Nanquidno beach - circular walks

Nanquidno beach

The beach at Nanquidno, Cornwall

Nanquidno is a beach of "dinosaur egg" granite boulders similar to Porth Nanven and St Loy's Cove.

Circular walks visiting Nanquidno beach

  • 3.8 miles/6.1 km - Moderate

    Porth Nanven to Nanquidno

    Porth Nanven

    Porth Nanven to Nanquidno

    3.8 miles/6.1 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from the Cot Valley past the beaches of Nanquidno and Porth Nanven where granite boulders polished over millions of years by prehistoric oceans and then buried by the soil are being exposed once again by the sea.

  • 5.2 miles/8.3 km - Moderate

    Sennen Cove to Nanquidno

    Gwynver Cove

    Sennen Cove to Nanquidno

    5.2 miles/8.3 km - Moderate

    A circular walk alongside the pristine beaches of Whitesand Bay, where shoals of mullet are still caught off the beach using the traditional seine nets in the way they have for hundreds of years.

  • 7.4 miles/11.8 km - Moderate

    St Just to Nanquidno

    Priest's Cove

    St Just to Nanquidno

    7.4 miles/11.8 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from St Just to Cape Cornwall and the Cot Valley, where an ancient beach has been eroded from the cliffs at Porth Nanven, releasing granite boulders resembling Dinosaur eggs.

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