Riverside walks in Cornwall

1.8 miles/2.9 km - Easy

The Camelford Way

The walk enters Camelford's market square and then follows a footpath to the River Camel. The route then follows the river along a wooded valley to Fenteroon Bridge. The return route is through fields with views over the Camel Valley and finally passing along Camelford's high street.

3.2 miles/5.1 km - Easy

Poundstock to Penfound

The walk starts next to the church in Poundstock, where the Gildhouse is the only surviving mediaeval church house of its kind in Cornwall. The route follows lanes through the small hamlet of Treskinnick Cross and drops into the valley at Newmill where it follows the stream to Penfound Manor - the oldest inhabited house in England. From here, the route follows a lane back to Poundstock.

2.2 miles/3.5 km - Easy-moderate

Blisland to Lavethan Wood

The walk starts at the Blisland Inn, then heads through the churchyard and down a track to cross the Mill Race stream. The route then goes through Lavethan Wood, to emerge on a lane near Cock's Penrose farm. The walk follows the lane to Barlendew Farm and then across fields back into Lavethan Wood, emerging onto a lane near Bridge Cottage and following it back up to Blisland.

2.2 miles/3.5 km - Easy-moderate

Hallwell Plantation to Lesnewth

The route follows a wooded stream before climbing up onto a hill overlooking the Valency valley, then descending through fields to Lesnewth church. From Lesnewth, there is an easy walk back along country lanes to the start of the walk.

2.9 miles/4.7 km - Easy-moderate

Week St Mary to Penhallam

The walk starts in The Square outside the church and heads west to Ashbury, through woodland, below the Ashbury hill fort, to the remains of Penhallam. The route then heads through the woods around Westwood Common and crosses the river to the opposite side of the valley, climbing up Waxhill, before crossing a valley to the church in Week St Mary to complete the circular route.

3.3 miles/5.3 km - Easy-moderate

Lanhydrock Gardens

The walk starts from Lanhydrock and climbs from the formal gardens, through the magnolia tunnel, to the Higher Gardens overlooking Lanhydrock, before descending through the gardens and woods to the River. The route then follows the River Fowey to Respryn Bridge and then climbs up the drive to Lanhydrock, through the gatehouse and the parkland vista, to the house.

3.4 miles/5.5 km - Easy-moderate

Jacobstow to Poulza

The walk begins at Jacobstow then follows along country lanes and tracks to the farm hamlet of Poulza. From here it proceeds along another track, through woodland and meadows, then along a lane to reach South Dinnicombe. The route then follows another lane down into the valley near Ash Farm before climbing back up to return to Jacobstow.

3.5 miles/5.7 km - Easy-moderate

St Issey to Sea Mills

The route descends into the river valley below St Issey and follows the river past Melingey Mill and joins the Saint's Way to Little Petherick. From here, the route follows the edge of the creek to the tidal enclosure at Sea Mills. The return route is along small lanes, passing Trevorrick Farm and the Pickwick Inn before returning to St Issey.

4 miles/6.4 km - Easy-moderate

Mawgan Porth to St Mawgan

The walk starts from Mawgan Porth, then heads along the pretty Vale of Lanherne to St Mawgan beside the River Menalhyl, before returning through the churchyard and through meadows and woodland to Mawgan Porth.

4.3 miles/7 km - Easy-moderate

Tehidy Country Park to Deadman's Cove

The route follows the river through Tehidy Country Park to Coombe and then crosses the Reskajeage Downs to reach the North Cliffs near Deadman's Cove. The walk then follows the coast path along the top of the steep cliffs to Basset's Cove. Here the walk re-enters Tehidy Country Park, passing through the bluebell woods of the North Cliffs Plantation to complete the circular route.

5 miles/8.1 km - Easy-moderate

Camelford to Watergate

The walk starts at the old market town of Camelford and follows the river Camel through woodland and climbs through fields to Advent Church on the edge of Bodmin Moor. The route then circles through Watergate, with its Neolithic hut circles, and Moorgate where there is a large standing stone. The route joins Roughtor Road at Tregoodwell, with excellent views of Roughtor, before returning to Camelford.

5.5 miles/8.9 km - Easy-moderate

Hellandbridge to Clerkenwater

The walk starts from Hellandbridge and runs along pretty lanes to Clerkenwater. The walk then follows tracks and fields to reach Helland Wood, and climbs through the wood to Helland Barton where the wildflowers in spring and early summer are spectacular. The return route is through Helland, passing the church and chapel on lanes back to Hellandbridge.

6.4 miles/10.3 km - Easy-moderate

Daymer Bay to Padstow

The walk starts from Daymer Bay and heads through the sand dunes to Rock, via St Enodoc Church: the burial place of Sir John Betjamen, and itself once buried by the dunes. The next leg is on the passenger ferry to Padstow, where the route ascends from the harbour, passing the ancient church and Prideaux Place, once the site of St Petroc's monastery. The walk continues past Tregirls to the Doom Bar. The beaches of Harbour Cove and St Georges Cove form the return route to Padstow. After a second river crossing, the route follows the sands of Daymer Bay from Rock.

7.3 miles/11.7 km - Easy-moderate

St Columb Major to St Mawgan

After passing through the winding mediaeval streets of St Columb, the walk follows the Vale of Lanherne to St Mawgan and returns through woods along the River Menalhyl.

2.1 miles/3.4 km - Moderate

Bossiney to Rocky Valley

The walk starts from Bossiney, heading out across fields to the hamlet of Halgabron then down the lane to Rocky Valley. The route follows the Trevillett river as it winds through ancient woodland out into a canyon leading to the sea. The walk then joins the coast path, climbing up onto the headland and behind Benoath Cove and finally on to Bossiney Haven.

2.6 miles/4.2 km - Moderate

Boscastle to Minster Church

The walk starts at Boscastle Harbour and follows the River Valency, inland, up the Valency Valley. It then turns into Minster Valley, at the top of which sits the ancient Minster Church. From here, the walk crosses into the Jordan Valley and after passing Boscastle's oldest pub, descends the valley along the now tucked-away Fore Street and Old Street which were once Boscastle's main road.

2.7 miles/4.3 km - Moderate

Trebarwith Valley

The walk follows the stream up from Jeffrey's Pit through bluebell woods emerging at the top of Trebarwith Valley overlooking Trewarmett. The route follows the ridge seawards then drops down into the valley with panoramic views back up to Trewarmett and down to the sea. The walk continues down to the valley floor past an old mill and then back up the other side of the valley through Trebarwith Nature Reserve to the fields in Treknow from which there are more views across the valley in the other direction.

3.1 miles/4.9 km - Moderate

St Agnes to Trevellas Porth

The route climbs from Trevaunance Cove through the gardens to the coast path and follows this to Trevellas Porth. Here the route turns inland passing the engine houses and Blue Hill Tin and follows the stream up Trevellas Coombe. The route then follows tracks, footpaths and lanes towards St Agnes to join Water Lane and follows this along the stream to the Peterville Arms and through the woods to the bottom of Stippy Stappy. The return route is via Coronation Walk along the edge of Trevaunance Coombe, with views over St Agnes.

3.1 miles/5.0 km - Moderate

St Breward to Lank

The walk starts from the lane adajcent to St Breward Church in Churchtown, then descends along a wooded path to Tuckingmill. The route then follows along the side of the valley through Lamphills Woods to Coombe Mill, where it follows a lane before descending down through fields to cross the River Camel and ascending the other side to reach the hamlet of Higher Lank. The walk then follows the lane back into St Breward, following a footpath around the Tor Down Granite Quarry, then along a lane to reach St Breward Primary School. The route follows a track past the school to emerge back in Churchtown opposite the Old Inn, where a short walk along the lane completes the circular route.

3.2 miles/5.2 km - Moderate

Hayle Valley from St Erth

The walk starts at the church and follows the path alongside the River Hayle to Trennack Mill. From here, the route follows a lane to Porthcollum then farm tracks and footpaths across fields and through woods to Tremeling Farm. The route follows a footpath across the fields to Tremeling cottage then joins the Green Lane which forms the return route to the church.

3.3 miles/5.4 km - Moderate

Badgall Downs

The walk follows a lane to the hamlet of Torrpark and along a track which crosses a tributary stream. The route continues across fields to Kyrse where it crosses another stream. From Kyrse Farm, the walk crosses fields and two more tributaries to the village of Tresmeer. The final leg crosses the River Kensey, fed by all of the streams earlier on the walk, before reaching the village of Badgall.

3.3 miles/5.3 km - Moderate

Luxulyan Valley circular

The route begins at the Black Hill Luxulyan Valley car park and climbs up to the Treffry Viaduct. The route then follows the trackbed of the horse-drawn tramway to the wheelpit where a 30ft waterwheel once hauled wagons up the inclined plane, which you then walk down to follow the leat powering the waterwheels of the Fowey Consols mine. From here the route follows a path through Carmears Wood to join the Velvet Path which it follows back to the inclined plane. The walk then descends to the bottom of the inclined plane and follows the lower path alongside the river passing Trevanny Dry and beneath the viaduct to complete the circular route.

3.3 miles/5.3 km - Moderate

Port Isaac

The walk starts at the cliff-top car park in Port Isaac and descends to Port Gaverne, then follows the valley behind Port Gaverne and climbs through farmland to the top of the hill where there are excellent views over the valley and Port Gaverne. The route then descends into the neighbouring valley and crosses Roscarrock Hill, following the coast path around Lobber Point to Port Isaac, with magnificient views of the harbour. The walk returns through Port Isaac harbour and village then via the cliffs above Port Isaac.

3.3 miles/5.4 km - Moderate

St Neot to Carnglaze

The route follows the St Neot river into the Loveny Valley and follows a quarry trail through the woods to Carnglaze Caverns. From here the route follows lanes through the woods and out of the valley to reach Woodlands Farm. The return route is through fields with views over St Neot.

3.6 miles/5.8 km - Moderate


The walk starts at the Delabole slate quarry and follows paths around the quarry then through fields, heading up through the hamlet of Medrose and onto a wide, grassy, cattle-droving track which skirts across the top of Delabole. The route then heads through Higher Pengelley, down into the woods at Helland Barton and along the River Allen, before climbing the slate tips back to the quarry.

4.3 miles/7 km - Moderate

Blisland to Newton Downs

The walk starts out from the Blisland Inn, around Blisland village green to the church, and heads down into the Lavethan valley. It departs from the lane, passing a wayside cross and Holy well, to the river confluence at Waterloo. From here, it climbs out of the valley to Trehudreth Downs, which it crosses to Newton Downs, before dipping into the river valley. The return to Blisland is through fields to Metherin and lanes through Carwen, finally passing Blisland Manor, before reaching the Saxon village green.

4.3 miles/6.9 kilometres - Moderate

North Hill to Hawks Tor

The walks starts from the village hall, passing the church and village pub, then descends into the valley of and across the River Lynher before climbing up onto the slopes of the Hawkstor Downs and around the summit of Hawk's Tor. The route then turns back along Withey Brook and follows it through Castick Wood, past the ancient Iron Age fort of Allabury and Castick Farm, before crossing the river again back to North Hill.

4.4 miles/7.1 km - Moderate


The walk begins by climbing to the Castle-an-dinas hillfort and crossing the ramparts through the central enclosure. The route then descends into the Menalhyl valley via Dennis Farm and follows tracks and small lanes to reach the river near Reterth. After following the river, the route follows wooded paths, eventually emerging at Tresaddern. The circular route is completed by following a small lane to the road from which the track to the car-park departs.

4.7 miles/7.5 km - Moderate

Porthtowan to Chapel Porth

The walk starts at Porthtowan and follows the coast path to the remains of the engine house at Wheal Charlotte. From here the route crosses the copper lode and descends to Chapel Porth and follows the Chapel Coombe valley, passing the engine house of Charlotte United Mine. The route then follows a footpath to the ridge at Towan Cross and descends again to Banns Vale where it follows the river to the remains of the Tywarnhayle mine. The final leg follows the valley back to the sea, passing Wheal Ellen and other mining relics.

The walk starts at Lesnewth and drops into the Valency valley at Trefalgar where it crosses the River Valency. It then climbs the opposite side of the valley to St Juliot Church which the novelist Thomas Hardy helped to rebuild. The route heads up the valley, passing the Iron Age settlement at Cargurra, and on to Tresparrett where the Horseshoe Inn offers refreshment. The route then passes through the wooded valleys of the tributaries of the River Valency, before looping back to Lesnewth.

5.1 miles/8.2 km - Moderate

Poley's Bridge to Blisland

The route starts at Poley's Bridge, where the Wenford Driers once loaded china clay onto the railway to Padstow, and follows the Camel Trail to Wenfordbridge. From here the route heads up De Lank valley, passing the granite quarry, and crosses the De Lank river to Pendrift Downs. Here, the route passes Jubilee Rock, carved with insignia then follows lanes into Blisland. The route leaves the village via the pub and returns across the mediaeval bridge at Keybridge.

5.1 miles/8.1 km - Moderate

Deadman's Cove to Red River Valley

The walk starts on the North Cliffs at Deadman's Cove and follows the coast path to a second cove of the same name and passes the site of the 2011 cliff fall that went viral on YouTube before reaching Hell's Mouth. The route turns inland through a river valley and along a farm lane to the Gwealavellan cross. The walk then descends into the Red River valley at Menadarva and follows the bridleway through the nature reserve to Coombe, completing the circular route via a footpath.

5.1 miles/8.2 km - Moderate

Slate quarry trail

The route starts at Jeffrey's Pit in Trebarwith Valley and climbs through the woods and fields to Jenkins Quarry. It then follows a cattle-droving track into Delabole, passing the quarrymens' cottages along Pengelly, until it reaches Delabole Quarry. The route skirts around the edge of the quarry and then heads back down Bowithick Hill. It passes through the Bowithick Quarry slate tips to the Prince of Wales Quarry before completing the circle, returning along Sanding Road to Jeffery's Pit.

5.2 miles/8.4 km - Moderate

Wadebridge to St Breock

The walk starts by following the Camel Trail towards Padstow to the bird hide overlooking the Amble salt marshes, passing a number of lookout points with benches. The route then crosses the top of the Trevanson and Tregunna creeks and crosses fields to Trevanson and St Breock. The walk descends the valley to reach St Breock church and follows the lane along the stream to join the Polmorla river. The return route to Wadebridge is through the woods of the Polmorla valley, passing through Coronation Park.

5.3 miles/8.5 km - Moderate

Lanhydrock to Restormel

The walk follows the River Fowey from the mediaeval bridge at Respryn through the grounds of Lanhydrock to Restormel Castle. The route then crosses over the river at Restormel Manor into the woodland owned by the Duchy. The return route is on lanes passing the Duchy Nursery before descending, with views over Restormel Castle and the neighbouring valleys, to Respryn.

5.3 miles/8.6 km - Moderate

Little Petherick Creek and the Camel Trail

From Padstow, the route climbs Denis Hill to the monument where there are panoramic views of the area. It then follows the Saint's Way up Little Petherick Creek through meadows and woodland to reach Little Petherick's gothic church. From there the path follows the other side of the creek to reach Sea Mills where the remains of the tidal mill enclosures can still be seen. The return route is through fields and down a small track then along the Camel Trail over the old railway bridge spanning Little Petherick Creek.

5.6 miles/9.0 km - Moderate

St Clether to the Rising Sun

The route follows the church path in St Clether to the chapel and holy well and continues through the nature reserve to the upper reaches of the Inny Valley. From there, the route returns through St Clether and descends to the Inny, crossing a tributary by a waterfall, before crossing the main river in a meadow. From here, the route follows footpaths past a ruined barn to emerge on a lane near the Rising Sun Inn. The return to St Clether is via tracks and footpaths, crossing fields and passing Basil Manor and the mill leat on the way back to the village of St Clether.

5.8 miles/9.3 km - Moderate

Hellandbridge to St Mabyn

The walk starts at the ancient river crossing of Hellandbridge and climbs through woods and across fields to the celtic settlement of St Mabyn. The route enters St Mabyn near the church and Post Office (which has a coffee shop) and leaves past the pub and chapel. The return route is across fields to Longstone - the site of a prehistoric standing stone - and Trequites where it follows a wooded valley and passes the Tudor house of Tredethy.

6.1 miles/9.9 km - Moderate

Dunmere to Penhargard

The walk starts by following the Camel Trail through woodland from the Borough Arms to Dunmere Falls. It then climbs through fields to the farm at Penhargard and from there the route follows a pretty lane into Clerkenwater and then along woodland tracks and lanes to Bodmin Gaol and back to the Borough Arms.

6.1 miles/9.7 km - Moderate

Egloshayle to Dinham Bridge

The walk follows the River Allen through the woods along the Allen Valley from Sladesbridge to Hingham Mill and continues up the river from Lemail Mill to Dinham Bridge. Here, the route climbs out of the valley passing Castle Killibury. Small lanes and farm tracks complete the circular route, via the three-holed cross, to Egloshayle.

6.2 miles/10 km - Moderate

Boscastle to Rocky Valley

The walk starts with a climb from Boscastle Harbour onto Forrabury Common and joins the coast path, passing the mediaeval field system of "stitches" and the coastguard lookout. The route follows the coast path past a unique archway called "The Lady's Window" near Trevalga, before descending into Rocky Valley. The walk then follows the river to the top of Rocky Valley and then climbs up to Trethevy, where there is a mediaeval chapel and holy well. The route from here heads across farmland to Trevalga, passing the church and ancient wayside cross, before reaching Forrabury and finally descending back into Boscastle.

6.4 miles/10.3 km - Moderate

St Breward to Advent

The walk starts in St Breward at the church and heads west out onto Bodmin Moor. The route then turns north, crossing the Little Camel and following the gorge at Devil's Jump, before heading through fields to the wayside cross at Tresinney. The walk reaches its northernmost point at Advent Church, turning back through Tresinney, and heading south, along the edge of the Camel valley, to the remains of the mediaeval village at Carwether. The walk continues along the Camel valley, before skirting the Hamatetly woods and returning to St Breward, through Tuckingmill.

2.4 miles/3.9 km - Moderate-strenuous


The walk begins at Morwenstow church, passes the old rectory into the woods, then crosses fields to Henna Cliff. The route then follows the coast path to Vicarage Cliff and passes Hawker's Hut before descending into the Tidna Valley. An optional diversion can be made from here to Sharpnose Point where there are spectacular panoramic views of the coastline. The walk continues up the valley through woodland alongside a stream before climbing back up to Crosstown and crossing the gardens of the Bush Inn before finally following a lane back to the Rectory Farm Tea Rooms to complete the walk.

3.2 miles/5.2 km - Moderate-strenuous

Crackington Haven to St Genny's Church

The route follows the coast path from Crackington Haven to Pencannow Point with nice views over the beach. The path zig-zags behind Great and Little Barton Strand to Castle Point and then passes the remnants of an Iron Age fort. The route then cuts through a wooded valley, which was once the route of smugglers, to St Genny's House and on to St Genny's Church. The return route follows the stream down through the woods back to Crackington Haven.

4 miles/6.5 km - Moderate-strenuous

Warbstow to Treneglos

The walk starts from the hamlet of Downinney, down a country lane to Warbstow church where it heads across tracks and fields to the farms of Youlstone and Trewonnard. The route then follows a lane and a track to Treneglos church, then along a lane and across fields and a stream to Nether Scarsick, followed by more fields and another stream to emerge back onto the lane to Downinney.

4.5 miles/7.2 km - Moderate-strenuous

Rilla Mill and Plushabridge

The walk starts at Rill Mill and follows the woods above the River Lynher to Westcott. A series of small lanes and tracks then lead to Colquite Wood and the route follows the river to Starabridge and continues downriver to Measham. From here a series of small lanes and footpaths lead to Sutton, with views to Caradon Hill and Minions. The return route is along a tributary valley to Plushabridge and along the Lynher valley to Rilla Mill.

5.1 miles/8.2 km - Moderate-strenuous

St Neot Two Valleys

The route passes through St Neot towards the church then climbs up to the moorland of Berry Down via small lanes and footpaths. After crossing the moor, the walk descends into the river valley through bluebell woods and follows the wooded path along the top of a ravine. The route follows the river close to its confluence with the Fowey and follows the Fowey to Treverbyn. The return route is via small lanes and tracks, ending at the London Inn.

5.4 miles/8.7 km - Moderate-strenuous

Boscastle to Buckator

The walk climbs up Penally Hill from the harbour in Boscastle, with spectacular views. The route then follows the coast to Pentargon where a waterfall plummets from the cliff. The path then continues along Beeny Cliff passing Fire Beacon Point and the Beeny Sisters, to the seal colony at Buckator. The return to Boscastle is along small lanes and through Peter's Wood along the valley of the River Valency.

5.8 miles/9.4 km - Moderate-strenuous

Bossiney to Condolden

The walk heads up the hill from Bossiney and drops down into St Nectan's Glen, before climbing the wooded valley alongside the river. From here, it crosses fields and joins a lane leading to Condolden Barrow - the highest point in the area with excellent panoramic views. The return route is via tracks and footpaths, past the slate quarries of Trebarwith Valley and across Trewarmett Downs.

5.9 miles/9.5 km - Moderate-strenuous

Trewarmett to Tregardock

The walk descends from Jeffrey's Pit and climbs the side of the valley (with excellent views). From here, there is a long gentle descent through fields and farms to Tregardock Beach. From Tregardock, the route joins the coast path over "The Mountain" before a steep descent to Backways Cove. From Backways Cove, there is a gentle ascent of the valley followed by a gentle descent into Trebarwith Valley, to return to Jeffrey's Pit.

6.6 miles/10.6 km - Moderate-strenuous

Inny Valley from Altarnun

Starting from the church at Altarnun, the walk crosses the river valleys of the Inny and Penpont Water, with some nice views of Bodmin Moor. In spring and summer there are spectacular wildflowers all the way around the route. Some steep and awkward ladder stiles make this a little more demanding than it would otherwise be.

6.6 miles/10.6 km - Moderate-strenuous

Pentewan Valley and Black Head

The walk starts at Pentewan and follows the coast path to Hallane, with some nice views, and around Black Head to Trenarren. From here the route follows lanes and footpaths to Castle Gotha and then to Towan. From here, a footpath leads into the Pentewan valley and joins the network of paths in King's Wood. After passing through the woodland reserve, the route joins the Pentewan Valley trail and follows this down the St Austell river, switching to a footpath to stay alongside the river and follows this back to Pentewan.

2.2 miles/3.5 km - Strenuous

Trebarwith Strand to Backways Cove

The walk climbs from the valley to the tiny Trebarwith village, then descends through fields to coastal heath alongside the stream to reach Backways Cove. In a big winter storm, sea foam collects in the cove and is whipped into foam tornados by the wind. The route then follows the coast path over Dennis Point, where there are spectacular views over Trebarwith Strand and Port Isaac Bay, to reach the Port William inn.

3.4 miles/5.4 km - Strenuous

Poundstock to Millook

The walk starts at Poundstock, where there are some impressive ancient buildings, and climbs out of the Wanson valley past Trevisick, into Millook valley which it follows down to Millook Haven. The route follows the coast path from Millook Haven, along Penhalt Cliff towards Widemouth Bay, then returns via the Wanson valley to Poundstock.

4 miles/6.4 km - Strenuous

Tregardock to Dannonchapel

The walk begins by descending the valley from Tregardock towards Tregardock Beach to reach the Coast Path. The route then follows the coastal path behind Trerubies Cove to the steep gorge at Dannonchapel. After climbing out of the valley to reach Crookmoyle Rock, the route turns inland to the abandoned hamlet of Dannonchapel now owned by the National Trust. The return to Tregardock is over the fields of the West Downs.

4 miles/6.4 km - Strenuous

Trewarmett to Backways Cove

The route starts from Jeffrey's Pit and climbs up the side of the valley (with excellent views) until it reaches Trebarwith Village. From here, there is a gentle descent through the fields to Backways Cove. From Backways, there is a steep ascent of Dennis Point, followed by an even steeper descent to Trebarwith Strand. From Trebarwith Strand, the route climbs back up Trebarwith Valley to Treknow and Trewarmett.

4.2 miles/6.8 km - Strenuous

Polruan to Lantic Bay

The walk follows a fairly demanding stretch of the coast path to reach Lantic Bay, which makes it all worth it. After a final climb from the coast, the majority of the walk is downhill, passing Lanteglos Church where Daphne Du Maurier was married. The walk then joins the final section of the famous Hall Walk route to Polruan, through the woods along Pont Pill creek. The final part of the walk is through Polruan, passing the quay, blockhouse and battery.