About iWalk Cornwall

What is iWalk Cornwall?

iWalk Cornwall is a collection of thoughtfully-crafted circular walks and a guided walks mobile app created by two brothers from Trewarmett who are passionate about the mindboggling number of amazing things in Cornwall.

The 310 walks have taken over a decade and more than 5,000 miles of walking to produce and there's still a lot more we hope to add.

Over the past ten years, we have developed a guided walk app for Android and Apple, which is a convenient way of tracking where you are on the walk, reducing the chances of getting lost and allowing you to concentrate more fully on your surroundings. It has been described as "like having a walk guide in your pocket".

The GPS-guided walks are each available for £3.29. The income from this pays a tiny amount towards our costs (which include keeping the directions continually-updated for each of the walks and physically re-checking them). The app includes a free walk (Lanhydrock Gardens) and a simulation mode so you can try out the functionality for yourself before purchasing any walks.

We are not a formal charity, however, iWalk Cornwall is a social enterprise run on charitable principles, working to:

  • make Cornwall's natural environment and heritage more accessible to both locals and visitors and consequently more valued, appreciated and ultimately protected
  • help maintain Cornwall's footpath network through collaboration with the Local Authority Countryside Access Team
  • support other local businesses and organisations in making Cornwall a valued, sustainable, innovative and welcoming region
  • promote the benefits to physical and mental well-being of walking, Cornwall's natural beauty and its fascinating history

Essentially, the more people who use our walks app, the more time we can afford to spend on creating new walks, further improving the existing ones and working towards these aims.

If you don't have an Android/Apple smartphone, the walk directions and accompanying notes are also available as a PDF from the website (click on the "Buy walk" button at the bottom of the page).

We are steadily adding new walk routes, which we announce on facebook and twitter. The existing walks are also continually being updated for changes to the footpaths and with more information about the heritage and natural history as we find out about it ourselves (the app will automatically download any updates free-of-charge).