Hemmick beach - circular walks

Hemmick beach

The beach at Hemmick, Cornwall

Hemmick beach is mostly sand with some shingle near the high tide line and rocky ridges down either side. The beach is pebbly at high tide but as the tide goes out, sand is revealed. The series of small coves to the right are cut off on high tides. At low tide, an area of rock is exposed on the right-hand side which contains a number of rockpools. Due to its remote location and limited parking, there are usually not many people on the beach.

Circular walks visiting Hemmick beach

  • 4.9 miles/7.9 km - Moderate

    Gorran Haven to Dodman Point

    Hemmick Beach

    Gorran Haven to Dodman Point

    4.9 miles/7.9 km - Moderate

    A circular walk in the bays of Mevagissey and Veryan from the fishing village of Gorran Haven to the remote, sandy Hemmick Beach via The Deadman's Point of old nautical maps, still marked with a huge cross to warn sailors of the perilous lee shores, and Vault Beach where the wreckage washed ashore.

  • 3.8 miles/6.1 km - Moderate-strenuous

    Caerhays Castle to Hemmick Beach

    Coastline near Porthluney

    Caerhays Castle to Hemmick Beach

    3.8 miles/6.1 km - Moderate-strenuous

    A circular walk around Veryan Bay between two sandy beaches from Caerhays Castle where the gardens contain nationally-important collections from the expeditions of Victorian plant hunters

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