Please help us to keep the walks available on the website for printing out by contributing whatever you can afford via PayPal, even if it's just £1, by clicking the "Donate" button. You can do this with a debit or credit card securely via PayPal if you don't have a PayPal account.

As we are a social enterprise and not a charity, please note that your support of iWalk Cornwall does not technically constitute a charitable donation, as such your contribution is not eligible for Gift Aid in the UK nor a tax-deduction elsewhere. It is, however, massively appreciated.

Why should I contribute?

By contributing you are helping to sustain the iWalk Cornwall website, to keep the routes updated, develop new walks, and also our efforts to help in the maintenance of the Cornish footpath network.

Over 100 hours of meticulous technical work goes into initially creating each walk (more info). We then need to check all 232 walks periodically to update the directions for any changes to the footpaths, investigate reported issues etc. Whilst we're out checking walks we also help to clear overgrown paths and work with the Local Authority Countryside Team to get broken stiles etc. fixed. This results in ongoing costs of fuel, parking etc as well as our time. The iWalk Cornwall website also has running costs of electricity, computer hardware, server hosting etc. as well as the developer effort to maintain it. This is all funded from our own savings and time without any grants or other drain on the taxpayer.

We sell the walks through our app which we've been developing for several years and continue to do so. We receive £1.16 for walks sold through the app which when Apple/Google's mark-up is added-on results in a retail price of £1.99. For a day's family entertainment in Cornwall, compared with the cost of parking or even a cup of tea, this is pretty reasonable. Compared to printed directions, it is also a far superior way of keeping track of the route and showing your exact location and even which way you are facing on a map. However, since the most vulnerable members of society in Cornwall can't afford a smartphone let alone to pay for walks, we have also made the walks available to print out on the website. Please help us to be able to continue doing this by contributing if you choose to print the walks out rather than using our app.

If you genuinely can't afford to contribute anything financially, there are still some other ways you can help us that won't cost you anything.