Gwynver beach - circular walks

Gwynver beach

The beach at Gwynver, Cornwall

Gwynver Beach (sometimes spelt "Gwenver") is the northern part of Whitesand Bay which is isolated as a separate beach as the tide comes in. It is also the area of the bay most exposed to prevailing southwesterly swells and consequently the gently-sloping sand is one of the best surfing spots in West Cornwall.

The name Gwynver is said to be derived from "Gwynevere" from the Arthurian legend, but this is probably Victorian fancy. The name is almost certainly from the Cornish word gwynn (meaning "white"). The second word is likely to have an initial consonant mutation - a feature of Celtic languages - and could be verr (mutated from berr, meaning "short") or vor (mutated from mor meaning "sea"). Cornish place names expert Craig Weatherhill suggests "white sea", and this would be consistent with it being well-known (even in Early Mediaeval times) for surf.

Circular walks visiting Gwynver beach

  • 5.2 miles/8.3 km - Moderate

    Sennen Cove to Nanquidno

    Gwynver Cove

    Sennen Cove to Nanquidno

    5.2 miles/8.3 km - Moderate

    A circular walk alongside the pristine beaches of Whitesand Bay, where shoals of mullet are still caught off the beach using the traditional seine nets in the way they have for hundreds of years.

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