Porthcew beach - circular walks

Porthcew beach

The beach at Porthcew, Cornwall

The beach of Porthcew, also known as Rinsey Cove, is owned by the National Trust. There is little or no beach at high tide, but as the tide goes out, a fairly large beach is revealed, with rockpools either side. In calm conditions, typically during the summer, the beach is composed of fine white sand. Winter storms can move the sand offshore, exposing smooth granite boulders. Due to very strong currents around Rinsey Head, swimming is not recommended, particularly at low water.

Circular walks visiting Porthcew beach

  • 4.4 miles/7 km - Moderate

    Praa Sands to Trewavas Mine

    Wheal Trewavas

    Praa Sands to Trewavas Mine

    4.4 miles/7 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from Praa sands across Rinsey Head to the engine house of the ironically-named Wheal Prosper, and Trewavas mine where an engine house now forms part of the path

  • 6.8 miles/10.9 km - Moderate-strenuous

    Porthleven to Rinsey Head

    Porth Sulinces

    Porthleven to Rinsey Head

    6.8 miles/10.9 km - Moderate-strenuous

    A circular walk from Porthleven to the cliff-edge engine houses of Rinsey Head and Trewavas where the under-sea mine, set out with tables and food for the annual Tribute dinner, is said to have been breached by the sea just minutes before all the miners were due underground.

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