Footpath issues

The Local Authority countryside team who are responsible for maintenance of footpaths have an web form and emergency number where you can report issues. They take these reports seriously and we're impressed with their genuine passion for improving the footpaths.

If there is an emergency or a hazard on a public right of way, you should telephone 0300 1234 202 which is manned 24/7.

For all other issue reports, use the form on the Cornwall Council website (NB do not report emergencies or hazards using this as this is not monitored 24/7).

If you have a photo showing the problem, you can email it to, including enough information in the email so they can tell which webform submission it refers to. You could also attach a screengrab of the Cornwall Council footpath map with the footpath pop-out box showing exactly where the problem is.

To find a footpath using Cornwall Council's mapping service:

  • Drag and zoom into the area of the map where the issue is (or search for a place name).
  • Click "Layers" and then select "Public Rights of Way" (zoom in more if it appears greyed-out).
  • Click on a footpath, you should get a box pop up with "Parish/path no./link no."

Thank you for reporting this. It helps to make the footpaths better for everybody.