Some ways you can help us

By using our app

  • If you haven't tried our app yet, give it a try.
  • If you have, please leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play: the number of reviews and average rating affects our position in the App Store rankings.

By contributing if you print out our walks

We'd really appreciate if you'd contribute whatever you can afford, even if it's just £1, to help us to keep the walks available on the website. How to contribute.

Spotting and feeding back any route changes

On your walks, feed back any footpath changes affecting the directions (for example, stiles being replaced by kissing gates) or footpath issues. If you're using the app you can use the actions menu on the direction screen.

On social media

  • Like our page on Facebook and follow us on twitter
  • Share our posts on facebook this causes facebook to deliver the post to more followers of our page (as not all get it by default) as well as the people you share it to.
  • Retweet us on twitter. If you want to quote our tweet and add something of your own (e.g. advertising your own business) that's fine too.
  • Tell your friends about us and get them involved too.

Let your visitors know about us

  • Link to us if you have a website (we'll link to you in return).
  • If you have holiday accommodation, print our walk menus for your information folders.
  • Print out and put up our poster (in locations where you have permission).

Through shopping