Android Troubleshooting Guide


    Buying walks

    Normal behaviour: walks are sold as in-app purchases so on pressing "buy walk", Android pops up a box for Google to take a payment and the purchase is stored in your Google account. The app is then notified of the purchase and should download the walk (progress bar) which should then appear in "My Walks" in the app.

    Trouble making a purchase

    This will be an issue with Android settings or Google Pay. There are some troubleshooting guides here:

    Not sure if purchase went through

    You can confirm the purchase was successful and was stored in your Google account using the guide here.

    Purchase went through but walk didn't download

    A quick thing to try first is:

    • Press "Restore Purchases" on the home screen of the app

    This will re-download any walks in the Google account that are not already on the device.

    If after this, the walk still doesn't download (i.e. the information about the purchase hasn't reached the app) then the following has fixed all "stuck" purchase issues reported to date:

    • Restart the device - this clears in-memory caches
    • Delete the app cache (via the app settings page in the Settings app) - this removes cache data backed-up to the cloud
    • Uninstall the app - this clears caches from the phone storage
    • Reinstall the app
    • Press "Restore Purchases" on the home screen of the app

    If you're still having problems after this please Contact Us and we'll help you troubleshoot further.

    Purchased walks are not synchronising between my devices when I press "restore purchases"

    You need to be signed into both Android devices with the same Google account. If you definitely are signed in as the same user on both devices then try the following on the device that the walks are not appearing on:

    • Uninstall the app (this will clear the operating system caches)
    • Reinstall the app
    • Press "Restore Purchases" on the app home screen

    GPS and compass

    There's a red "NO GPS" sign at the top of the page

    This will be displayed if your GPS receiver is turned off or the app can't access it for some reason. While this message is displayed, don't attempt to start the walk as the app cannot track your location to know that you've started.

    If you've forgotten to turn your GPS receiver on, simply exit/switch out of the app, turn it on and switch back again. The app will detect the change when you switch back to it and begin seeking a GPS location fix.

    If your device doesn't have a built-in GPS receiver, you'll need an external GPS receiver. These can be purchased on Amazon, for example, and can connect to your device via Bluetooth or USB. If you have an external GPS device and are seeing this sign, make sure the external receiver is switched on, your device has Bluetooth is switched on and that the external GPS receiver has been correctly "paired" with your device.

    There's an orange "SEEKING GPS" sign at the top of the page

    While this is displayed, the app cannot track your position to give you relevant direction information.

    It is displayed when the GPS receiver your device is using is activated but a GPS fix has yet to be acquired. In order to track your position, the receiver must locate a minimum of 3 GPS satellites. When the walk navigation is started, this can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes. You may also see this sign appear if your GPS receiver loses its location fix. This can occur when objects are obscuring the sky such as when you are under heavy tree cover or inside a building. The sign will disappear once a fix has been reacquired. If for some reason this sign doesn't disappear, try restarting your device.

    My GPS signal keeps dropping out

    Check in Android settings that battery saver is off and in Apps > iWalk Cornwall, check "Location" permission is "Allow all the time" and "Physical activity" permission is not denied.

    The Android GPS service could be malfunctioning so restart the device. This fixes most issues.

    If the issue persists after a restart, have a look at this guide for troubleshooting Android GPS issues (because GPS positions are provided to apps by Android itself, exactly the same things apply).

    My compass direction seems wrong

    The compass in your Android device uses a magnetic sensor to detect magnetic north. Sometimes this sensor gives a wrong reading and needs calibrating. To calibrate your compass, do the following:

    1. Open the Google Maps app
    2. Tap on the "blue dot" (your current location)
    3. Select "Calibrate compass"
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions


    My photo wasn't saved to my image gallery after I used the Camera button

    When you press the Camera button inside the app, a built-in function within Android takes over to provide an in-app camera. After using this to take a photo, you are then presented with a preview of the photo. You need to press the "OK" (or "tick" - depending on the Android version) button to save the photo. Pressing any other button (or the hardware back button) will not save your photo. We're not quite sure what Google's rationale was for making their in-app camera behave differently from the standalone Android camera app.

    The app closed without warning

    So long as the iWalk app is selected as the current app (in the "foreground") during a walk, the app will keep running and track your progress, even if the screen is switched off. However, if you switch to use another app during a walk while the iWalk app is running (putting it in the "background"), Android may decide to close the iWalk app to save system resources. If this happens, the iWalk app will no longer be able to track your route progress, so you won't get alerted when you reach a direction point or go off-route. If this happens, when you switch back to the iWalk app, it will restart (displaying the iWalk "boot" logo) and then will automatically resume your current walk and start route tracking again. If you have passed a number of direction points before noticing the app wasn't tracking your progress, the app may not be up-to-date with your current progression through the walk. To remedy this, on the directions screen you can tap on the direction marker before your position shown on the map and select "Start from here" for the relevant direction, to tell the app where to resume the walk from.

    An issue not described here

    The following steps have been found to fix 99% of device issues:

    • Restart the device (clears in-memory caches and reboots phone operating system)
    • Uninstall the app (clears caches in phone storage)
    • Reinstall the app (ensures the app installed properly e.g. if the phone operating system was malfunctioning before)
    • Press "Restore Purchases" on the home screen of the app (re-downloads a fresh copy of all walks)

    If an issue still persists after this then contact us and we'll help you to troubleshoot further.

    Also, if you have a question rather an actual problem, check out the FAQ.