iWalk Cornwall app for GPS-guided walks

iWalk Cornwall guided walks app

Our walks are available via a guided walk mobile app for Apple iPhones and iPads and for Android phones and tablets. The iWalk app is a bit like having a miniature human walk guide in your pocket, providing detailed directions and information about the local area, based on your current location. The walks include over a decade of research spanning more than 3,000 topics.

Walks are each available for £3.29, the income from which pays towards the costs of creating and continually maintaining the content of each walk (which includes physically visiting and systematically checking the route to ensure all changes are picked-up).

The iWalk app includes a free walk (Lanhydrock Gardens) and a simulation mode so you can try out the functionality for yourself before purchasing any walks.

What does the iWalk app do?

Each walk purchased through the app contains detailed navigation directions and points of interest. It also contains a map of the walk route and surrounding area, showing where you are on it and which way you are facing. There's more too - full details of what each walk includes are here.

Using the GPS receiver on your phone/tablet, the app:

  • Gives you directions with a beep/vibrate notification when there’s a new direction for you to follow (+ supports Apple/Android smart watches).
  • Gives you information about points of interest along the walk.
  • Warns you if you wander off the walk route.
  • Tells you how far to the next direction, estimates walk time remaining and monitors battery drain rate.

Once a walk is downloaded onto your phone/tablet, the app doesn’t need an internet connection whilst you do the walk. The app also integrates with your phone's built-in satnav software for driving to help you get to the start of the walk.

The app also allows you to feed back footpath issues so we can work with the Local Authority countryside team to get these fixed.

What do other people think of our walks app?

Really love the way the walks are marked. App is super convenient to use with the directions automatically popping up for the next point on the way. The best part was the information provided along the route. Would highly recommend the app.
Could not rave about this app enough if I tried! Absolutely faultless - thank you!
Love this app, so easy to use. The notifications of our next steps were accurate and delivered just as we needed them.
I walk Cornwall is a great app - plenty walks and choices. One detail that would be a great addition is the proportion of the walk on the road
Excellent app can't recommend it enough. Easy instructions lots of info along way and added help of map guidance.
A great app! Discovered areas we would not have otherwise found. Directions were excellent. Well worth the paying for the routes - really enjoyed the walks and the history /commentary.
Just completed the third walk of our holiday using the iWalk Cornwall app. Each walk was excellent. Each had clear instructions and additional information about the area. Visited some lovely places including Portreath and the Bedruthan steps. Will let all my friends and family know of this app when they visit Cornwall.
This is such a good app. Clear instructions, works well with the Apple Watch. Instructions are clear and always up to date. Having time this year to get out and explore parts of Cornwall I’ve always wanted to, this app has been brilliant! Thanks guys!
We used the app for the first time over the weekend and will definitely be using it again. We would never have unearthed the footpaths without the aid of the app rolling the directions at every junction. It was clear, precise and easy to use. 5* excellent!!!
If I could give 10 stars I would. Its transformed my days off, instead of aimlessly wondering where to go for a walk, I just pick from the list and off me and the dog go!
This is an excellent app for experienced and new walkers alike, offering insights into Cornwall that you don’t get from simply using a map. The information on dog friendly beaches and other features are thoughtful and useful additions. Alerts at turning points mean that you don’t head off in the wrong direction. It’s heavy on phone battery so take a portable charger with you - and taking a map is always a wise precaution, just in case....
This is the best walking app I have used, at every waypoint in the walk I was alerted by the app with very accurate descriptions of the next direction to take. Excellent 10/10