iWalk Cornwall - Footpath issues

Footpath issues

How to report

For emergencies or hazards, phone the Cornwall Council Countryside Access Team emergency number - 0300 1234 202 which is manned 24/7.

To report obstructed or overgrown paths, use the Cornwall Council issue reporting web form.

Why reporting overgrown paths is important

Footpaths in Cornwall are graded mostly gold and silver with a small number of bronze ones (generally dead-ends). Most parishes are part of a Local Maintenance Partnership where they receive money per mile of gold and silver paths towards cutting them.

Silver paths are not cut by default and only cut if they are reported as overgrown. Gold paths should be cut at least once (usually twice) per year but some occasionally get missed or get overgrown after being cut.

In our experience, when we've reported overgrown paths (both silver and gold), parish councils are usually very good at getting them sorted out. It sometimes takes a few weeks but it does get done so it really is worth the effort to report.

Regular cutting stops woody plants such as blackthorn from becoming established and gives grass a competitive advantage over many other plants.

Footpath signage

If you find a broken footpath sign or waymark post, please report this to Cornwall Council as it will be recorded. To manage expectations, in most cases it will not be replaced immediately by Cornwall Council. However, if other work is being done in the area then this gives it the best chance of being done at the same time. There are also programmes of improvements carried out by some parish councils and organisations such as the West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society and The Ramblers where it may also be addressed.

If the footpath sign or waymark that has disappeared is referenced in the directions of our walks, take a photo of the area around it and let us know so we can re-word the directions until new signage is finally in place.