Walks visiting Trevellas Porth beach

The beach at Trevellas Porth, Cornwall

Trevellas Porth is a rocky cove which is pebbly at high tide and as the tide goes out, a large rock platform is revealed and beyond this (on a low spring tide) there is sand. When the tide is out, it's linked by a rock platform to Trevaunance Cove.

  • 3.1 miles/4.9 km - Moderate

    Trevaunance Cove and Blue Hills mine

    Trevaunance Cove and Blue Hills mine

    3.1 miles/4.9 km - Moderate

    A circular walk along the stream of Trevellas Coombe where tin ore is still worked using traditional water power, past Stippy Stappy - the row of sea captain's cottages, and down the valley to the sandy beach of Trevaunance Cove with the remains of Victorian harbour which was demolished by Atlantic storms.

  • 4.7 miles/7.5 km - Moderate

    Perranporth to St Agnes

    Perranporth to St Agnes

    4.7 miles/7.5 km - Moderate

    A one-way coastal walk, made circular via an initial bus journey, along the ore-bearing cliffs between Perranporth and St Agnes passing the remains of Nobel's dynamite works, Britain's best preserved spitfire base and the Blue Hills of Trevellas Coombe where tin is still processed on a small scale using traditional methods.

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