Footpath issues

How to report

For emergencies or hazards, phone 0300 1234 202 which is manned 24/7.

To report obstructed or overgrown paths, use the issue reporting web form.

Sending photos

If you have a photo showing the problem, you can email it to, including enough information in the email so they can tell which webform submission it refers to.

Finding a footpath number

To find a footpath using Cornwall Council's mapping service:

  • Drag and zoom into the area of the map where the issue is (or search for a place name).
  • Click "Layers" and then select "Public Rights of Way" (zoom in more if it appears greyed-out).
  • Click on a footpath, you should get a box pop up with "Parish/path no./link no."

Why reporting overgrown paths is important

Footpaths in Cornwall are graded mostly gold and silver with a small number of bronze ones (generally dead-ends). Most parishes are part of a Local Maintenance Partnership where they receive money per mile of gold and silver paths towards cutting them.

Silver paths are not cut by default and only cut if they are reported as overgrown. Gold paths should be cut at least once (usually twice) per year but some occasionally get missed or get overgrown after being cut.

In our experience, when we've reported overgrown paths (both silver and gold), parish councils are usually very good at getting them sorted out. It sometimes takes a few weeks but it does get done so it really is worth the effort to report.

Regular cutting stops woody plants such as blackthorn from becoming established and gives grass a competitive advantage over many other plants.

Footpath signage

At the time of writing (Dec 2018), it's not worth spending time reporting missing/degraded footpath signage to the Countryside Team. Replacing footpaths signs and waymark posts is currently off the bottom of the priority list for Cornwall Council as all available resources are prioritised onto repairing footpath structures such as bridges and stiles. However, if the land is owned by the National Trust, the local NT team might be in a position to replace signage if it is reported directly to them.

If there's a footpath sign or waymark referenced in the directions of our walks that has disappeared, take a photo of the area around it and let us know so we can re-word the directions.