Wesley Commemorative Stone

Wesley Commemorative Stone

John Wesley's visit to Mullion is commemorated on the stone near Angrouse Farm, engraved in 1762 which simply says "ST 1762". Wesley was invited to preach in Mullion by the wife of the farmer at Angrouse and "ST" is the initial either of the farmer or his wife (their surname was Triggs and the "S" is either "Samuel" or "Sue", short for Ursula). Wesley also recorded the event in his journal:

I rode on to Mullion, near the Lizard Point. A man who was a sinner gladly received us, for he knew God had received him - having been deeply convinced of sin the last time I preached near Helston, and not long after filled with peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. A flame was kindled almost as soon as I began to speak, which increased more and more all the time I was preaching as well as during the meeting of the society. How tender are the hearts of this people! Such is the advantage of true Christian simplicity!

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