iWalk Cornwall - walk apps for each area

Menus of walks in each area

We've created a "menu" of 5 popular walks for each area that you can print for your information folders. The "menu" contains a QR code for each walk that visitors can scan with our app to get that particular walk. There is also an introductory sheet to go with them explaining what the app is, how to download it and how to use it to get the walks. Areas that we currently have menus for are:

Simply click the links above for areas relevant to you and print the page out. We've made these quite lightweight so they won't use up too much ink from your printer, in case you want to print them out for several areas nearby.

Printing tips

Make sure the paper size is set to A4 and not Letter. To remove headers and footers added by your web browser, do the following:

  • Google Chrome: uncheck "headers and footers" in the print preview.
  • Firefox: From the menu, select "Print", "Page setup", "Margins & Header/Footer" and set all the Headers & Footers to "--blank--".
  • Internet Explorer: Do a print preview (by clicking the tools cog in the top right and selecting "print", "preview"). Then press ALT+E or click the icon on the right of the cog along the top of the print preview.

If you are printing for ring binders, in Google Chrome select "custom" for margins and drag the left margin in to about 20mm.