sure how you can fail to love this app it’s an absolutely brilliant walking guide with totally accurate step by step instructions and amazing local historical information too! What’s not to love...
Your app is excellent - I have used it several times and it is really very good. xx
I think your app is accurate and informative ...i have done many of the walks several times and i cant fault any of it
Bought two walks this weekend - both lovely routes and so easy to follow with great instructions and interesting information. Recommend and would definitely use again.
Masses of work must have gone into producing each walk on the app. It is a valuable resource for walkers and encourages the exploration of over 200 areas.
Did another of the walks from your absolutely superb app today: Sandymouth to Coombe Valley. Blue skies and autumn colours and lunch afterwards at The Old Smithy Inn. A perfect day! Thanks for your great app
first time using this app, easy to use, will definitely use again.
The best walking app I've ever used. Keeps you on track, gets you to the car park to start. Contains lots of useful info and even tells you if you're battery is going to last the distance
Fantastic app with spot on detailed turn by turn instructions! We have done 5 walks now and loved all of them! Really enjoy the interesting local/historical information included too. Highly recommend.
We used this on holiday and loved it..... We never would have found such interesting routes on our own.
Great didn't get lost, that's a first. Loved it.
A whole new Cornwall. We are loving this app, which is showing us all sorts of new places in Cornwall. The directions are very clear, the app pings to tell you you’ve reached the next point on the way and alarms sound if you make a mistake! It does need you to have a fully charged phone and to manage your battery usage but it even tells you how to do that. All in all, fantastic value and we can’t wait to try a new walk next weekend. Our dog in particular is thrilled!
Brilliant app. I’m always nervous about following apps and have had bad experiences previously... however this was SUPERB! The directions were clear and concise, once you’ve found the start, you can’t fail! Highly recommend!
Excellent, well mapped walks of various lengths and ability. Very interactive and love the local information.
No coastal path for our last day in Cornwall, but a beautiful walk using @iwalkcornwall app - wonderful details of a route through many different terrains, Perfect for a terrible mapreader like me.
Followed a great walk by #iwalkcornwall yesterday, fantastic instructions and detail, thanks!
Your walks are great and the app is brilliant! Done 13 of them so far and more to come!
Fantastic App. I can get lost going in a straight line but this app has enabled me to find routes I would never normally have found without getting lost. The directions are thorough and show every step of the way with useful information. Highly recommend.
Fantastic..every time we have used it, it's been great.
Fantastic app. Gives clear concise directions with interesting local detail that you may easily miss, very user friendly maps, swift warnings if you go “off piste” in error. I would highly recommend this for any leisure walking in Cornwall.
Used your app for a few walks last week. I was very impressed indeed, clear concise directions, interesting local details with user friendly maps and swift warnings if deviating from the intended route. I have already recommended the app to a few people I met on the walks and several friends who enjoy walking.
Excellent navigation and interesting information on the way.
Your walks are brilliant, I have lived here for 30 years but seen more of Cornwall in the last couple of years since discovering your app than ever before!
Your app gives me freedom to walk without fear of getting lost!!
Love your App our holidays in Cornwall wouldn't be the same without it 😁
Best app ever guys. So grateful to you. I live here and you’re always showing me new walks. X
Never been disappointed with a walk yet - love them, great routes, fab info along the way.
Always telling people about your brilliant walking app. Thank you for creating so many wonderful, easy to follow walks in Cornwall. 😊
The best walking app bar none!! I love the walks and the directions are 100% accurate- thank you for helping me discover the beautiful county I live in!
Love your walks.So informative.Helped me discover places I wouldn't have known to visit. Keep up the good work :)
Thanks for all the hard work, the app is so accurate, my husband and I must get down from Devon to do some more.😊
Your walks are awesome xx
Brilliant app. Very accurate directions and very interesting local information. I've discovered some great walks in my local area that I would never have found without your app!
We have found the walks we have already completed a fantastic way to see parts of Cornwall we would otherwise have missed. Looking forward to doing many more - keep them coming :). Thanks for a brilliant service.
This is an absolutely brilliant App. We used every day on holiday. Well done was so absolutely spot on made our holiday really enjoyable and we felt we discovered so much about Cornwall thank you.
Fantastic app never missed a beat. Very easy to follow and even let's you know if you stray off route. Highly recommended.
This is such a great app! Just finished our second walk using it. Another great route and love the information it provides on local trivia/ things to watch out for.
Excellent app, we use it so much and have always had a brilliant time!
I've been using iWalk Cornwall for the last 3 years and it's the most useful app with loads of step by step walks to see the best of Cornwall. Whenever I am in Cornwall iWalk is always my first choice- it's never let me down yet.
A map, compass and guide book all in one! No doubts as to the way and the info bits turn what could be a route march into a lovely bimble taking time to look at all around if that is what you want your walk to be. Easy to use and fab.
This app is really great, huge levels of detail and points of interest. My teenager loved leading the way, worth it just for that.
Used this several times now and found it to be absolutely brilliant. Not only incredibly accurate but full of interesting information. A very cheap price to pay for a days entertainment.
A friend in my Cornwall walks! Simply perfect!
We have used it on two walks, cw dogs, and found it 100% reliable. Given us confidence to explore further afield..thank you
So accurate and easy well laid out. Easy to follow. It's just like having a guided tour of your walk... No other app that I have used can compete with just how well this works.
Perfect for walkers and strollers of all abilities. Fantastic way to get the family out and about. Takes you to places of interest and beautiful scenery. No doubt of having a beautiful stunning walk.
Absolutely brilliant app. This app is sensational. The tech works so well and it is unbelievably easy to use. It is really accurate and if you like walks then this is the best app by a mile.
Great walk in less than perfect conditions and super value at £2 for map, directions, notes about the walk and the chance to walk a bit of Kernow that we didn't know too well. We'll certainly be back for more walks :) We will be recommending the app to others, too!
Unbelievably accurate and easy to follow. You should be really proud of what you’ve achieved. I will indeed be using it whenever I’m down in cornwall.
Fab app. Perfect route and directions.
We think it's the future of walks.
Fantastic app. Directions are perfectly clear and it works without phone signal. It also gives you info regarding your walk (remaining time and miles...) and interesting facts about the places you walk through. Cannot recommend it enough!
Excellent App. Easy, accessible and accurate.
Brilliant app. Works perfectly and makes discovering new routes really easy. No anxieties about whether I’m going the right/wrong way as the gps gives my exact position. Even with no phone signal. Lots of interesting info about the walk on the way too.
We would just like to say what a great tool your app is for a couple in our 70s who are not that tech savvy.
Best app ever. So much work must of been put into this. Very impressed.
IWalk Cornwall is brilliant! We are fairly newbies to Cornwall and have joined a U3A walking group. The iWalk Cornwall app is brilliant for finding new walks for our group. Such a clever app that doesn't let you put a foot wrong! We have also enjoyed exploring our new county with our dog, using the app. Well done iWalk Cornwall.
Great walks, clear instructions, interesting local facts.
Just used the app, brought the helland bridge to st Mablyn walk. Throughly enjoyed the walk and found the app itself to be fantastic. Spot on directions, and interesting facts along the way. Will be buying more walks in the future.
I highly recommend this app...easy to use, clear directions. I particularly like the bits of information on wildlife and the history of the area that it provides.
Our group used the excellent IWalk Cornwall app for a guided walk for the Tintagel to Church walk. Some of us thought we knew the area well and others were less familiar with the area. I was reminded of half forgotten facts and learnt some new stories too. 5 stars.
I absolutely love it and recommend it to loads of people. It’s got me seeing to many more parts of Cornwall than I would have ever done without it - and I never get lost!
What a fantastic app! Thanks to the app it has introduced my family and I to some great walks which has perfect concise instructions which are so very easy to follow. Thank you
We love this app, we have seen parts of Cornwall that we would never have been to or even known existed! The app works brilliantly and gives us the confidence that aren’t going to get lost. The information regarding tide times, footwear etc are very handy. Can’t recommend highly enough and have recommended to lots of friends who are also now enjoying the app.
I really enjoy using the I Walk Cornwall App. I go walking with a friend most weekends and we often use the app as it gives us new walks, clear instructions and lots of information. Also if we have a problem it's always replied to.
I absolutely love this app and have recommended it to so many friends - either local or just coming down for a holiday. It’s got me out to see so many different parts of Cornwall on lots of new and gorgeous walks; it shows lots of really interesting things to look out for, and as I have no sense of direction it has meant that I never get lost! It really is my favourite app and has been a long time. Highly (and frequently) recommended!
The walks are easy to follow and very informative. Highly recommend, there are walks for everyone.
We used this app on a number of walks last summer. Instructions are clear and when we do go wrong it brought us back on track. Looking forward to using again this summer.
I’ve grown up in Cornwall, and been rambling all my life, but this app adds an extra layer to any ramble you can think of. Not only are the instructions clear and concise, but the added facts and little snippets of info of the place where you are, flora that grow there, history of the little villages has absolutely blown my mind. A must-have for locals and Emmett's alike. And I’ve discovered routes I didn’t know existed. 10 out 10 would recommend
I’m a trail runner and love researching new routes to cover. Whilst camping in various parts of Cornwall, I like to see what I can explore on foot. Dog friendly beaches and footpaths are clearly given too which is a bonus as I take my dog along with me. Very well used app on my phone.
We have been using this app for the last two years on our visits to Cornwall and it makes walking the routes very easy with accurate descriptions and alerts if you stray off the path l would highly recommend this app if you go to Cornwall for a walking holiday.
The best walking app ever. I have lived in Cornwall for over 20 years and now I’ve retired I have time to explore this amazingly beautiful county. IWalk Cornwall has been my faithful companion on these expeditions, guiding me infallibly, telling me lots of fascinating historical stuff and generally taking all the anxiety out of map reading when there are no handy signposts! The walks are very well planned and extremely well researched. I have used several similar apps for walking all around the world - and all of them have had software or programming glitches that make you occasionally doubt them. No such problem with iWalk Cornwall. So far it’s worked 100% perfectly. Thank you.
This is a brilliant app for anyone living or taking a holiday in Cornwall. Great variety of walks and even better with GPS navigation. Wouldn't be without it. Fantastic.
Excellent. Iwalk cornwall has never let us down. Definitely recommend it.
Fantastic App we have walked all over Cornwall with this App and seen places we wouldn't have without it.
This app is the best I've seen of its kind. Easy to use and packed full of information about the walks, it makes the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. I have recommended this app to many friends and use it myself as much as I can!
Brilliant app. Vital for me on a weekly basis. No more straying off the route for me! So interesting and love all the information along the way.
As a direct result of your fantastic efforts my wife and I had the most amazing day yesterday enjoying the Poppy Fields at West Pentire! We live in the New Forest and would never had known they were there. Thank you so much.
A really good app. All the directions really spot on. Great variety of walks from beginners to tough. Options to give feedback if things aren’t quite right but never had the need to. Have used lots of walking apps and this is by far the best.
I've just completed the walk round Gribbin Head. Fabulous scenery. Using the iWalk app has opened up a new love for walking.
Have used the app quite a few times and its never let us down. I like the way it's kept up to date with any diversions, path closures etc. And the information about places along the way. Keep up the good work.
I have been on the most amazing walks using your app. I always recommend it to others. It is so well laid out. Thank you for a brilliant app.
Brilliant app, have used it several times already to discover new parts of our county. Unlike many navigation apps, this one really works and can be relied on 100%.
This app is excellent, easy to use. In fact it is now recommended by Ramblers in North Cornwall, for pop up walks. Directions are spot on and routes are scenic. I use this app weekly. You want to go for a walk, in Cornwall this is the go to app. Other areas around the country are envious we have this, and they do not
Fantastic walking app. The accuracy of the directions is excellent and the background information very informative.
I love the iWalk Cornwall app. I have used it many times and find it to be very precise. It's extremely helpful and insightful and I have discovered many new places and landmarks through it! Thank you.
Fantastic app easy to use... brilliant to explore beautiful new places.
We regularly use this ap, it has taken us to some fabulous locations which we would never have discovered ourselves. Great directions, corrects you if you go off track, easy to use and huge selection of varied walks. Would highly recommend!
Brilliant app, will be using it again the next time I come to visit Cornwall. Very easy to follow, informative instructions and wasn’t too much of a drain on my phone.
User friendly app that gives informative knowledge on the areas of interest during walk. It also moves onto each section once you have reached the next milestone but gives alerts if you stray off track. Invaluable.
Simply brilliant app! The well researched routes offer clear directions - removing the stress and inconvenience of trying to follow conventional maps. Love it!
We love this app - and have used it many times to get out & about in Kernow!
Such a tremendous app since using it last year on our Cornwall holidays and again this holiday we have not taken a wrong turn on the walks we have completed Ty so much for making this app it is brilliant and we highly recommend it xxThis is an amazing way of spending an afternoon with your partner and /or your family while having an amble around a part of Cornwall and taking in its beauty. The App will guide you around and will guide you to the main attractions along the way. Honestly, this is seriously cost effective. The App will even guide you to the starting point.
Apps like this made it worth my reluctantly getting a mobile phone.
While I always carry a paper map and compass, this app has given me more confidence about being on track especially when walking alone. Using it off-line is a huge bonus around the coastal areas where mobile signals can not be relied on. The walks are well-researched and packed with fascinating information. I like the free-flowing interface between developers and users. Terrific value for very little money.
A brilliant app. I am experienced with a map and compass but sometimes it is nice to let someone else lead. This app does it all; alerts to a change of direction, gives onward instructions and some general knowledge. A great range of walks plus excellent value for money.
This app is an amazing way to discover Cornwall on foot. It gives concise and detailed instructions at every direction point, a map to show your current position and interesting information along the way. Each walk is an adventure and a discovery of Cornwall's hidden gems.
Amazing App. On holiday in Cornwall and loving this app. Directions sent automatically to my phone as I reach each waypoint is genius, especially as I can read them in my Apple Watch. The option to update the info based on live conditions is a helpful tool.
Absolutely love this app, the walks are amazing and take you right into the beautiful Cornish countryside and coast. The directions linked with GPS is spot on. Has lots of features, and really easy to pay and download the walks which ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thank you soo much iwalk for making me see more stunning views of the coast than I ever thought I would.
This ap is fantastic easy to use, we are able to see and find so many places with this ap, just love using it
I started walking the South Coast path as a solo walker this year, and I found this app online. For me it's been amazing to use, not only for directions but because If you look on the gps map page, it shows where I am. I've overcome any worries of getting lost. My friend has been joining me on my walks recently and we love the information and history included in the directions. I have two greyhounds and the iwalks app also helps with telling me if there is going to be any problems with styles. I love it! Thank you very much. Loads more walks to do yet!
I've been using the app for a few months now and it's been brilliant. It notifies me if I stray off the track and has great information about the area you're walking in. Its really easy to use. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good walk.
This app is the perfect walkers companion! It's user friendly. Simple to understand and the directions are very accurate! Through this app I have discovered a new love for walking and found places in my beloved Cornwall I haven't been before! Because of this app I walked up Brown Willy and now slowly trecking around the coast path! No matter what level of fitness there is something for everyone! Well done team!
This app is very user friendly and took us to some beautiful places. Full marks.
I love the app... It has opened up a world of new pathways to explore.
I have been raving about it to my friends!
Used the app when visiting last week. Can't recommend it enough!!
Great App, we have found this so easy to use and very accurate, we are finding places in Cornwall that we just didn't know existed. The snippets of information add an extra interest to the walks.
I would just like to say a huge Thanku to you. We have done two of your walks around helford. They were fantastic walks enjoyed both my husband and myself also our dog. The instructions were brilliant and I really enjoyed the snipets of information along the way too. Can't recommend you enough, we've told a few people who we've met as we were so impressed.
Great app, that is simple to use and means it is almost impossible to get lost. Saves all those arguments on which way to go and lets you get on and enjoy the walk.
Brilliant app, doing a different walk every day while on holiday, so easy to follow and not getting lost!
Love the app I walk alone with my dog most of the time and get a bit worried about going on some public footpaths shown on maps as they look unused your app gives me the confidence to try new walks as I know they have been tested.
Love this app. Directions are really easy to follow and the alert to tell you that you are if course is particularly useful. Done loads of walks already look forward to doing more.
Your app has been fabulous, my partner and I are Cornish but had both got fed up walking non circular walks! We are now discovering new places and have got the walking bug back! Thankyou so much.
This is a fantastic app, thank you. We have been using it to explore an area of Cornwall we didn't know at all and it's worked really well.
Fantastic app. Really well thought out, so many walks to chose from and brilliant, reliable directions throughout.
Love the app btw. Been really great this last year, am prone to getting lost in the middle of nowhere so it's been a godsend! Keep up the good work.
Amazing app!! Used this app for the first time to do a 10km walk; the descriptions and directions were great - really clear, unambiguous and love how the next instruction pops up just as you reach the end of the previous one! It has given me the confidence to try more new walks knowing I won't get lost! Really really great app.
Excellent app. Worked very well and the frequent audio reminders, together with clear directions builds confidence that you are on track. The additional info provided was interesting and helped enhance the walk. Will definitely use this again.
Transformed our usual boring walks! This app is really good and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone either living or visiting Cornwall. I like the fact you just pay for the walks you want to do and so have have not been disappointed. The walks are sorted by area so if you know the rough area you want to be in it is a great way to find new adventures. The GPS has been 100% accurate so far and I like the fact that it buzzes when you reach your next instruction. It also puts you back on track if you go wrong! The stories are an interesting feature and help to keep interest with kids.
Just to say I think it's one of the best apps I've ever used. Thanks!
This is a brilliant app - very well thought out and up has up to date information. It is very easy to use and I particularly like the fact that the app tells you if you are deviating from the route. It is very useful to use the map in conjunction with the numbered steps on the route. The commentary on points of interest really add to the walks.
Walking has changed my life and your app has played a part in that! It's given me access to walks I would never have known about or attempted with a map!
What a brilliant, brilliant app. I just wanted to say what an amazing app iwalk cornwall is. It really has opened up a world of walks in Cornwall, and I thank you for that.
Having done over 25 iwalks now, i have to say that they are some of the best walk directions my wife and i have come across, and we have been walking cornwall and dartmoor for many years.
Great walk using your app today! Completed the circular walk from Grampound to Trewithen Gardens/Estate! Got wayward at one stage, but straight back on track when I received the warning. Great app! Thank you soo much. Can't wait to complete the next one.
I love this app. So well written, useful and informative x
I'm a bit hopeless with a map and this gave me confidence to get out into the wilds even letting me know when I wandered off route. Felt compelled to give feedback. Really appreciate your work and efforts.
Very good walks. Instructions easy to follow and informative. Highly recommended.
Love this app! Cornwall at its best.
We just walked The Loe today and had the most amazing time with our 3 labs. Here is the view of the bar looking back from the far side of the lake. Thank you so much for such a wonderful app that made our walk so simple and enjoyable. Loving all the extra information about the area.
Had a fantastic time this week using this app 👍 Did several walks and we were lucky enough to see 2 dolphins on the Chapel Porth to St Agnes route 🐬🐬! Much appreciated.
Superb app! We used the app for the first time today and have to say it was excellent! It kept us on track with the very accurate location arrow (invaluable for pointing us in the right direction on a few occasions!) and gave loads of good info about places on the route. I'm especially grateful for the initial help sorting the problems I had with the app, which turned out to be a settings issue on my phone. Highly recommended app and excellent support - what more can you ask!
Superb walking app. It's never failed yet in its accuracy. Also love the fact that it follows your progress via GPS and alerts you when you hit the next stage as well as if you stray off course. It allows you to link with Google Maps to drive to the start of the walk too. Wonderful that you get interesting facts about the area as you walk too.
Good work, we love your walks and the app, and we have never been disappointed with any of your walks or directions.
Absolutely amazing step by step directions, and clear map also. It is so easy to use and so very accurate too. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my walk without worrying about getting lost! Had a great day out seeing the stunning sights around the Roseland peninsula - hadn't been there before, the app quite literally took me from my door to the start point and pointed me in the right direction every step of the way. Gives lots of info including distance to next step by step instruction, over all distance of the walk and speed you walk too. Definitely highly recommend it - amazing!
Used this app for the first time on Sunday. ...absolutely brilliant!! Have a tendancy to get lost so thoroughly enjoyed my stunning walk without constantly fearing I've taken the wrong turn - amazing! Had such a great day!
It's a brilliant app, I use it all the time
Well designed app that works well in the field. Walks come with really interesting information about the locale. Recommend highly.
Very clever tech and really interesting notes attached to waypoints!
Yesterday I did the Altarnun and West Moor walk. I am a Brit visiting from Australia, 62 and not especially fit, and was alone, however, this walk was no problem. I am highly impressed with the app. Conditions were dry but hazy and quite muddy and on the moor it became foggy. Without the app I would have turned back due to low visibility. Finding Black Rock was initially problematic but the app warned me quickly when I strayed off route and the map gave me confidence to proceed. The descriptions were useful and interesting. I was impressed to get a warning that my battery would drain too fast (so I attached a store of charge). The potential for that happening had worried me previously. When I discovered the easy switch between directions and camera I was also very pleased. I can be a bit demanding when it comes to products of this kind but I was not disappointed. And at 2 pounds, this was extremely good value, particularly when one learns that the cash is put to good use locally. Download using the scanner was easy. I will be looking for another walk near Lands End today!
It is a great app, clearly written with deep local knowledge. My son has autism, and it has provided us with a way of getting some exercise that ties in with his love of tech. Your walks are often less busy than other walks too. As a result of using the app, we have joined the National Trust and are thinking about joining the ramblers.
Brilliant and very clever. No need to follow vague guide books or trying to read maps in the rain.
Fantastic app for those who love exploring Cornwall on foot!
This was the first time I have used the app on a walk today at St Clether with several friends and it was absolutely brilliant. Great directions and guidance throughout. We had lunch at “The Rising Sun” which, if a bit pricey, was extremely welcoming with a roaring fire and really excellent food. I will definitely buy more walks over time if they are all like this. Also not a huge drain on my iPhone battery. Thanks.
Outstanding! Fantastic - informative, accurate, easy to use.
Just want to say that we used your app while in Cornwall at the end of September last month and thought it was fantastic. We are senior citizens so not as tech ready as younger people. We found it simple to use and amazing that it beeped as it changed of direction and particularly when we went off route thank you.
We downloaded the app and found we weren't having to constantly study a map, but were discretely prompted by a notification on our phone of an upcoming direction. The additional information about local history, flora & fauna and advice about foraging or how to react if presented with a field of cows was invaluable!
Enjoying Cornwall and your app massively again this week! Thnx for all your lovely walks.
Use the app when on holiday in Cornwall it’s brilliant
Excellent app; directions are easy to follow and GPS tie-in with live map tracking means unexpected diversions (due to farmers moving cattle) are painless.
We are thoroughly enjoying working our way through the walks which are made even more enjoyable through your amazing app which has saved many an argument (& no doubt many extra miles) as to which way to go next. We look forward to more walks being added.
We love walking and your app has transformed our holidays to Cornwall. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Love your posts and your walks have inspired me to get fit and lose weight.
We did our second walk with you yesterday and loved it. So impressed with what your app offers. Keep up the great work.
Best app ever for discovering new places.
You certainly made my holiday in Cornwall this summer!! Thanks you so much!
Thank you iWalk Cornwall, we have spent the summer in Cornwall and used 14 of your walks. If we were staying longer we would carry on and do them all eventually. This is simply the best walking app/guide we have ever used. Not once did it let us down. We didn’t ever get lost because the interactive map makes it so easy to check your direction. We’re heading North out of Cornwall now and we will miss you very much when we explore elsewhere. Well done, on producing such an informative, useful and trustworthy walking guide.
Fantastic app. Works really well. I would of got lost on my walk without it. Notifies you when you go off track. Love the pop up bits of info on some points along the walk
I would also like to say how much we enjoy using iWalk Cornwall. We have completed many of the walks and taken us to beautiful places we could never have found on our own.
Very well written directions and 'live' navigation - So much better than a lot of the guide books I've bought. Walked 10 miles + So far without an issue, proper love it!
Just used this app for one walk so far and it's spot on. Every turn we'll described, you won't get lost if all walks are the same.
Love the background info/history/ culture etc .... walked today and planning many more. So good to see via the app, exactly where you are on the walk... allows you to just enjoy the walk.
Great app! Have wandered off route so many times in the past but this keeps you firmly on track.
Best walking app. Great App. Clear instructions. Love the local information on history and nature.
Absolutely loving the walks - the detail is fantastic.
Brilliant app, very informative and easy to understand. I'm very impressed with it.
I've got the iWalk Cornwall app on my phone which I can't rate highly enough.
Great app for anyone who enjoys walking in Cornwall
I think this is possibly the best app ever. I clocked up 76km the past few weeks. I lived in Cornwall for 6 years and have done so many coast path walks, but the circulars are outstanding. Hi5 to the creator - my beloved trailblazer book has been firmly parked on the shelf.
This is such a well thought out app. Just select a walk, and put the phone in your pocket and off you go. The phone will beep when you get to the next direction point and tell you something interesting about where you are. This means you are not permanently staring at the phone whilst walking, and can enjoy the walk. Just wish it wasn't limited to Cornwall. Highly recommended.
So so good
The app really is a must have as the GPS tracking on it has to be one of the best we have used.
Can't ask for more. Gps very accurate maps very detailed and the directions were perfect. The historic detail is an added bonus and made the walk interesting for my 8 & 9 year old. Not one moan!
Brilliant app. New to Cornwall I have used this app every weekend for the past two months. Great routes of interest, informative and good maps. Many thanks for introducing me to the wonderful coastline and countryside of Cornwall.
Excellent route descriptions and tracking. Easy to follow and difficulty ratings are accurate.
Fantastic, must have for walkers of all abilities! : I was so pleased to be told about this by a local and I have told others I have met over the last few days. It gave me confidence to walk to routes I might not have have done on my own. Love the titbits of info at different waypoints, it makes it all so interesting. As well as being warned when you start to go the wrong way! Brilliant!
Great app! Thank you for your great directions and map as well- as a lone walker it's comforting to know I'm on the right route!!
Perfect day out!! Superb app for exploring Cornwall with many many different locations to explore. Will start working my way through them in coming weeks, months, years or decades!!
Absolutely the best app Ive used, why? Well it just does exactly what you want without any fuss excellent.
Brilliant guidance. Did Marazion to Perranuthnoe today - the app is great, really clear instructions and as long as the app is open, alerts at every feature/change of direction. Also has interesting facts throughout the walk about what you're seeing.
Forget paper have this app. Was very impressed with this app having just come back from Cornwall this weekend ended up doing some lovely coastal walks and some woodland ones as well.
This app is a dream and makes exploring Cornwall wonderfully easy. When we moved here a year ago I got some OS maps and we tried to follow paths but always ended up just following the obvious routes along beaches. Genuinely, using the app opened up Cornwall to us, showed us the hidden history and gems hiding all around us, and has given us our most memorable days here (I'm thinking of you Trevose Head!). It's never failed to guide us perfectly and we feel really lucky to have found it. It was one of the hidden treasures which has made this place home and worth every penny for the work they've put into it. Keep going!
Brilliant app to support walking amongst the beauty of Cornwall
Was very impressed with this app having just cone back from Cornwall this weekend ended up doing some lovely coastal walks and some woodland ones as well.
Don't go to Cornwall without!! Have used this app on a couple of holidays now and I love it!! It's so easy to use, directions are so spot on and pop up as soon as you get to the next, so no chance of getting lost and it even tells you if you go wrong. It even gives you directions to parking for the walks. A great way to see a hidden Cornwall.
We love this App - it's really clever, tells you when you've strayed off the track and gives you interesting facts along the way. We've discovered parts of Cornwall we never knew existed and have recommended this to our family and friends. Keep up the good work!
We've used the app for several walks and it's well worth the money for a good half day walk. No chance of taking wrong turns with alerts before each turn and so much interesting information. Would definitely recommend.
This is a brilliant app. There are lots of walks of varying length and difficulty which are being updated and added to all the time. Instructions are accurate and it's wonderful not to have to constantly refer to a map or book. Keep up the good work!
What an amazing app! It made our holiday in Cornwall so much easier. Just chose a walk, download and go.
Amazing App!!! Faultless. Solved a huge problem for spec-wearing, dog-walking lone hiker. Maps are there if you need them but not necessary. I can't praise this app highly enough for accuracy, functionality and relevant information. It has transformed my visits to Cornwall and has NEVER let me down. Love it. Used it many times and recommended even more. Well done!
Have done lots of the walks & seen a lot more of Cornwall than I have ever seen before. Hope to do a lot more.
Keep up the good work. I enjoyed this app and the walks very much. Walked in places I would never have dared without this app. Thank you so much!!
Absolute brilliant app the fact it even beeps at you when you go off track or if you have skipped a few markers is great. Just come back from Cornwall and this was a brilliant way to do some nice walks.
We absolutely love your app, we have discovered lots of new places that we would have never found especially in the Bude area.
Great app handy for holidays.
Absolutely love your app and regularly use it so we can become familiar with the walks in our area and further afield.
I do like it that the app gives you info such as how long it'll take you to finish, based on your speed.
The app on the phone was the hero of the day!
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant app! Me, my daughter and our dog have been on three beautiful walks; Helford river passage, Loe bar and Holywell to Crantock. Directions were detailed and it has meant that we have explored countryside that we have never heard of!
@iwalkc brilliant again: undiscovered, magical walk in Hayle River valley, start in St Erth. This is such a great app: highly recommended
Fantastic app! : I urge you to use it - it is fantastic and has made life so much easier! Love the fact it vibrates when you hit the next marker and full of info. I wish there were more of these! Somerset, Devon the lakes- etc! Would definitely buy if there were. Well done app developers- thank you!
My daughter used one of your walks today and raved about the accuracy and notifications!
I really like this app, it's well thought out, the directions are good and it's obvious from their FB page that they keep update routes regularly and even go out and do path clearing!
Amazing app!! Downloaded the app and paid for 2 walks which have both been fantastic. Not only guiding you through some beautiful areas, which would warrant the cost of the walk itself, but also accompanied with detailed, researched and fascinating comments during the walk, taking the experience to a whole new level. A must use guide for anyone walking in Cornwall. Thank you
We did the Maenporth to Buddock Water walk - the directions and descriptions along the way made the walk one of the best we have ever done - this is an amazing app.
This app is fantastic! The farm owner where I am staying told me about it. So far I have done 2 walks which I would not have done as am on holiday alone. It has given me the confidence to do more and therefore see more along the north coast. Thank you again for improving my holiday and I will be using it in the other 2 areas I'm staying at.
Probably the best app i've used.
Loved this App, very informative about places of interest, easy to follow and link walks together.
My husband and I adore your app, getting it is the best thing we've done this year. We try & do a walk every weekend and are hoping to do more when he has some Summer holiday. Thank you again for your amazing app.
Super guide to walking in an unfamiliar area ★★★★★. Three of us did the St Issey to Sea Mills walk on our first trip to the area. It worked beautifully, signalling when we had come to a new point in the walk. We saw beautiful scenery and birds, had a great pub stop and visited an ancient church, none of which we would have seen otherwise. The app gave us great confidence and we will certainly use it again.
We use I walk Cornwall app nearly every week & find the directions spot on. The additional information is fascinating & really adds to the enjoyment of the walk.
Thoroughly enjoying your App this week whilst on holiday, have done 7 walks so far often linking 2 together.
I use this app regularly, it full of local history information relating to the walks. It will keep you on track, and will inform you when you need to amend your route.
Recommended many times. Transformed my trips to Cornwall. Thank you - your app is a thing of beauty.x
We did the awesome tintagel, padstow and at Agnes walks last week. Thanks for the wonderful app!
One word, brilliant, love the bit where it told me I'd gone wrong. I live in Cornwall and you just don't know what's on your doorstep unless you walk it.
This app was invaluable! It really took the guesswork out of navigating. There were some tricky parts of the trails, but the app was always spot on in regards to getting you to the next trail marker. It also has very good information concerning points of interest along the trails. We did three walks in all. Easy to use and you only pay for the walks that you do. This app was worth every penny!
Kudos. Just wanted to let you know my wife and I used your app on our trip to Cornwall area a week ago. What an invaluable resource it was!! Thanks thanks so much!
You do an amazing job and really appreciate your photos too!
I have recommended your app to lots of friends who holiday in Cornwall. Having spent years carrying a book around, often with out of date instructions, it is so refreshing to have this constantly updated facility.
★★★★★ Worth every penny
I love your app and have discovered some amazing places through it. And as someone who gets lost frequently I appreciate the flawless directions.
As a mum of teenagers who love their tech, it means I can finally get them to walk with me without complaint. Fantastic!!!
Absolutely love your walks, I live in Cornwall and recommend them all the time, thank you for all your hard work!
Congratulations, your idea was a total inspiration, and although I don't live in Cornwall I have visited over 70 years of my life, and to see the walks and the information has added to my enjoyment and knowledge.
you've done a brilliant job we've done loads it's always correct and takes us to places with confidence knowing we won't get lost keep finding the walks so we can go on them
I always tend to get lost following normal maps! This app is great, I haven't got lost once yet and its given me the confidence to see more of Cornwall. The detail is great and the off route warning is helpful too. Just in case!! The routes are also inspirational with relevant information presented en route. Thank you for a great app.
Congratulations for all you have done. Your guides are amazingly well researched and written.
Fantastic App ★★★★★. We did the St Kew walk today it was awesome, the app is amazing, you can't even lose your way by more than about fifty odd yards as it corrects you with a warning. Clear and concise it will revolutionize my walking in Cornwall. My friend with me who lives in the New Forest would like one for her region please!!
if you are looking for a great app for walks, I totally recommend @iwalkc Works like a charm.
Brilliant app! I have used this for numerous walks and am utterly impressed with the research. Love the footnotes that pop up appropriately while walking. Wish I had more time in Cornwall to do more.
I think its a great app I used it last year and found places i would never have found without it. I will also be using it again this year
Never lets me down. I've been using iWalk Cornwall for the last 3 years and it's the most useful app with loads of step by step walks to see the best of Cornwall.
Brilliant app. Used for first time on Monday.
thank you for an excellent app, I use it all the time
Walking boots at the ready! We're on an @iwalkc adventure to @BodminJail1779 The kids loved it, a day well spent #walk #footpath #Cornwall
Always excellent. We use IWC each time we visit Cornwall. Accurate, informative and easy to use. The team who produce the app really know their stuff and have a range of walks from easy to hard. You simply choose one that suits your ability and fitness. Throughly recommended.
I have been extremely pleased with this app ever since I became aware of it. It allows easy planning of suitable routes for my wife and myself, wherever we are. It also provides essential information on essential services to help with basic needs whilst walking.
Great App. Very cold day so I was glad of the alert at each section of the guild, I didn't have to keep checking my phone and could leave it warm in my pocket Clear directions with the added bonus of historical markers at points of interest. I will be using this app where I can :)
Brilliant app. Just completed my 3rd walk today. Love all the extra information. Makes it so educational. I've not got lost yet ;-)
Massive thanks, used the App on a number of walks when in Padstow this January, first class
Fantastic app. My tip, get some gloves that you can still use the phone with or a dabber for those winter walks!
Perfect! Used it for the first time today and it worked flawlessly, thank you.
Just download it and use it - it's a no-brainer. This app does exactly what it says on the tin, and more; You even get alerts on Apple Watch at each directional stage so you don't have to keep looking at your phone like an emmit. Each walk accurate, honest and really interesting (each one gives facts not known before - even to those of us who think they know an area). Queries are answered quickly.
Wow! What a great app, so easy and so accurate. Great clear directions, excellent map function and notes to area of walk really enhanced the enjoyment. Great work people, coming back to do another one just to use it again!
loving this app @iwalkc is brilliant!
The app is just brilliant, so accurate and well worded to avoid any misunderstanding. Loved the map functionality mixed with the directions and the historical notes really did add a lot to the walk.
Love love love the app. It's fab!!
Excellent app, searched for many apps and this is the best one I've come across. Tells you all the walks you need to know and where to start/the distance/time it takes/condition of foot paths the app is brilliant. If you choose to pay for the individual walks which are fairly cheap you get step by step instructions which is linked in with your gps and automatically notifies you off instructions before you reach the next step. Tells you how long you've been going time left, distance covered/remaining. The app is amazing worth paying for the walks also. Couldn't recommend this enough.
Did a great walk using @iwalkc definitely recommend this app.
Fantastic - enhanced the holiday - good value for money
We are having the most wonderful time with these walks and this app. We did the Bedruthen Steps one 2 days ago, Port Quin to Port Isaac yesterday, and today we're off to do Trebarwith to Tintagel. Thanks so much. They're fabulous.
Can't recommend these walks enough, excellent directions you can't go wrong!
I absolutely adore your app. I have probably done around a dozen of the walks now and have loved all of them. I've lived in Cornwall almost all my life and by using the app have discovered so many beautiful places . You have clearly put in such a massive amount of work and your attention to detail is spot on. Thank you.
Keeps you on track and loads of info. Really awesome app for walking around Cornwall. GPS tracking keeps you on the right course and as each point is reached you are informed of guides to walk and local descriptions. Can't fault it!
Takes the pain out of map reading. A wonderful, easy to use app that helps you discover Cornwall. A variety of walks to suit all levels of experience, and each walk highlights the level. Easy to follow directions, map and a warning if you take a wrong path. Ideal for us with no sense of direction! :-) the app also highlights points of interest along your walk with informative and knowledgeable write ups. Highly recommended.
Thank you to the IWalk Cornwall team. Your walks and app are fantastic!
In my view your website is the definitive authority on walks in Cornwall, the Cornish Wainwright!
I'm loving the app as it does give you confidence to "go it alone" so to speak. Put it another way i wouldn't before have tried anything like this on my own - so brilliant!!
Brilliant ★★★★★. Having done 2 walks using the app we are totally impressed. The variety and classification of walks by area and difficulty is very impressive. Each walk is clearly described - not just the path but notes on features and locations. The app shows precisely where you are positioned in relation to the path so any deviation off route is evident. We chose a walk through possibly the most overgrown and remote path in the county where it was impossible to tell footpath from sheep track but with the app every deviation was identified and corrected. We could not recommend more highly. David Paula and Dixie
I think that you have done an excellent job and have inspired my husband and I to visit Cornwall on a regular basis in order to complete all your walks.
We recently used this app to do a few walks in Cornwall It was easy to use and excellent value for money The directions were easy to follow and the " pause gps " button was very useful Easy to refer to map All in all a fantastic app which I shall use again when we visit Cornwall. Thank you.
We would like to express our thanks to you for creating such a brilliant app and website.
We have completed many of your walks and are always surprised with the clarity and ease of instructions. The added historical and geographical references make them so interesting and informative.
Superb app and easy to use. Very pleased to find this app. The descriptions are clear and accurate, easy to follow on route and definitely value for money. It's saved lots of trawling the internet and paper maps! We have explored beautiful places on our doorstep which we never knew existed! Thank you!
Excellent app ★★★★★. We used this app for the first time this holiday. We wish we had found it years ago. Excellent information, direction updates, amazing walks - thank you
Did our first walk yesterday and despite torrential rain and getting off track due to my poor navigation skills (not looking at the phone in the rain) we thoroughly enjoyed exploring places we would never have done without your app. To say we're impressed is an understatement so thanks very much for all the effort and skill you have put in to enable others to share your passion for walking in Cornwall.
Five stars, well deserved ★★★★★. Turn-by-turn notifications give us the confidence to go on walks knowing we are both headed in the right direction and not somewhere we shouldn't be! This app will inform our holidays for years to come.
Such a brilliant Idea. What a wonderful way to explore Cornwall. Sometimes when your faced with sorting out a walk it can mean maps, gps, reference book and time wasted trying to organise it. This app does it all for you so you can be left just to enjoy the walk.
We have used this app on eight walks while on holiday in West Cornwall and can thoroughly recommend it. Having used maps and walk books in the past with reasonable success, we can honestly say that this app is practically foolproof. The snippets of information given at various points in the walk are also welcome and well judged.
Fabulous ★★★★★. Excellent, accurate app! Perfect for holiday makers.
Excellent app. Never get lost again Lots of interesting info on the walks as well
What a brilliant, brilliant app. Born and bred in Cornwall, and still have so many beautiful places still unseen. This app is perfect for visiting those amazing places. Thank you for the massive time and effort involved to benefit others.
Excellent app, impossible to get lost! Just make sure your battery is fully charged before you start!
Great app ★★★★★. Used this app for the past week- normally an ifootpath user but limited walks in Cornwall. I was blown away by the sheer number of choices. Highlights were the Truro walk, bodmin Moor-St Breward, Feock to Devoran and Padstow. My in-laws are locals and are wedded to aa walks and I have even converted them. Such interesting facts, GPS was very accurate and not a single error in instructions- saved me a few times taking the wrong path. Well done to all and be good to see it spread north!
Easy to use. Uncluttered design, like the look and feel of it. This was the first time I used it and I took a shortcut as it was tipping down and the app got me back on track.
Brilliant App. This really is a fantastic app. The way it works with the GPS is superb. Had a really enjoyable walk today. Just make sure your phone is fully charged before you start.
I have just spent two weeks walking around Cornwall with the assistance of your App and I must say how much it increased my walking pleasure. Since my return, I have been telling all my friends how great it is.
This app is excellent! Easy to use, clear instructions and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into planning and researching the walks. We've been to places we would never have known existed without this app. Highly recommended, would give you 6 stars if I could ;)
Well I downloaded the app and we decided to do our first walk on the bedruthan steps. Having read how good these iwalks were, you are still a little apprehensive but honestly, it's easy, informative, and the noise that it makes at every stage is fantastic. I am guessing all the tours are the same standard but this was brilliant. As for the walk, a lot of up and down hill, fields and rocks, but the scenery is awesome. Enjoy
Love using this App. I have done 2 walks so far using it. Holywell Bay to Crantock and Carn Naun to St Ives. Enjoyed both walks with their stunning views and secret coves. App prevented me from getting lost both times!
Wonderful. Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how much we love your app. We used it today for the Mousehole - Lamorna Cove walk. It was so handy to have the notifications come through telling us where to go, we would have taken a few wrong turns otherwise no doubt! It was also really nice to have insights into the the history of area. Congratulations on a fantastic app and website, you have done a wonderful job.
Brilliant I cannot praise this app enough, absolutely brilliant and it makes it impossible to get lost, unless you run out of phone battery! I really wish there was one for devon too.
We have used this app a few times now and wouldn't hesitate to use it again . The walks we have completed were truly amazing with spectacular scenery. Very clear route instructions ( we didn't get lost once ) we took the odd screen shot of directions just in case we lost signal . But we didn't need to refer to them !! We are busy planning our next adventure with iwalk Cornwall . Superb stuff , keep the walks coming. many thanks
Well crafted GPS guided walks across beautiful Cornwall with thoughtful step by step commentary. I've never get lost on a iWalk :) Thoroughly recommend!
Brilliant app. Made our Cornish holiday even better.
Excellent walking app. Highly recommended!
Downloaded your app just before a week-end trip to Cornwall from Bristol. We did the Lanhydrock Gardens walk on Friday afternoon, Fowey to Polruan walk on Saturday and Talland Bay to Looe on Sunday. App worked really, really well and we didnt get lost once. It was brilliant. Many thanks for the opportunity and will definitely use it again when we are in Cornwall.
Brilliant. This app has never let me down. The selection of walks is excellent and various options, features including battery preservation and choice of map and directions make it practical. We live in Cornwall but have been delighted to meet other impressed users and holiday makers en routes. They are easy to contact with suggestions too! Highly recommended. My blind husband loved the audible tones too 'what is it telling you now' - great.
I downloaded iwalk at the start of the week. I have been very impressed with its simplicity, yet detailed information. The app has a wide variety of walks to suit all fitnesses and it covers a variety of different geographical styles of walking - eg pub walks coast walks circular walks etc etc I would recommend this app!
Fantastic - enhanced the holiday - good value for money.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy using your walks, they're easy to follow and have lots of interesting things pointed out along the way.
Great App ... Download it NOW! ★★★★★ This app is fantastic and does exactly what it is advertised to do. The walk we took around Lanhydrock was great and the additional information provided by the app was clear and informative. The GPS location triggered prompts saved battery life and the preloaded map saved frustration waiting for maps to load in poor reception conditions. We are looking forward to taking more walks with this app. Congratulations to the developers on a job well done.
Excellent app. Very informative and accurate. Thanks for making our holiday easy
Excellent App! ★★★★★ Firstly let me congratulate you on your fantastic App. We have used it several times now and really enjoyed the selection of walks and the quality of information provided.
Fantastic app! ★★★★★ Such a good app and a great selection of walks. We have just done 3 of them on our recent trip to north cornwall. A good mix of different distances so we could do them with the kids. Very informative and we never got lost!
A great addition to a walk ★★★★★ This was a great find! So many walks to choose from, and the app worked perfectly throughout the walk we chose. Our teenager particularly enjoyed using it and happily completed the whole walk with iPhone in hand. The directions arrived perfectly at the end of each section we completed and were very accurate. The log of how far you've walked and the estimated time left were very useful. I wish there were similar walks for elsewhere in the UK!
A really useful app ★★★★★ We tried the circular walk from Cape Cornwall to Levant and the app worked treat, really helpful directions which in places would have been difficult to identify on a map. By the way, the walk was marvellous. Highly recommended.
Great app ★★★★★. Works really well. Directions move forward on screen in alignment to your position on the ground which makes it easy to follow the next step on the route. Very impressed.
★★★★★ Great. Very clear, easy to use and reliable. Really good app
Faultless app ★★★★★. Just wish I had found this app earlier on my walking holiday. Easy and informative.
Great step by step guide with surprising accuracy. The historic info really adds to the experience.
This is the best app I have loaded into my phone!!! I loved using it, I'm a very beginner hiker and this was the perfect tool for me to use with my sisters on our trip to Cornwall. Thanks for all the hard work, I appreciate it!!
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Exceptionally easy to use, step by step guidance that gives you next direction exactly when you need it. This is a nice walk stunning countryside and coastal paths.
Used your app for the first time last weekend, absolutely brilliant app.....Given us much more confidence for those longer walks and really like the information on route. We'll definitely use again.
just thought id say that your app is superb - made a joy of walking in an unfamiliar area
Excellent Walk ★★★★★. A very good app and an excellent walk the directions were very clear and the scenery spectacular.
Worth the cost ★★★★★. An excellent app that not only gives you a walk but provides information about where you are and follows your steps. A reminder bleep sounds at each change to ensure you stay on track. The walks were perfect too! Please can we have more for the rest of the UK?!
Brilliant ★★★★★. There was no 3G or mobile coverage on the walk but using the GPS facility it kept track of us all the way. Highly, highly recommended.
Truly excellent ★★★★★. I have to say, I'm very impressed. Now I want iwalkwales!
Great idea, lovely walk. This is a well designed app with accurate waypoints, simple directions and some interesting information about the industrial heritage of the area. Good idea to link it to Google maps too to provide route directions to the start point from any location.
Brilliant Walking App Really enjoyed this walk and information that was given along the way. Was very impressed with the accuracy of the descriptions and notifications of the next point. I would recommend IWalk Cornwall to anyone, great value per walk.
Cheaper than 2 bags of crisps And far more healthy. Waypoints are interesting and accurate with great directions at the right time.. We really liked it and its a bonus that it works offline so battery saving is great as most of this walk was out of range for data. Well worth it and highly recommended. Will be trying more.
Accurate and interesting. I bought this on a whim when in Cornwall. Was expecting to be disappointed but instead have been really impressed. The navigation using the app is excellent, with a loud beep when you get within 10 metres of your next way point - resulting in a 'who can guess the beep point' game as we followed the traiI. The Directions tab has a load of background info for the area we were walking through and the map tab lets you see where you are, well worth the £ I paid for it.
Downloaded the #iwalkcornwall from @iwalkc and went on a circular walk from #stcolumb to #stmawgan the best app I've downloaded by far
Great app and a lovely walk. Seriously, it's well worth a try. It's a great afternoon of entertainment for me.
@iwalkc we did a fab walk using the App at Gunwalloe on Sunday. Thanks will definitely do some more. Loved the bits of info and history
Golitha Falls Walk. This app is fantastic. Instructions are clear (didn't get lost once!), map is brilliantly thought out, with useful, knowledgeable & interesting comments on local heritage/landmarks etc along the way & can be used even if no internet signal.
Brilliant. We really enjoyed this walk and at first found it like a treasure hunt. The maps and info are clear and the alerts were very useful. Will definitely get more of these. Recommended!!
Fantastic app, lovely walk and learnt loads even though i'm local!
Best kept secret! Glad I came across this map. It takes you on a long relaxing walk with some stunning views and includes a stone bridge and a really cool rope suspension bridge! We did not meet a soul and it felt like we had the whole valley all to ourselves. A must do in Cornwall! The walk will suit most abilities, although you should be capable of climbing over stiles.
This is a cracking walk, well described and the app works really well. We found it very informative, it alerts you every time you need to change direction, and tells you in good time if you stray from the route - much better than carrying a book or map. It's well worth taking the detour to visit Restormel Castle, particularly if it's a nice day as it's an excellent picnic spot and the views are stunning. I'll definitely be buying more of these walks, and I really hope they expand into other areas soon.
Brilliant! Me and my husband used this iwalk app for the first time today - the directions were very clear and having the routemap is very helpful. Will definitely recommend and use more. Thanks!
A brilliant app and an enjoyable journey. The scenery was stunning and the guidance provided was exceptional. A thoroughly worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to explore the town of bude and it's landscape.
Perfect walking guide. Easy to use walking 'SatNav' and informative guide packed full of useful local info and history. App snoozed while we were strolling along then automatically woke up at each way-marker with clear directions for the next leg, saving battery! Map was easy to read and it all worked offline. Looking forward to exploring more of Cornwall with other apps in the series.
Very useful Invaluable tool. Simple to use. Once downloaded you only use GPS, no phone signal needed. The pointer on the map to show where you were was extremely accurate, even knowing which way you were facing!! Very clearly showed you where you needed to go and useful additional information.
Great walk well presented. A great app and a really good walk with a few extras to add further interest. The valley is a real hidden gem in Cornwall that you wouldn't find easily without the app. This walk is a must if you like industrial history.
Excellent app, and a really informative guide. The app tracks your progress and alerts you when a change of direction is needed so you can be sure you're always going to be on the right track. I totally recommend this app, and this particular walk along the stunning cornish coast.
I am notorious for having little sense of direction and getting lost. This app was spot on, I didn't go wrong once and I liked all the information about what was around me.
Fantastic ★★★★★ We've bought 2 of the walks so far and they are brilliant... I love that the walks go in a circle and even without 4G the app knows exactly where we are.
Use this app all the time. Really useful and informative
Great app brilliant additional info. The app was good looked at direction summary and used map to stay on track. I went off track and it warned me straight away. Great buy the maps are so cheap!
Brilliant. Walked Bodmin moor no problems at all. Felt really safe using this app.
Most impressed with @iwalkc app today. Well worth a look
Excellent app! We only had time for 2 walks with the App but it was extremely useful, and accurate. Without this we would have got lost or given up. The additional background info (eg Minions & the Cheesewring) are very helpful. The cost of individual walks is very acceptable. Shame it's only available for Cornwall.
Just wanted to say how impressed were after the walk. Your information was spot on the app works great, well done.
I wanted to congratulate your team on creating such a great app. I loved how it messaged me at ever waypoint. And when we went off path because of path closure. Well done.