Circular walks visiting Dollar Cove

The beach at Dollar Cove, Cornwall

Dollar Cove is named after the silver Spanish dollars that have occasionally been found from the wreck of a 18th century Spanish Galleon, which is now thought might have been a lost vessel known as the Rio Nova and not the San Salvador which was also wrecked nearby. The ship wrecked in Dollar Cove was carrying two and a half tons of the coins from Spain to the Bank of England for safe keeping during their war with France. In January 1787, she was driven ashore at Dollar Cove in a violent storm. The ship broke in two and spilled the coins into a gully in the bay. The silver dollars found so far are dated from 1765 to 1777.

  • 5.3 miles/8.5 km - Moderate

    Gunwalloe Coves

    The Loe Bar

    Gunwalloe Coves

    5.3 miles/8.5 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from the Loe Bar to Dollar Cove passing the wrecks of treasure ships whose cargo still washes ashore, returning via the Halzephron Inn which still has a trapdoor leading to an underground network of tunnels used by smugglers.

  • 7.6 miles/12.3 km - Moderate

    Poldhu Cove to Cury

    Poldhu Cove to Cury

    7.6 miles/12.3 km - Moderate

    A circular walk via some of the mediaeval farmsteads on the west of The Lizard to the ancient churchyard of Cury from the coves of Mullion and Gunwalloe where the wrecks of treasure ships still lie.

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