Perranuthnoe beach - circular walks

Perranuthnoe beach

The beach at Perranuthnoe, Cornwall

The beach at Perranuthnoe is also known as Perran Sands, but so is the much more well-known one at Perranporth, so the name only tends to be used in a very local context. The name is accurate in that the beach is sandy at low tide, with relatively little shingle compared to many of the neighbouring beaches. Winter storms can reduce the amount of sand by either throwing up shingle or dragging the sand out into the bay, but it usually returns relatively quickly. At high tide, the beach is almost entirely covered by be sea, but on a low spring tide, the beach stretches for nearly half a mile - most of the way to Trevean Cove.

Circular walks visiting Perranuthnoe beach

  • 4.9 miles/7.9 km - Easy-moderate

    Marazion to Perranuthnoe

    View of St Michael's Mount from Marazion

    Marazion to Perranuthnoe

    4.9 miles/7.9 km - Easy-moderate

    A mostly circular walk to Perranuthnoe beach from one of Britain's most ancient towns - Marazion - burnt down twice by the French and once more in a Cornish rebellion

  • 3.9 miles/6.3 km - Moderate

    Perranuthnoe to Prussia Cove

    Piskies Cove (aka Pixies Cove)

    Perranuthnoe to Prussia Cove

    3.9 miles/6.3 km - Moderate

    A circular walk along Mount's Bay from the large sandy beach at Perranuthnoe to the smugglers' coves at Prussia Cove, returning across the fields with views over St Michael's Mount.

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