Stanbury Mouth beach - circular walks

Stanbury Mouth beach

At high tide, Stanbury Mouth is a pebble beach but as the tide goes out, first a series of rocky ridges are revealed and then an expanse of sand. The beach is quite good for surfing when the tide is low although it's a long trek with a surfboard so it tends to only be the most dedicated locals. The relatively isolated location also means the beach is quite often visited by seals. The darkest grey pebbles occasionally contain fossils (visible on the surface where they have been polished by the sea) of ammonite-like creatures.

Circular walks visiting Stanbury Mouth beach

  • 3.8 miles/6.2 km - Moderate-strenuous

    Morwenstow to Stanbury Mouth

    Coastline at Morwenstow

    Morwenstow to Stanbury Mouth

    3.8 miles/6.2 km - Moderate-strenuous

    A circular walk from Morwenstow along the shipwreck coast to Stanbury Mouth where only nature's by-the-wind sailors now run aground

  • 5.4 miles/8.6 km - Moderate-strenuous

    Duckpool to Woodford

    Wren Beach

    Duckpool to Woodford

    5.4 miles/8.6 km - Moderate-strenuous

    A circular walk in Morwenstow parish along towering cliffs and through broadleaf woods where a hamlet has been preserved in a joint project between the Landmark Trust and National Trust

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