Circular walk Luxulyan Valley to Prideaux

Luxulyan Valley to Prideaux

The path from 27 to the end of the walk is closed for repairs to the bridge at direction 28. The diversion whilst the path is closed is along the A390 to Ponsmill Road then back along this to the car park.

A circular walk through the World Heritage site of the Luxulyan Valley and surrounding countryside, over the massive viaduct supporting a horse-drawn tram route to Newquay and along the leat that fed Charlestown Harbour.

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The route follows the trackbed of a horse-drawn tramway then follows the access path of the leat which was used to drive the waterwheels of the Fowey Consols mines before crossing the immense Treffry Viaduct spanning the Luxulyan Valley. From here, the route follows the leat that once carried water to the harbour at Charlestown then joins the Saint's Way. The walk continues along the Saint's Way past the Iron Age settlement at Prideaux to St Blazey. From here the route follows the towpath of the Par Canal back to Ponts Mill.


  • Pretty walk along the leat in the Luxulyan Valley
  • Victorian industrial heritage including the massive Treffry Viaduct, tramways, leats for mine waterwheels and the Par canal
  • Wildlife in lush broadleaf woodland both at Luxulyan and around Prideaux
  • Riverside wildlife including dragonflies and damselflies along the Par Canal

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Vital statistics

  • OS Explorer: 107
  • Distance: 4.8 miles/7.8 km
  • Steepness grade: Moderate
  • Recommended footwear: Walking boots; wellies after prolonged wet weather

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either as a GPS-guided walk with our app (£3.29) or a PDF of directions (£2.79) Example of directions

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