Gillan Cove - circular walks

Gillan Cove

The beach at Gillan Cove, Cornwall

Gillan Cove is a sand and shingle beach facing north into the mouth of Gillan Creek. The beach is sheltered from the west behind the protruding headland known as "The Herra" and consequently the beach is used to launch boats (it is also known as Gillan Harbour). Also as a result of being very sheltered, there's often quite a lot of seaweed growing on the beach towards the low water mark.

Circular walks visiting Gillan Cove

  • 4.4 miles/7.1 km - Moderate

    Porthallow to Gillan

    View from Nare Point

    Porthallow to Gillan

    4.4 miles/7.1 km - Moderate

    A circular walk up Gillan Creek from Porthallow via Nare Point where, during World War II, an elaborate decoy for Falmouth Harbour was created by Ealing Film Studios with fake railways, houses and explosive special effects.

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