Circular walk from Blisland through Lavethan Wood

Blisland to Lavethan Wood

The pole across the boundary before the stile at 15 is rotten, with large nails protruding so beware. It's possible to bypass this section using the lanes between 11 and 18.At direction 15 the wooden stile has no footboard (i.e. more of a fence) so it requires passing over a pole roughly a metre above the ground. People with short legs might require a little help.

A short circular walk from the village of Blisland through the churchyard, two stretches of the Woodland Trust reserve of Lavethan Wood and land which was once the estates of Lavethan and Barlandew manors.

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The walk starts at the Blisland Inn, then heads through the churchyard and down a track to cross the Mill Race stream. The route then goes through Lavethan Wood, to emerge on a lane near Cock's Penrose farm. The walk follows the lane to Barlendew Farm and then across fields back into Lavethan Wood. The route then passes through more of the woods before returning to Blisland.


  • Nature reserve of ancient woodland in Lavethan Wood, with bluebells in spring
  • Wildflowers along the country lanes in spring and summer
  • Impressively ornate 15th century church and mediaeval holy well
  • Pretty Saxon village of Blisland with a village green and manor
  • Local food and drink at Blisland Inn - winner of the CAMRA National Pub of the Year

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Vital statistics

  • OS Explorer: 109
  • Distance: 2.7 miles/4.4 km
  • Steepness grade: Easy-moderate
  • Recommended footwear: walking boots, or wellies in winter
  • Pub: ✓

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Pubs on or near the route

  • The Blisland Inn

either as a GPS-guided walk with our app (£3.29) or a PDF of directions (£2.79) Example of directions

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