We've devised 229 walks in Cornwall, ranging from 2 to 10 miles, totalling 1107 miles. Each walk has a map of the route, detailed directions, photos and notes on the heritage and natural history. The walks are classified by length, steepness grade, type of scenery (coastal, moorland, riverside etc) and, of course, whether there's a pub.

The walks are all available via our guided walk mobile app - a "SatNav" for walking, describing when and what to do next, and giving you information about the local area as you walk around the route. You can install the app or find out more. You can install the app or find out more. Search the App Store or Google Play for "iWalk Cornwall" to install it. If you don't have a smartphone, the walks are available to browse on the web.

Superb walking app. It's never failed yet in its accuracy. Also love the fact that it follows your progress via GPS and alerts you when you hit the next stage as well as if you stray off course. It allows you to link with Google Maps to drive to the start of the walk too. Wonderful that you get interesting facts about the area as you walk too.
Good work, we love your walks and the app, and we have never been disappointed with any of your walks or directions.
Absolutely amazing step by step directions, and clear map also. It is so easy to use and so very accurate too. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my walk without worrying about getting lost! Had a great day out seeing the stunning sights around the Roseland peninsula - hadn't been there before, the app quite literally took me from my door to the start point and pointed me in the right direction every step of the way. Gives lots of info including distance to next step by step instruction, over all distance of the walk and speed you walk too. Definitely highly recommend it - amazing!
Used this app for the first time on Sunday. ...absolutely brilliant!! Have a tendancy to get lost so thoroughly enjoyed my stunning walk without constantly fearing I've taken the wrong turn - amazing! Had such a great day!
It's a brilliant app, I use it all the time
Well designed app that works well in the field. Walks come with really interesting information about the locale. Recommend highly.
Very clever tech and really interesting notes attached to waypoints!
Yesterday I did the Altarnun and West Moor walk. I am a Brit visiting from Australia, 62 and not especially fit, and was alone, however, this walk was no problem. I am highly impressed with the app. Conditions were dry but hazy and quite muddy and on the moor it became foggy. Without the app I would have turned back due to low visibility. Finding Black Rock was initially problematic but the app warned me quickly when I strayed off route and the map gave me confidence to proceed. The descriptions were useful and interesting. I was impressed to get a warning that my battery would drain too fast (so I attached a store of charge). The potential for that happening had worried me previously. When I discovered the easy switch between directions and camera I was also very pleased. I can be a bit demanding when it comes to products of this kind but I was not disappointed. And at 2 pounds, this was extremely good value, particularly when one learns that the cash is put to good use locally. Download using the scanner was easy. I will be looking for another walk near Lands End today!
It is a great app, clearly written with deep local knowledge. My son has autism, and it has provided us with a way of getting some exercise that ties in with his love of tech. Your walks are often less busy than other walks too. As a result of using the app, we have joined the National Trust and are thinking about joining the ramblers.
Brilliant and very clever. No need to follow vague guide books or trying to read maps in the rain.
Fantastic app for those who love exploring Cornwall on foot!
This was the first time I have used the app on a walk today at St Clether with several friends and it was absolutely brilliant. Great directions and guidance throughout. We had lunch at “The Rising Sun” which, if a bit pricey, was extremely welcoming with a roaring fire and really excellent food. I will definitely buy more walks over time if they are all like this. Also not a huge drain on my iPhone battery. Thanks.
Outstanding! Fantastic - informative, accurate, easy to use.
Just want to say that we used your app while in Cornwall at the end of September last month and thought it was fantastic. We are senior citizens so not as tech ready as younger people. We found it simple to use and amazing that it beeped as it changed of direction and particularly when we went off route thank you.
Absolutely love every thing about this app. Fab idea and works perfectly. Walks are well worth the 1.99, I'd happily pay more! They're improving it all the time but seriously, I can't fault it. Perfect if, like me, you love spending an afternoon going for a long walk with the dog exploring new places and going on adventures!
We downloaded the app and found we weren't having to constantly study a map, but were discretely prompted by a notification on our phone of an upcoming direction. The additional information about local history, flora & fauna and advice about foraging or how to react if presented with a field of cows was invaluable!
Enjoying Cornwall and your app massively again this week! Thnx for all your lovely walks.
Use the app when on holiday in Cornwall it’s brilliant
Excellent app; directions are easy to follow and GPS tie-in with live map tracking means unexpected diversions (due to farmers moving cattle) are painless.
We are thoroughly enjoying working our way through the walks which are made even more enjoyable through your amazing app which has saved many an argument (& no doubt many extra miles) as to which way to go next. We look forward to more walks being added.
We love walking and your app has transformed our holidays to Cornwall. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Love your posts and your walks have inspired me to get fit and lose weight.
We did our second walk with you yesterday and loved it. So impressed with what your app offers. Keep up the great work.
Best app ever for discovering new places.
You certainly made my holiday in Cornwall this summer!! Thanks you so much!
Thank you iWalk Cornwall, we have spent the summer in Cornwall and used 14 of your walks. If we were staying longer we would carry on and do them all eventually. This is simply the best walking app/guide we have ever used. Not once did it let us down. We didn’t ever get lost because the interactive map makes it so easy to check your direction. We’re heading North out of Cornwall now and we will miss you very much when we explore elsewhere. Well done, on producing such an informative, useful and trustworthy walking guide.
Fantastic app. Works really well. I would of got lost on my walk without it. Notifies you when you go off track. Love the pop up bits of info on some points along the walk
I would also like to say how much we enjoy using iWalk Cornwall. We have completed many of the walks and taken us to beautiful places we could never have found on our own.
Very well written directions and 'live' navigation - So much better than a lot of the guide books I've bought. Walked 10 miles + So far without an issue, proper love it!
Just used this app for one walk so far and it's spot on. Every turn we'll described, you won't get lost if all walks are the same.
Love the background info/history/ culture etc .... walked today and planning many more. So good to see via the app, exactly where you are on the walk... allows you to just enjoy the walk.
Great app! Have wandered off route so many times in the past but this keeps you firmly on track.
Best walking app. Great App. Clear instructions. Love the local information on history and nature.
Absolutely loving the walks - the detail is fantastic.
Brilliant app, very informative and easy to understand. I'm very impressed with it.
I've got the iWalk Cornwall app on my phone which I can't rate highly enough.
Great app for anyone who enjoys walking in Cornwall
I think this is possibly the best app ever. I clocked up 76km the past few weeks. I lived in Cornwall for 6 years and have done so many coast path walks, but the circulars are outstanding. Hi5 to the creator - my beloved trailblazer book has been firmly parked on the shelf.
This is such a well thought out app. Just select a walk, and put the phone in your pocket and off you go. The phone will beep when you get to the next direction point and tell you something interesting about where you are. This means you are not permanently staring at the phone whilst walking, and can enjoy the walk. Just wish it wasn't limited to Cornwall. Highly recommended.
So so good
The app really is a must have as the GPS tracking on it has to be one of the best we have used.
Can't ask for more. Gps very accurate maps very detailed and the directions were perfect. The historic detail is an added bonus and made the walk interesting for my 8 & 9 year old. Not one moan!
Brilliant app. New to Cornwall I have used this app every weekend for the past two months. Great routes of interest, informative and good maps. Many thanks for introducing me to the wonderful coastline and countryside of Cornwall.
Excellent route descriptions and tracking. Easy to follow and difficulty ratings are accurate.
Fantastic, must have for walkers of all abilities! : I was so pleased to be told about this by a local and I have told others I have met over the last few days. It gave me confidence to walk to routes I might not have have done on my own. Love the titbits of info at different waypoints, it makes it all so interesting. As well as being warned when you start to go the wrong way! Brilliant!
Great app! Thank you for your great directions and map as well- as a lone walker it's comforting to know I'm on the right route!!
Perfect day out!! Superb app for exploring Cornwall with many many different locations to explore. Will start working my way through them in coming weeks, months, years or decades!!
Absolutely the best app Ive used, why? Well it just does exactly what you want without any fuss excellent.
Brilliant guidance. Did Marazion to Perranuthnoe today - the app is great, really clear instructions and as long as the app is open, alerts at every feature/change of direction. Also has interesting facts throughout the walk about what you're seeing.
Forget paper have this app. Was very impressed with this app having just come back from Cornwall this weekend ended up doing some lovely coastal walks and some woodland ones as well.
This app is a dream and makes exploring Cornwall wonderfully easy. When we moved here a year ago I got some OS maps and we tried to follow paths but always ended up just following the obvious routes along beaches. Genuinely, using the app opened up Cornwall to us, showed us the hidden history and gems hiding all around us, and has given us our most memorable days here (I'm thinking of you Trevose Head!). It's never failed to guide us perfectly and we feel really lucky to have found it. It was one of the hidden treasures which has made this place home and worth every penny for the work they've put into it. Keep going!
Brilliant app to support walking amongst the beauty of Cornwall
Was very impressed with this app having just cone back from Cornwall this weekend ended up doing some lovely coastal walks and some woodland ones as well.
Don't go to Cornwall without!! Have used this app on a couple of holidays now and I love it!! It's so easy to use, directions are so spot on and pop up as soon as you get to the next, so no chance of getting lost and it even tells you if you go wrong. It even gives you directions to parking for the walks. A great way to see a hidden Cornwall.
We love this App - it's really clever, tells you when you've strayed off the track and gives you interesting facts along the way. We've discovered parts of Cornwall we never knew existed and have recommended this to our family and friends. Keep up the good work!
We've used the app for several walks and it's well worth the money for a good half day walk. No chance of taking wrong turns with alerts before each turn and so much interesting information. Would definitely recommend.
This is a brilliant app. There are lots of walks of varying length and difficulty which are being updated and added to all the time. Instructions are accurate and it's wonderful not to have to constantly refer to a map or book. Keep up the good work!
What an amazing app! It made our holiday in Cornwall so much easier. Just chose a walk, download and go.
Amazing App!!! Faultless. Solved a huge problem for spec-wearing, dog-walking lone hiker. Maps are there if you need them but not necessary. I can't praise this app highly enough for accuracy, functionality and relevant information. It has transformed my visits to Cornwall and has NEVER let me down. Love it. Used it many times and recommended even more. Well done!
What a brilliant app this is. I have been using it now for several months and have been so impressed. Living in an area of poor mobile and 3/4G the app which works via GPS has not let me down once. At £1.99 per walk it is fantastic value, the walks are well researched and thoughtfully planned out. Highly recommend.
Have done lots of the walks & seen a lot more of Cornwall than I have ever seen before. Hope to do a lot more.
Keep up the good work. I enjoyed this app and the walks very much. Walked in places I would never have dared without this app. Thank you so much!!
Absolute brilliant app the fact it even beeps at you when you go off track or if you have skipped a few markers is great. Just come back from Cornwall and this was a brilliant way to do some nice walks.
We absolutely love your app, we have discovered lots of new places that we would have never found especially in the Bude area.
Great app handy for holidays.
Absolutely love your app and regularly use it so we can become familiar with the walks in our area and further afield.
I do like it that the app gives you info such as how long it'll take you to finish, based on your speed.
The app on the phone was the hero of the day!
Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant app! Me, my daughter and our dog have been on three beautiful walks; Helford river passage, Loe bar and Holywell to Crantock. Directions were detailed and it has meant that we have explored countryside that we have never heard of!
@iwalkc brilliant again: undiscovered, magical walk in Hayle River valley, start in St Erth. This is such a great app: highly recommended
Fantastic app! : I urge you to use it - it is fantastic and has made life so much easier! Love the fact it vibrates when you hit the next marker and full of info. I wish there were more of these! Somerset, Devon the lakes- etc! Would definitely buy if there were. Well done app developers- thank you!
My daughter used one of your walks today and raved about the accuracy and notifications!
I really like this app, it's well thought out, the directions are good and it's obvious from their FB page that they keep update routes regularly and even go out and do path clearing!
Amazing app!! Downloaded the app and paid for 2 walks which have both been fantastic. Not only guiding you through some beautiful areas, which would warrant the cost of the walk itself, but also accompanied with detailed, researched and fascinating comments during the walk, taking the experience to a whole new level. A must use guide for anyone walking in Cornwall. Thank you
We did the Maenporth to Buddock Water walk - the directions and descriptions along the way made the walk one of the best we have ever done - this is an amazing app.
This app is fantastic! The farm owner where I am staying told me about it. So far I have done 2 walks which I would not have done as am on holiday alone. It has given me the confidence to do more and therefore see more along the north coast. Thank you again for improving my holiday and I will be using it in the other 2 areas I'm staying at.
Probably the best app i've used.
Loved this App, very informative about places of interest, easy to follow and link walks together.
My husband and I adore your app, getting it is the best thing we've done this year. We try & do a walk every weekend and are hoping to do more when he has some Summer holiday. Thank you again for your amazing app.
Super guide to walking in an unfamiliar area ★★★★★. Three of us did the St Issey to Sea Mills walk on our first trip to the area. It worked beautifully, signalling when we had come to a new point in the walk. We saw beautiful scenery and birds, had a great pub stop and visited an ancient church, none of which we would have seen otherwise. The app gave us great confidence and we will certainly use it again.
We use I walk Cornwall app nearly every week & find the directions spot on. The additional information is fascinating & really adds to the enjoyment of the walk.
Thoroughly enjoying your App this week whilst on holiday, have done 7 walks so far often linking 2 together.
I use this app regularly, it full of local history information relating to the walks. It will keep you on track, and will inform you when you need to amend your route.
Recommended many times. Transformed my trips to Cornwall. Thank you - your app is a thing of beauty.x
We did the awesome tintagel, padstow and at Agnes walks last week. Thanks for the wonderful app!
One word, brilliant, love the bit where it told me I'd gone wrong. I live in Cornwall and you just don't know what's on your doorstep unless you walk it.
This app was invaluable! It really took the guesswork out of navigating. There were some tricky parts of the trails, but the app was always spot on in regards to getting you to the next trail marker. It also has very good information concerning points of interest along the trails. We did three walks in all. Easy to use and you only pay for the walks that you do. This app was worth every penny!
Kudos. Just wanted to let you know my wife and I used your app on our trip to Cornwall area a week ago. What an invaluable resource it was!! Thanks thanks so much!
You do an amazing job and really appreciate your photos too!
This is a great walking app. Very detailed walking instructions plus additional bits of useful and interesting information relating to each segment of the walk. The app provides a GPS initiated prompt at each walk segment transition so you know both exactly when to read the next direction description plus it also gives you the confidence that you are on the correct path. We use the app together with a print of the detailed instructions which has further background info. I consider each walk well worth the £1.99 and only wish there was an equivalent app for other parts of the UK.
I have recommended your app to lots of friends who holiday in Cornwall. Having spent years carrying a book around, often with out of date instructions, it is so refreshing to have this constantly updated facility.
IWalk is a fantastic tool. It showed me a walk near where we live that I didn't know existed. Paying the minimal £1.99 is worth it as the tools are really useful such as the app dinged when I completed each step and flashed the next direction, it warned me if I deviated from the route so i don't go miles out of your way. Definitely worth it. Will use it again. Enjoy
★★★★★ Worth every penny
I love your app and have discovered some amazing places through it. And as someone who gets lost frequently I appreciate the flawless directions.
As a mum of teenagers who love their tech, it means I can finally get them to walk with me without complaint. Fantastic!!!
Absolutely love your walks, I live in Cornwall and recommend them all the time, thank you for all your hard work!
Excellent. With this app, we've successfully completed a few walks without getting lost. No way we would ever have managed proper walks without it as our navigation skills are rubbish. Highly recommend this app. Well worth £1.99 per walk.
Congratulations, your idea was a total inspiration, and although I don't live in Cornwall I have visited over 70 years of my life, and to see the walks and the information has added to my enjoyment and knowledge.
you've done a brilliant job we've done loads it's always correct and takes us to places with confidence knowing we won't get lost keep finding the walks so we can go on them
I always tend to get lost following normal maps! This app is great, I haven't got lost once yet and its given me the confidence to see more of Cornwall. The detail is great and the off route warning is helpful too. Just in case!! The routes are also inspirational with relevant information presented en route. Thank you for a great app.
Congratulations for all you have done. Your guides are amazingly well researched and written.
Fantastic App ★★★★★. We did the St Kew walk today it was awesome, the app is amazing, you can't even lose your way by more than about fifty odd yards as it corrects you with a warning. Clear and concise it will revolutionize my walking in Cornwall. My friend with me who lives in the New Forest would like one for her region please!!
if you are looking for a great app for walks, I totally recommend @iwalkc Works like a charm.
Brilliant app! I have used this for numerous walks and am utterly impressed with the research. Love the footnotes that pop up appropriately while walking. Wish I had more time in Cornwall to do more.
I think its a great app I used it last year and found places i would never have found without it. I will also be using it again this year
Never lets me down. I've been using iWalk Cornwall for the last 3 years and it's the most useful app with loads of step by step walks to see the best of Cornwall.
Brilliant app. Used for first time on Monday.
thank you for an excellent app, I use it all the time
Walking boots at the ready! We're on an @iwalkc adventure to @BodminJail1779 The kids loved it, a day well spent #walk #footpath #Cornwall
Always excellent. We use IWC each time we visit Cornwall. Accurate, informative and easy to use. The team who produce the app really know their stuff and have a range of walks from easy to hard. You simply choose one that suits your ability and fitness. Throughly recommended.
I have been extremely pleased with this app ever since I became aware of it. It allows easy planning of suitable routes for my wife and myself, wherever we are. It also provides essential information on essential services to help with basic needs whilst walking.
Great App. Very cold day so I was glad of the alert at each section of the guild, I didn't have to keep checking my phone and could leave it warm in my pocket Clear directions with the added bonus of historical markers at points of interest. I will be using this app where I can :)
Brilliant app. Just completed my 3rd walk today. Love all the extra information. Makes it so educational. I've not got lost yet ;-)
Massive thanks, used the App on a number of walks when in Padstow this January, first class
Fantastic app. My tip, get some gloves that you can still use the phone with or a dabber for those winter walks!
Perfect! Used it for the first time today and it worked flawlessly, thank you.
Just download it and use it - it's a no-brainer. This app does exactly what it says on the tin, and more; You even get alerts on Apple Watch at each directional stage so you don't have to keep looking at your phone like an emmit. Each walk accurate, honest and really interesting (each one gives facts not known before - even to those of us who think they know an area). Queries are answered quickly.
Wow! What a great app, so easy and so accurate. Great clear directions, excellent map function and notes to area of walk really enhanced the enjoyment. Great work people, coming back to do another one just to use it again!
loving this app @iwalkc is brilliant!
The app is just brilliant, so accurate and well worded to avoid any misunderstanding. Loved the map functionality mixed with the directions and the historical notes really did add a lot to the walk.
Love love love the app. It's fab!!
Excellent app, searched for many apps and this is the best one I've come across. Tells you all the walks you need to know and where to start/the distance/time it takes/condition of foot paths the app is brilliant. If you choose to pay for the individual walks which are fairly cheap you get step by step instructions which is linked in with your gps and automatically notifies you off instructions before you reach the next step. Tells you how long you've been going time left, distance covered/remaining. The app is amazing worth paying for the walks also. Couldn't recommend this enough.
Did a great walk using @iwalkc definitely recommend this app.
Fantastic - enhanced the holiday - good value for money
We are having the most wonderful time with these walks and this app. We did the Bedruthen Steps one 2 days ago, Port Quin to Port Isaac yesterday, and today we're off to do Trebarwith to Tintagel. Thanks so much. They're fabulous.
Can't recommend these walks enough, excellent directions you can't go wrong!
I absolutely adore your app. I have probably done around a dozen of the walks now and have loved all of them. I've lived in Cornwall almost all my life and by using the app have discovered so many beautiful places . You have clearly put in such a massive amount of work and your attention to detail is spot on. Thank you.
Keeps you on track and loads of info. Really awesome app for walking around Cornwall. GPS tracking keeps you on the right course and as each point is reached you are informed of guides to walk and local descriptions. Can't fault it!
Takes the pain out of map reading. A wonderful, easy to use app that helps you discover Cornwall. A variety of walks to suit all levels of experience, and each walk highlights the level. Easy to follow directions, map and a warning if you take a wrong path. Ideal for us with no sense of direction! :-) the app also highlights points of interest along your walk with informative and knowledgeable write ups. Highly recommended.
Thank you to the IWalk Cornwall team. Your walks and app are fantastic!
In my view your website is the definitive authority on walks in Cornwall, the Cornish Wainwright!
I'm loving the app as it does give you confidence to "go it alone" so to speak. Put it another way i wouldn't before have tried anything like this on my own - so brilliant!!
Brilliant ★★★★★. Having done 2 walks using the app we are totally impressed. The variety and classification of walks by area and difficulty is very impressive. Each walk is clearly described - not just the path but notes on features and locations. The app shows precisely where you are positioned in relation to the path so any deviation off route is evident. We chose a walk through possibly the most overgrown and remote path in the county where it was impossible to tell footpath from sheep track but with the app every deviation was identified and corrected. We could not recommend more highly. David Paula and Dixie
I think that you have done an excellent job and have inspired my husband and I to visit Cornwall on a regular basis in order to complete all your walks.
We recently used this app to do a few walks in Cornwall It was easy to use and excellent value for money The directions were easy to follow and the " pause gps " button was very useful Easy to refer to map All in all a fantastic app which I shall use again when we visit Cornwall. Thank you.
We would like to express our thanks to you for creating such a brilliant app and website.
We have completed many of your walks and are always surprised with the clarity and ease of instructions. The added historical and geographical references make them so interesting and informative.
Superb app and easy to use. Very pleased to find this app. The descriptions are clear and accurate, easy to follow on route and definitely value for money. It's saved lots of trawling the internet and paper maps! We have explored beautiful places on our doorstep which we never knew existed! Thank you!
Excellent app ★★★★★. We used this app for the first time this holiday. We wish we had found it years ago. Excellent information, direction updates, amazing walks - thank you
Did our first walk yesterday and despite torrential rain and getting off track due to my poor navigation skills (not looking at the phone in the rain) we thoroughly enjoyed exploring places we would never have done without your app. To say we're impressed is an understatement so thanks very much for all the effort and skill you have put in to enable others to share your passion for walking in Cornwall.
Five stars, well deserved ★★★★★. Turn-by-turn notifications give us the confidence to go on walks knowing we are both headed in the right direction and not somewhere we shouldn't be! This app will inform our holidays for years to come.
Such a brilliant Idea. What a wonderful way to explore Cornwall. Sometimes when your faced with sorting out a walk it can mean maps, gps, reference book and time wasted trying to organise it. This app does it all for you so you can be left just to enjoy the walk.
We have used this app on eight walks while on holiday in West Cornwall and can thoroughly recommend it. Having used maps and walk books in the past with reasonable success, we can honestly say that this app is practically foolproof. The snippets of information given at various points in the walk are also welcome and well judged.
Fabulous ★★★★★. Excellent, accurate app! Perfect for holiday makers.
Excellent app. Never get lost again Lots of interesting info on the walks as well
What a brilliant, brilliant app. Born and bred in Cornwall, and still have so many beautiful places still unseen. This app is perfect for visiting those amazing places. Thank you for the massive time and effort involved to benefit others.
Excellent app, impossible to get lost! Just make sure your battery is fully charged before you start!
Great app ★★★★★. Used this app for the past week- normally an ifootpath user but limited walks in Cornwall. I was blown away by the sheer number of choices. Highlights were the Truro walk, bodmin Moor-St Breward, Feock to Devoran and Padstow. My in-laws are locals and are wedded to aa walks and I have even converted them. Such interesting facts, GPS was very accurate and not a single error in instructions- saved me a few times taking the wrong path. Well done to all and be good to see it spread north!
Easy to use. Uncluttered design, like the look and feel of it. This was the first time I used it and I took a shortcut as it was tipping down and the app got me back on track.
Brilliant App. This really is a fantastic app. The way it works with the GPS is superb. Had a really enjoyable walk today. Just make sure your phone is fully charged before you start.
I have just spent two weeks walking around Cornwall with the assistance of your App and I must say how much it increased my walking pleasure. Since my return, I have been telling all my friends how great it is.
This app is excellent! Easy to use, clear instructions and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into planning and researching the walks. We've been to places we would never have known existed without this app. Highly recommended, would give you 6 stars if I could ;)
Well I downloaded the app and we decided to do our first walk on the bedruthan steps. Having read how good these iwalks were, you are still a little apprehensive but honestly, it's easy, informative, and the noise that it makes at every stage is fantastic. I am guessing all the tours are the same standard but this was brilliant. As for the walk, a lot of up and down hill, fields and rocks, but the scenery is awesome. Enjoy
Love using this App. I have done 2 walks so far using it. Holywell Bay to Crantock and Carn Naun to St Ives. Enjoyed both walks with their stunning views and secret coves. App prevented me from getting lost both times!
Wonderful. Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how much we love your app. We used it today for the Mousehole - Lamorna Cove walk. It was so handy to have the notifications come through telling us where to go, we would have taken a few wrong turns otherwise no doubt! It was also really nice to have insights into the the history of area. Congratulations on a fantastic app and website, you have done a wonderful job.
Brilliant I cannot praise this app enough, absolutely brilliant and it makes it impossible to get lost, unless you run out of phone battery! I really wish there was one for devon too.
We have used this app a few times now and wouldn't hesitate to use it again . The walks we have completed were truly amazing with spectacular scenery. Very clear route instructions ( we didn't get lost once ) we took the odd screen shot of directions just in case we lost signal . But we didn't need to refer to them !! We are busy planning our next adventure with iwalk Cornwall . Superb stuff , keep the walks coming. many thanks
Well crafted GPS guided walks across beautiful Cornwall with thoughtful step by step commentary. I've never get lost on a iWalk :) Thoroughly recommend!
Brilliant app. Made our Cornish holiday even better.
Excellent walking app. Highly recommended!
Downloaded your app just before a week-end trip to Cornwall from Bristol. We did the Lanhydrock Gardens walk on Friday afternoon, Fowey to Polruan walk on Saturday and Talland Bay to Looe on Sunday. App worked really, really well and we didnt get lost once. It was brilliant. Many thanks for the opportunity and will definitely use it again when we are in Cornwall.
Brilliant. This app has never let me down. The selection of walks is excellent and various options, features including battery preservation and choice of map and directions make it practical. We live in Cornwall but have been delighted to meet other impressed users and holiday makers en routes. They are easy to contact with suggestions too! Highly recommended. My blind husband loved the audible tones too 'what is it telling you now' - great.
I downloaded iwalk at the start of the week. I have been very impressed with its simplicity, yet detailed information. The app has a wide variety of walks to suit all fitnesses and it covers a variety of different geographical styles of walking - eg pub walks coast walks circular walks etc etc I would recommend this app!
Fantastic - enhanced the holiday - good value for money.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy using your walks, they're easy to follow and have lots of interesting things pointed out along the way.
Great App ... Download it NOW! ★★★★★ This app is fantastic and does exactly what it is advertised to do. The walk we took around Lanhydrock was great and the additional information provided by the app was clear and informative. The GPS location triggered prompts saved battery life and the preloaded map saved frustration waiting for maps to load in poor reception conditions. We are looking forward to taking more walks with this app. Congratulations to the developers on a job well done.
Excellent app. Very informative and accurate. Thanks for making our holiday easy
Excellent App! ★★★★★ Firstly let me congratulate you on your fantastic App. We have used it several times now and really enjoyed the selection of walks and the quality of information provided.
Fantastic app! ★★★★★ Such a good app and a great selection of walks. We have just done 3 of them on our recent trip to north cornwall. A good mix of different distances so we could do them with the kids. Very informative and we never got lost!
A great addition to a walk ★★★★★ This was a great find! So many walks to choose from, and the app worked perfectly throughout the walk we chose. Our teenager particularly enjoyed using it and happily completed the whole walk with iPhone in hand. The directions arrived perfectly at the end of each section we completed and were very accurate. The log of how far you've walked and the estimated time left were very useful. I wish there were similar walks for elsewhere in the UK!
A really useful app ★★★★★ We tried the circular walk from Cape Cornwall to Levant and the app worked treat, really helpful directions which in places would have been difficult to identify on a map. By the way, the walk was marvellous. Highly recommended.
Great app ★★★★★. Works really well. Directions move forward on screen in alignment to your position on the ground which makes it easy to follow the next step on the route. Very impressed.
★★★★★ Great. Very clear, easy to use and reliable. Really good app
Faultless app ★★★★★. Just wish I had found this app earlier on my walking holiday. Easy and informative.
Great step by step guide with surprising accuracy. The historic info really adds to the experience.
This is the best app I have loaded into my phone!!! I loved using it, I'm a very beginner hiker and this was the perfect tool for me to use with my sisters on our trip to Cornwall. Thanks for all the hard work, I appreciate it!!
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Exceptionally easy to use, step by step guidance that gives you next direction exactly when you need it. This is a nice walk stunning countryside and coastal paths.
Used your app for the first time last weekend, absolutely brilliant app.....Given us much more confidence for those longer walks and really like the information on route. We'll definitely use again.
just thought id say that your app is superb - made a joy of walking in an unfamiliar area
Excellent Walk ★★★★★. A very good app and an excellent walk the directions were very clear and the scenery spectacular.
Worth the cost ★★★★★. An excellent app that not only gives you a walk but provides information about where you are and follows your steps. A reminder bleep sounds at each change to ensure you stay on track. The walks were perfect too! Please can we have more for the rest of the UK?!
Brilliant ★★★★★. There was no 3G or mobile coverage on the walk but using the GPS facility it kept track of us all the way. Highly, highly recommended.
Truly excellent ★★★★★. I have to say, I'm very impressed. Now I want iwalkwales!
Great idea, lovely walk. This is a well designed app with accurate waypoints, simple directions and some interesting information about the industrial heritage of the area. Good idea to link it to Google maps too to provide route directions to the start point from any location.
Brilliant Walking App Really enjoyed this walk and information that was given along the way. Was very impressed with the accuracy of the descriptions and notifications of the next point. I would recommend IWalk Cornwall to anyone, great value per walk.
Cheaper than 2 bags of crisps And far more healthy. Waypoints are interesting and accurate with great directions at the right time.. We really liked it and its a bonus that it works offline so battery saving is great as most of this walk was out of range for data. Well worth it and highly recommended. Will be trying more.
Accurate and interesting. I bought this on a whim when in Cornwall. Was expecting to be disappointed but instead have been really impressed. The navigation using the app is excellent, with a loud beep when you get within 10 metres of your next way point - resulting in a 'who can guess the beep point' game as we followed the traiI. The Directions tab has a load of background info for the area we were walking through and the map tab lets you see where you are, well worth the £ I paid for it.
Downloaded the #iwalkcornwall from @iwalkc and went on a circular walk from #stcolumb to #stmawgan the best app I've downloaded by far
Great app and a lovely walk. Seriously, it's well worth a try. It's a great afternoon of entertainment for me.
@iwalkc we did a fab walk using the App at Gunwalloe on Sunday. Thanks will definitely do some more. Loved the bits of info and history
Golitha Falls Walk. This app is fantastic. Instructions are clear (didn't get lost once!), map is brilliantly thought out, with useful, knowledgeable & interesting comments on local heritage/landmarks etc along the way & can be used even if no internet signal.
Brilliant. We really enjoyed this walk and at first found it like a treasure hunt. The maps and info are clear and the alerts were very useful. Will definitely get more of these. Recommended!!
Fantastic app, lovely walk and learnt loads even though i'm local!
Best kept secret! Glad I came across this map. It takes you on a long relaxing walk with some stunning views and includes a stone bridge and a really cool rope suspension bridge! We did not meet a soul and it felt like we had the whole valley all to ourselves. A must do in Cornwall! The walk will suit most abilities, although you should be capable of climbing over stiles.
This is a cracking walk, well described and the app works really well. We found it very informative, it alerts you every time you need to change direction, and tells you in good time if you stray from the route - much better than carrying a book or map. It's well worth taking the detour to visit Restormel Castle, particularly if it's a nice day as it's an excellent picnic spot and the views are stunning. I'll definitely be buying more of these walks, and I really hope they expand into other areas soon.
Brilliant! Me and my husband used this iwalk app for the first time today - the directions were very clear and having the routemap is very helpful. Will definitely recommend and use more. Thanks!
A brilliant app and an enjoyable journey. The scenery was stunning and the guidance provided was exceptional. A thoroughly worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to explore the town of bude and it's landscape.
Perfect walking guide. Easy to use walking 'SatNav' and informative guide packed full of useful local info and history. App snoozed while we were strolling along then automatically woke up at each way-marker with clear directions for the next leg, saving battery! Map was easy to read and it all worked offline. Looking forward to exploring more of Cornwall with other apps in the series.
Very useful Invaluable tool. Simple to use. Once downloaded you only use GPS, no phone signal needed. The pointer on the map to show where you were was extremely accurate, even knowing which way you were facing!! Very clearly showed you where you needed to go and useful additional information.
Great walk well presented. A great app and a really good walk with a few extras to add further interest. The valley is a real hidden gem in Cornwall that you wouldn't find easily without the app. This walk is a must if you like industrial history.
Excellent app, and a really informative guide. The app tracks your progress and alerts you when a change of direction is needed so you can be sure you're always going to be on the right track. I totally recommend this app, and this particular walk along the stunning cornish coast.
I am notorious for having little sense of direction and getting lost. This app was spot on, I didn't go wrong once and I liked all the information about what was around me.
Fantastic ★★★★★ We've bought 2 of the walks so far and they are brilliant... I love that the walks go in a circle and even without 4G the app knows exactly where we are.
Use this app all the time. Really useful and informative
Great app brilliant additional info. The app was good looked at direction summary and used map to stay on track. I went off track and it warned me straight away. Great buy the maps are so cheap!
Brilliant. Walked Bodmin moor no problems at all. Felt really safe using this app.
Most impressed with @iwalkc app today. Well worth a look
Excellent app! We only had time for 2 walks with the App but it was extremely useful, and accurate. Without this we would have got lost or given up. The additional background info (eg Minions & the Cheesewring) are very helpful. The cost of individual walks is very acceptable. Shame it's only available for Cornwall.
Just wanted to say how impressed were after the walk. Your information was spot on the app works great, well done.
I wanted to congratulate your team on creating such a great app. I loved how it messaged me at ever waypoint. And when we went off path because of path closure. Well done.

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