Privacy policy

Below is a breakdown of the data collected by our app and how we handle it:

  • Third-party sharing - we do not share any data collected by the app with third parties.
  • Personal/user data - the app does not use or collect any personal information or user data which may be used it identify a user. Any data that is collected is done so anonymously.
  • Location - the app uses high accuracy location data via the GPS hardware on your device to track your location around the walk route. Some of this location data is collected anonymously for analytics purposes, such as to determine a potential issue with a walk if multiple users miss a direction location.
  • Camera - the app integrates with your device's camera to allow you to take photos during a walk without needing to switch to a different app. These photos are stored to the private photo gallery on your device. The app does not collect, share or access the photos once they are taken.
  • Read phone details - on Android, when the app runs for the first time, you are asked whether to "Allow anonymous usage stats?". If you answer "Yes", the following Android message says "Allow iWalk Cornwall to make and manage phone calls?". This is actually not at all what the app wants to do: this permission is required simply to read the unique device identifier (IMEI). This allows us to relate our analytics to an anonymous user identifier generated based on your device ID (your device ID itself is never collected or transmitted). However, if this isn't something you are comfortable with, then answer "No" when asked "Allow anonymous usage stats?" when the app runs for the first time.