Priests Cove - circular walks

Priests Cove

The beach at Priests Cove, Cornwall

Priest's Cove has nothing to do with the clergy and everything to do with misspelling. The cove was originally known as Porth Ust (St Just Cove) which was shortened locally to "Por Ust". At some point, "Por Ust Cove" was misrecorded on Ordnance Survey maps as "Priest Cove" and the name stuck.

The beach is rocky at all states of the tide, with shingle at the top of the beach and boulders and rock platforms further down the beach. As the tide goes out, numerous rockpools are revealed. One area of rocks has been dammed to create a small seawater swimming pool for children.

Circular walks visiting Priests Cove

  • 3.7 miles/6 km - Moderate

    St Just to Cape Cornwall

    Cape Cornwall

    St Just to Cape Cornwall

    3.7 miles/6 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from St Just to the rugged coast of England's only Cape topped by a monument fashioned from a mine chimney, passing mediaeval and prehistoric remains.

  • 7.4 miles/11.8 km - Moderate

    St Just to Nanquidno

    Priest's Cove

    St Just to Nanquidno

    7.4 miles/11.8 km - Moderate

    A circular walk from St Just to Cape Cornwall and the Cot Valley, where an ancient beach has been eroded from the cliffs at Porth Nanven, releasing granite boulders resembling Dinosaur eggs.

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