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Walking, as with any outdoor activity, involves a certain amount of risk. In Cornwall, unfenced cliffs, quarries and mines, large farm animals and steep gradients make these risks more significant than in many other areas. This is particularly the case in poor weather when footpaths can be slippery, high winds can cause loss of balance and navigation can be hindered by fog. We accept no responsibility for any injuries or loss caused to walkers following the routes outlined on this website. We recommend you read the pages on walking safety on the Southwest Coast Path website and advice for walkers on livestock by the National Farmers Union. Before setting out on a walk, consider the kinds of risks you (and any children or dogs you are responsible for) are likely to encounter in a rural environment, and pay very careful attention to the weather conditions and forecast.

Whilst considerable effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of directions, we make no guarantees and by walking the routes you take full responsibility for navigating around any errors or omissions in the directions and any changes in the routes of footpaths since the directions were written. If you have a suggestion for an improvement to the directions for a particular route, please contact us and your feedback will be gratefully received.

Footpaths were passable at the time of writing but we make no guarantees about their subsequent condition. Cornwall Council are responsible for ensuring that Public Rights of Way are navigable. If you find a problem with the maintenance of footpaths (e.g. a fallen tree or overgrown path), see how to report this to the Countryside team working for Cornwall Council.