iWalk Cornwall - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this guided walk phone app all about?

We have created a phone app to guide you around a walk, giving you directions and information based on where you are. It's a bit like having a walk guide but being able to do it at your own pace and stop for a picnic whenever you like, and unlike Satnav it doesn't shout at you and scare off all the wildlife. Walks are purchased via the app but the app itself is free and includes a free walk and simulation mode so you can try it out first without paying anything (search the App Store/Google Play for iwalk cornwall). More information.

What does the walk grade correspond to?

The scale is based on walk steepness:

  • 1: Easy - no steep gradients
  • 2: Easy-Moderate - some gradients but nothing too steep or long
  • 3: Moderate - involves some steepish gradients but OK for anyone of average fitness
  • 4: Moderate-Strenuous - some "proper" steep gradients; likely to be hard going unless you are fairly fit
  • 5: Strenuous - lots of "proper" steep gradients; don't attempt unless you are fit

Note that the grade of the walk is based only on steepness and not length to give the option of selecting longer walks without any really steep bits. For an "exhaustingness" scale, take into account both the steepness grade and the length and also the weather (both in terms of heat and mud). Also bear in mind anything listed challenges section that might be relevant to you to get an overall idea of how challenging the walk might be.

Also note that because iWalk Cornwall is exclusive to Cornwall, the steepness grades are on a local scale running from “easy” (for Cornwall) to “strenuous” (as it gets in Cornwall) with the majority still falling the middle at “moderate”. Very little of Cornwall is flat so bear in mind that the easier walks here are not equivalent to walking in a flat area such as the Thames Valley or Norfolk. Conversely the most strenuous walks are not as strenuous as some in mountainous areas such as Scotland or the Lake District.

Which walks are "dog friendly"?

See our page for Dog owners.

Are any walks suitable for pushchairs?

We haven’t found many of the walks to be suitable for access on wheels - the requirement for all path segments forming the circular route to be accessible doesn’t seem to marry well with the rural landscape - most footpaths are on farmland with stiles or kissing gates. The walks that are the most promising are listed here.

Why is a map not included in the directions PDFs?

The cost of licensing OS maps would make the PDFs prohibitively expensive. It's cheaper for you to buy an OS map instead which you can also re-use for multiple walks. We have experimented with satellite maps, but the footpaths aren't clear on them (especially under trees) or easy to distinguish from private paths with no right of way. We've also tried OpenStreemap but the footpaths are currently not complete or accurate enough.

Why should I buy maps from Amazon through this site, rather than just going straight to Amazon/OS?

When you buy OS maps from Amazon through our website, you pay exactly the same price as from the Amazon website (i.e. cheaper than from the Ordnance Survey website or pretty much anywhere else), but Amazon pay us a small percentage of their profit as an advertising fee. In other words it costs you nothing extra and the income from Amazon pays for some more of our time to write some new walks. We've only listed the OS Explorer maps as they are quite a lot better for walking than their Landranger maps as they show field boundaries, enabling you to see which side of a hedge the footpath runs.

If I find the footpath is blocked/overgrown/impassible/dangerous, what should I do?

Follow the instructions on the Footpath Issues page.

If I find a direction is out of date or incorrect, what should I do?

Fill in the Direction Correction form.

This seems like a useful resource, how can I help to support it?

See our page on things you can do to help us.